Sunday, December 2, 2012

Evidence of Torture by Electric Shock (to Oliver and Cameo)

My eye is popped out today, one of them, and it happened after military/NASA work because I felt it in my head first and then it affected my eye. Like I said, this has been the "latest" form of torture and is not the same as what I called "the droopy eye"--totally different. This other thing has happened for about 1 1/2 (?) months and then I got photos of my own son, only after they did this to me first, so I could feel the whole weight of empathy and helplessness. They have been doing this to HIM for over 2 years, apparently, judging by his school photos. So it is also likely he's been tortured with other methods, as I have, and you can't see the effects.

I have a bruise on one of my knees from being in the line of target for frying my electronics, about a week ago. I am not sure how this is possible, that I have a 3-pronged bruise that matches the 3-pronged cord that was being fried.

It was the exact same thing that was done to my desktop in 2007. I was typing away on the computer and started to smell something. I looked up, and there was smoke visibly rising in the air, and this burning rubber smell. In 2007, it was the outlet that my desktop computer was connected to that was fried. It was plugged in with a heavy cord that had 3 prongs as well. This time, I saw it and grabbed the cord and yanked it out. It wasn't connected to my computer, but it could have been. I had the extension cord connected to a heater that I was resting one foot on top of. At the same time that I smelled smoke, all of a sudden, something happened to my knee, like I had been shocked with something very hot and then this one part of my knee hurt and felt burned. It happened before I was able to pull out the cord that was smoking.

So last night I was looking at it and noticed, there is a 3-prong design on that part and it's bruised. If I ended up being an electrical outlet of some kind, for a surge of power directed at the extension cord, the weird part is that this is the mark on my knee. If I had not had my right foot resting on top of the heater at my feet, I wouldn't have been "hit", but I was.

The heater itself was saved, but the massive amount of energy to my knee was tremendous. I think it would have been worse if I hadn't pulled the cord fast enough.

When it was 2007, it was my hard drive box that was blown up. The ink splattered all over and it was literally blown up, and then there was smoking where the 3-prong was plugged into the outlet of the wall.

When this happened to my knee, it felt almost like a direct source of energy went straight to my knee, not like it was at the outlet, but I felt heat in my foot and then this blast to my knee and I yanked the cord out. I now have a 3-prong bruise on the inside of the knee to the foot that was resting completely on top of the heater.

The outlet is burned. You can see a burn mark on the top outlet, where the 3-prong was plugged in. It's the right prong that is fried out, and if it had gone any longer, I think it would have made that outlet impossible to use. The only part of the outlet that is visibly burned is the top right slot to the 3-prong. You know, there is a top 3-prong and a bottom one, and the burn mark is on the right side--it's black and brown and distorted out of shape because of the burn.
I am uploading a video clip in just a moment.

This is a video clip I made today, December 2, 2012, of burns that turned into bruises after several days. It shows evidence of destruction of property and also of harm from the electrocution.

This was being done to my son Oliver, constantly, and police and CPS workers saw it, and how much there was and how unusual, and they concealed evidence of torture and asked the Judge for an order to block me from photographing evidence of torture to my son.

The blow-up occured about the same time that I was making a video for one of my classes, which pretty much shows there has been theft of intellectual property by a few individuals in the music industry, but that doesn't mean this is the real reason why it was done recently.

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