Thursday, December 6, 2012

5 Times, Same Verse

I don't know if I'm supposed to share this or not, but I don't know why else it would happen. I can't say what it is supposed to mean.

I've heard if the same thing comes up 3 times in a row or something, maybe it means something. Maybe not, but maybe so.

Today the same psalm came up, from 2 different Bibles, 5 times. Even though it was random and I thought it was odd, and no, my Bible doesn't automatically open to this psalm and isn't creased more there or anything, what happened on the 5th time was even stranger.

The 5th time it happened, the number 5 came out of my Bible.

I was in the sauna and these women had just left and I sat up and was alone and opened my Bible which I brought concealed in my bag with me. A paper fell out into my lap and I looked at it and it said "5". I have random bits of paper in my Bibles, to mark things I read and note sometimes. So this was just some random piece that had a "5" on it and actually, I think it fell out before I'd opened my Bible. So then I opened it up at random and for the 5th time in one day (today), it opened up to the exact same psalm, and I didn't see that it was the same psalm (it was dark in the sauna) until I had set the paper down on it, at the crease where I opened it up. So there I had set "5" and then I was reading and sort of humming along very quietly when I realized, "oh my gosh. This is the exact same psalm I've opened up to, now for the 5th time today, and this time, the number "5" is next to it."

So that was strange. I mean, sort of, right?

I can't sleep but I'm going to bed.

It was pretty unusual to open to the same thing, from 2 different Bibles, 5 times through the course of the day. Oh, there it is again. And again. Again. Again? Again...but the weirdest part was that on the 5th time, the number "5" fell next to it.

If I could figure out what that's supposed to mean, I wouldn't be writing about it. I have no clue.

Well, since I have no clue and I can't sleep, I'm having a taco.

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