Friday, December 28, 2012

Torture by Pentagon & FBI Against U.S. Citizens

MKUltra was supposedly discarded as a "program" but it was never discarded.  After the MKUltra Senate Hearings in1977, the United States continued to use the same people, in the same program, and called it by another name.  The "program" went further underground to escape media and whistleblower detection. 

I have been tortured by the Pentagon and FBI, who colluded together to sexually abuse me and cover for these crimes.  The CIA is involved, because they are always involved with psychic spies and military intelligence, and the CIA worked with the U.S. Army on MKUltra.  MKUltra was CIA-Army specific.  They used the FBI to facilitate their crimes and then the FBI's gain from this, was to use the "product" created by CIA-Army for themselves.  So when the FBI wants to solve a crime, they force the former MKUltra program people to work for them, like my Mom and Dad. 

The U.S. tortured Oliver and almost killed him, out of hate crime and use of the military and FBI set-up to their private anti-competitive advantage.  Then the FBI sold my son to the U.S. Army to be tortured and trained to be a "soldier".

My son has had people cut chunks out of his face, put acid on his fingers, cuts to his head, punches to his teeth, confined to small spaces as a baby, poisoned, taught to lie for adults, and the Pentagon has tortured him while he's in school to dumb him down academically so others who are anti-competitive can use him as a U.S. Army soldier.

The individuals who say he's "fine" are Pentagon, CIA, FBI and government employed.  Chris Rozollo, one who said he was "fine", is U.S. Army. 

The United States government illegally evaded political asylum request from me, for both me and my son and took me and my son back to the U.S. as hostages.

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