Thursday, December 20, 2012

Throwing Up (saw someone)

Last night I had an impression of someone throwing up. Or water coming from their mouth maybe with something in it. I knew it wasn't the orange my mother was eating last night, because it wasn't the same consistency as oranges or a piece of orange. It was orange in color though.

My mother had the orange around 8 p.m. last night or sometime after 7, and then I was at my own house and this impression flashed in front of me, of a square piece of something solid orange. I thought it was someone throwing up but all I saw was this one item and everything else seemed clear, but there was a movement of water or something.

I knew the shape and consistency enough to know it wasn't the orange my mother had, but it was the same solid orange color so I asked anyway. I thought it looked like a square piece of melon or pumpkin, or something sort of solid and it was the same color throughout. She said no, she hadn't, but really looked at me. She said why do you ask? I said, because I saw someone throwing up something that color but it was different. She said, you saw? and I said, in the mind's eye. I saw it as clearly as seeing the texture on the black gun I saw recently, in an impression. I wasn't praying, it just showed up in front of my first eyes, like second sight. I was doing other things, moving around my place, not thinking of anything specific, and it came up in front of me.

I rarely have impression that just pop up. Rarely I've "seen" something when praying to see.

It isn't delusional or a sign or symptom of a problem. I saw Kate Middleton throwing up months ago, sometime after she was pregnant and then nothing happened. Then, I believe it was her I was seeing again, constantly throwing up, and a couple months later, it was confirmed. So no. I am not crazy and my parents are beyond gifted. Gifted with a "G" Ms. Powers, and it's something you will never have.

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