Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bombshell Neighbor Terrorizes My Mother

I went to the sauna this morning and the blond woman who has "Bombshell" on her OR license plate, went to see my mother and terrorize her.

Let me clarify a little. She has an "infinity excluding the zero" license plate.

My mother's eyes are totally racoon eyes today too.

There were all these people watching me while I was in the sauna, to keep an eye out for the blond woman. She is the one who goes to the Methodist church, who has huge boobs. She is a Kate Middleton supporter.

Then, somehow, this woman saw me walking back and had her garage door open and was playing this song "Steady On", and I know she was referring to Kate. Basically, this U.S. Navy guy was talking to me about sonar in the sauna and then this blond woman wanted to play the song "Steady On" while I walked past her house. Steady on, ultrasound. We are surrounded by U.S. black operation and federal agents. It is totally unbelievable.

Kate Middleton is a fucking double agent and spy for the United States. The U.S. Pentagon tortures my family over her and so has FBI and law enforcement. The problem for them, is that they worry my parents will "talk" since they are psychic spies and can figure things out and have known about the Middletons for decades.

That blond woman is the same one who approached my Mom's house when I first arrived, and I had been shocked over how nervous and afraid my mother was that she was there. She was cautious, tentative, and acted like someone who was obedient to them or gets hurt. The blond went over with another woman. I stayed inside and watched.

Then Big Boobs was in my house. She, military, and cops have gone into my house without my permission. They've stolen chocolate from my house, paperwork from my college financial aid loans, receipts to computers, smeared poop on the inside of my shower and bath walls...

She and her friend came to my place one day with scissors in their hands and I refused to open my door. I was literally afraid of her. I didn't trust her, with her friend, standing outside my door with no one else around, not even my parents, and holding a pair of sharp scissors.

No thank you. I talked to her through the door and asked her not to come onto the property without my parents being here and told her it wasn't my property and I had no authorization to allow her to do anything with the grounds.

The woman pastor at the Methodist church here was horrible. I mean, designed sermons to mock my family. It was crazy to see. I sensed a good kind of energy from someone there, but only God knows who they were.

All of the local police know who Big Boobs is. I've seen her in town and seen the cops smiling and waving at her and smirking. She is friends with the Prosecuting Attorney who also goes to that church. They all know Alvaro Pardo because all of them are Middleton goons.

All it takes to keep up law enforcement morale in America is a pair of hooters the size of deer heads. She could go as Santa behind Rudolph and Rudolph's twin for Halloween next year. Just put a pair of antlers on them. Make a little sleigh out of her butt. Yeah. I could design it for her.

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