Sunday, December 9, 2012

Torture of Family

Yesterday I saw my Dad was tortured at the exact same time I was.

We went to a beach and nothing was wrong with our eyes on the way over or while looking around. Then while driving, I was getting these jabs to my head and it affected one of my eyes. My Dad seemed upset too but didn't say anything negative.

Then we got to a place to eat a half hour later and at some point while sitting there I saw my Dad's eyeball, his left eye, was bulging and protruding. When I noticed this, I wanted to get everything 'to go' or otherwise I'd have stayed there to eat. We got home and I looked in the mirror and my right eye was bulged out.

So basically, me and my Dad were tortured yesterday. That is only one of several forms of torture and this country is actually documenting their own "work" by taking school photos of my son this way as well.

So they popped out my Dad's left eye, while they had popped out my right eye. My Dad's lids are not as large, so you can't tell with him except to see this dramatically increased curvature of his actual eyeball. I could see it clearly and it was totally different than his right eyeball, and this happened within minutes after we were being tortured to the head and brain.

Then, the same thing was done to me today, with my eye. Last night ultrasound of some kind was used to my lower back as they did when I had my son Oliver with me. They did the same thing to me by overheating that area and then when it cooled when I left the area or they quit, it ached and hurt.

And I forgot about another form of torture they used on us when Kate Middleton was first pregnant, I guess before I was personally "tipped" off intuitively by noticing harassment or smug looks about a month ago.

Prior to this, I was being tortured for the second time, to cause abnormal abdominal swelling. There were teenage kids from this local high school who knew about it, because I saw some of them (girls and one boy) leaning out viciously and staring directly at my stomach while driving by slowly. This was on a day that I was in extreme pain because of it. The other time this was done to me was when I had been in the library and there was a "poof" of something airborne and then I had internal bleeding and swelling after this. It wasn't a health problem--it was caused by some kind of chemical, and then when I was walking in this specific zone between the high school and the sign for Laverne Park (off of Central), there was some kind of technology that was creating a magnetizing effect on something in my stomach and was causing my stomach to distend. I could feel it, and it was happening, and it was technological. It's happened twice in that exact same zone where I've been walking.

This was done, I believe, to mock me, by military technology, over the idea or fact that Kate Middleton was pregnant. She is bad. Not only that, some of these "kids" or teens are very bad. I was shocked to see that some of the people who were "in on it" were under the age of 18. Only one car load literally went out of their way to make it known, but a couple of others were sort of suspect. One car full of teens who knew I was being tortured, was enough. Who are they doing it for? Who are the teen criminals going to juvie over? They are clearly getting it from their parents or some other adult. What surprised me was that they are being "trusted" to be let in a secret they could all go to prison over, if caught.

This was not just done to me, it was done to other family members. I've seen physical burns and cuts and all kinds of things on my mother, and that's where I am supposed to notice. I have no idea about hidden things. Same thing with my Dad and brother. My son has even been assaulted where people can notice.

I was asking about vacation packages, out of curiosity but overheard the wrong was stuff for missionaries, but I still asked out of curiosity because the prices seemed okay. I heard about all kinds of places but asked what the highest rates were for and which country offered a lower fare too. So then we were talking about these places (I brought it up) and my mother was mentioning a North Korean man who had been born into slavery, born into a prison, and lived there his entire life, and escaped. All he had ever known, was prison, and what it was there, and he hadn't been allowed to stay with his family either because they split kids up from parents and families. She was saying how horrible it was and I said, "It sounds like the United States to me." I mean, we've been born into slavery, sold, and forced to work for the government without any kind of normal compensation and besides the fact it's forced, we're tortured, and we have our families divided deliberately. What's the difference? She was saying North Korea was said to be ranked the lowest for Human Rights of all countries on this one site. I said, "Which countries are at the top?" and she said "The United States."

Now THAT is news.

Somehow, a country like North Korea, which is doing the EXACT same thing the U.S. is doing, is judged by this and put at the bottom of the list but the U.S. manages to get to the #1 spot for human rights.

They were both saying, "It's bad" and how really bad it was over there, and to me that translates as "This is really bad--what the U.S. is doing; it's bad."

It's like no one can admit what the U.S. is really doing to us, but they're letting teens handle "sensitive" info about torture. Why are Coquille High School students in possession of information about torture of my family and yet we are forced to lie and say it's not happening and it's not true?

Then this country takes PHOTOS of my son, with evidence of torture, at the same time saying, "It's not true."

They know it's "true" to those who getting the most satisfaction from this, and for those who are victims and who they are trying to get to.

I also think it's odd that in only a few times of looking something up about Kate Middleton (it's been a very rare occasion, because I don't care to be informed about her), I am always finding evidence of her own personal obsession with my family. She and people she knows go out of their way to try to make predictions about US, and do harm, to a level I can only describe is obsessive. She's obsessed with us. It would appear yes, that because I write publicly, it's the reverse, that I, at times, go on a tangent about her for awhile. But no, her family has been obsessed with mine for decades and she is a criminally obsessed woman. I would place a strong bet that she has looked up information about me, and put out spies over me, 10x over anything I've ever looked up about her. She is totally obsessed, and this is a bad combination when she is guilty of torture of my son.

Kate Middleton is an obsessive and dangerous criminal who has already committed acts of violence against us, including my son. She has gotten a "cover" from the U.S. so far, because her family works as doubles. This is the only reason why and it's not because she was a "royal acquaintance". It is because this country has had a group laundering money to put her there.

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