Monday, December 17, 2012

My Mother Tortured Today & Repeated Electricity Shut-Off

Last night the U.S. government tortured me, causing one of my eyes to pop out, as is seen in the photos of my son Oliver.

It's not all the time. It's not a heriditary trait--it's from torture.

This morning I went to my parents house and my mother's eye is the same. It was this way last night too, and I could tell she was distressed from it but tried to hide it from me.

They said nothing is happening, no one is being tortured--that if I thought so, it was the Devil, not military. It was "principalities in high places" and minions of demons, not military or Pentagon (which probably took it's name from the Pentagram).

I said, yes, I believe in God and these things, but I also know it's being done by actual people and it's real and wrong to deny it.

I asked if the Devil was an American.

I said this, believing yeah, there is an evil force, but also sort of sarcastically because clearly, the Devil has inhabited the body of someone who is in charge of "high places".

My mother said what my Dad said, which is always the asme thing someone wants repeated to me, that I need to get right with God. Basically, there hasn't been anything wrong. Not that I'm perfect, but no, it's not that. So then my mother said, sort of imitating someone else, "You don't have the fruits of the spirit: the fruits of the spirit are Love, Joy, Peace, Patience,..."

and I said, "Do they wear name tags? are they are a bunch of women with "Love", "Joy", "Peace", "Patience"...on their name tags?"

They said I was off on a tangent and I said, "I'm talking about hypocrisy." I added, "And this is what came to mind."

Who is the Devil? it might be a British royal. I doubt this is which name they go by in public.

My Mom said not to mock God and I said, "I'm not, I do believe these things, but I'm just saying..."

I know it was a "Kathy" or Katie who had something to do with the cutting of my mother and cutting out of pieces of my son's skin. I know of Kate Middleton figuring in over here. I know of Kathy Hathaway. Kathy Kirscher. Kathy Kirscher is actually a potential issue. I can't think of any other Cathy-Kathys.

Kathy Kirscher is maybe someone to look more closely at. She lives next to Abbey lawyers (I found out later), but there is something government about her. She's a math teacher and got highly offended when I said something to her about her drinking, because she was turning into an alcoholic.

The person who would cut out pieces of my son's skin, or slash my mother, is either Kate Middleton herself, or someone known to her.

Kathy Kirscher chose to get close to me. I didn't pick her out, she sought me out. Then she encouraged Monica to move out of my house and into a house with Kari. Monica and I had been best friends for close to a decade, and I remember it was Kathy that was pushing her to move out and taking Monica out for coffee or meeting her. Kathy is connected to the U.S. government but I don't know how exactly--I remember her Dad had some kind of job that made me think he was FBI or something. Before Monica moved out, it was Kathy, and then she met Tim Henderson through Kari, whose house she move into upon Kathy Kirscher's recommendation.

Kathy lived right next to Dick Whittemore, but I had no idea because I didn't meet him until litigation and Kathy approached me first, when I got back from New Jersey. Whitemore knows New Jersey people...maybe some New Jersey Devils even.

I can't understand what my parents are refering to when they say don't mention torture and talk about God and the Devil. When they claim nothing is happening to us, it makes me start to wonder if they're using the names God and Devil as code for real people that are responsible for our torture. Or, if they are really just talking about the Devil and higher powers, good and bad. I believe both. I do believe in spiritual powers, and I also believe some people act out on these powers and do things on their own too.

My Mom said I needed deliverance again, and she's said this before. Many times, and starting around the time they moved to Coquille, Oregon from Sherwood. The first time I was being told I had to agree to some "conditions" (that were denigrating and violation of free will or what the problem was) was after my son was taken. I was asked if I would agree to a "list" of conditions. They and anyone who knew me, would have thought I'd have said no, and they could then find an excuse for not assisting or why my parents were blocked from assisting me get my son back. Instead, I shocked them and agreed to everything, including "Agree to be prayed for by people for 'Deliverance'".

I said yes, and nothing came of it. I was never prayed for. One time after another after another, I was asked if I'd agree to be prayed for, "for Deliverance", and usually California was coming up. You know, Kate Middleton's new land of Sand. I didn't think about that then, because I had never heard of the "Middletons" at that time in my life. So I was told I would have to take a bus to California and be prayed for. I said, "Is God only in California? Why do I have to be prayerd for in California, specifically?" 4 different times (or more), I agreed, every single time I was approached with the "condition" of "being prayed for, for Deliverance". It has never happened, and never been put into action. I am always told, they'll pay for transportation if I only say yes.

So today I said, "You keep telling me to be prayed for Deliverance, and then you neve do anything about it. So, I don't think you believe it yourself. If you believed this was the answer, you would have done something by now, every time I agreed to do it."

No one spoke.

I said, "If you really believe this is the answer, and I've agreed to do it, then why not do it? I don't think you believe it yourself."

Basically, it's been others, dictating to my mother what to say to me, and then trying to get a response that works to their favor, one way or the other, and then they do nothing. They try to come up with excuses, and reasons to blame my parents or have it look like they are choosing not to do something, because I don't agree with conditions or terms or something. It has nothing to do with them. It has to do with the hypocrites, who work for people like Kate Middleton, and in the U.S. government, that demand things from my family and torture us.

My Dad said there is being tortured and then tortured for righteousness sake. This came up aftr I saw on news they're doing a computer discovery and I said, "My computer doesn't save everything in history. It has only been ssaving odd things, but if I look up art or scriptures, it doesn't save it." My Dad said, "But it probably saves it on hard drive" and I said yeah.

Later, when I was talking about torture, he said name one thing you've done that's righteous that you've been tortured for. I said, "I've been tortured while singing worship songs". When I first moved to Oregon, I tried singing worship songs all the time and each time, I was tortured. I would try to pray and then sing along with worship music and I was tortured. If I quit, I was not tortured. I said, "If I sing original songs that aren't worship, I'm not tortured, because music artists have been stealing my music and making millions off of it." He said "Where" and I said, "Singing in my house" and he said "Who" and I said, "at least 5 different music artists." I said, "If I sing worship songs, I'm tortured bc they can't use that. They're not singing worship music. They want to steal from other music I write or come up with spontansously." (this is generally what I said). It is true. These music artists have been stealing my music. They've stolen from things I sing in my private house, from tape recordings I've made, and from things I've written down. I said, "I was also tortured when I was trying to learn Persian. Every single time I went to the Iranian site, I was tortured." I said, "I was tortured every single time I was trying to learn Persian or went to an Iranian site so I was forced to quit."

Since I began writing this post I've had several repeated electricity shut-offs. There is nothing different about the electrical outlets, and I have only one item on, and my electricity and power is being deliberately shut off by the Pentagon. The breaker is being tripped, to force me out of my house, and outdoors, to repeatedly flip it back on.

This is no different than any Communist country, or is worse, because this country, has targeted me to steal from me, torture me, and force any other discomfort and humiliation possible. Then I get an article about some Nazi camp survivor and what my family has experienced, is WORSE. It was "written" by Houston, Texas, about how to "forgive" those who torture you, while Houston, TX is involved in experimentation and torture of my own family.

Nice try.

What has been done to my family is worse than most of the things done to Nazi concentration camp people. I am not exaggerating anymore than I was exaggerating about how much hair falls out of my head, or the bruises from being electrocuted and the electricity going out through my body. My son's eye is popped open, in both photos, and all anyone cares about is that U.S. spy Middleton married the royal, as planned decades ago, for which many have been killed and tortured. I want all of the criminals that have been stealing music from me, and making billions off of it, and using torture and authorities to torture us so they can make money off of me, and my parents, dead.

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