Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vegan Ideas

In the last many months I've tried several things as a Vegan that have turned out well. Some things have not tasted very good, and I don't usually write down recipes--I just wing it. A little of this, a little of that, and maybe a pinch of this and add some of that too.

What to do with pumpkin! I recently pickled a bunch of pumpkin, to preserve it, because I discovered pumpkin is very good in tacos. I was eating tacos with red shredded cabbage, onion/tomato/jalapeno salsa, and pumpkin. Sometimes with a green chili sauce over it, or a red chili sauce, or both. Sometimes with beans added or avocado. I prefer yellow corn tacos, fried in oil.

So I decided I'd pickle pumpkins so I could have them preserved for tacos. Tonight I used some pumpkin in a soup, with a bunch of cilantro, mushrooms, and thin rice noodles and then I put it in a bowl, added fresh jalapeno and sweet chili sauce. I had a taco first, and then this.

I've experimented with some different things and found a lot of "This tastes like..." the day I accidentally made something that tasted exactly like avocado, but it wasn't avocado. I couldn't believe it. It was sesame seed with oil and green onions and I think I had a touch of flaxseed with it, and it turned out tasting exactly like a guacamole before seasoning is added. It was even green colored like avocado. Vegans can eat avocado, so why substitute it, but I thought, wow! if someone has an avocado allergy, they could make this instead!

I tried making many different kinds of cracker spreads, when I did this. I made hummus, and onion dips and other things and that's when I accidentally discovered faux avocado spread.

Over the summer, I dried out tons of skunk cabbage (for veggie broth) and root (it makes a nice flour actually, and smells plain and sweet), and pumpkin and squash vine. I dried squash and pumpkins blossoms too and have them stored. I also dried a lot of blackberries and ground it up for a dried blackberry powder. I also dried lots of green onion for chives, and some mushrooms. I also dried dandilions for dandilion tea, and blackberry leaves for blackberry leaf tea.

A few days ago I made beet borscht and added plums to it. It was very good, and was the first time I added plums to borscht to see how it turned out. I think I prefer it other ways, but it added a slight sweetness and then I put yogurt in it, and it was pretty good. I've made a rosehip borscht before, and beet vine borscht as well, and then this one I tried with a few plums, but it's definitely best with a sour cream or yogurt over it. This borscht turned out very spicy and different because I added a vinegar cabbage stock to it first, and pumpkin juice. I also made a blackberry borscht in the summer that was pretty good.

Awhile ago I made a pear soup that was good too. I think I made it pear with curry. Other times I had this pear sauce plain as a dessert, it was so good.

I experimented with fermentation of many things as well. After I discovered tofu fermentation (which I dried in cubes and stored and have some saved in jars), I experimented with other forms of fermentation. Seed fermentation produces a kind of sour cream (I think I used sunflower seeds), and I fermented pear, and blackberries, and other things. I figured, yogurt, sour cream, and cheese and wine are all products of fermentation, so I decided not to be worried about "fermenting things" and found some really great things for recipes. One day, I made a soup with fermented pear puree, but because I was a little nervous about the fermentation, I added cooking sherry to it, and mushrooms, and boiled it.

It turned out to be a very good soup. I couldn't tell you the recipe exactly, it was just this and that, but it was good. I think I had onions in it as well. I felt the cooking sherry maybe "killed" anything bad so I let the fermented pear puree sit and mix with the cooking sherry and then I put it on the stove and boiled it and added mushrooms and a little onion. Voila.

I was actually having a lot of fun fermenting things and trying them out. There is a big difference between "rotten" and "fermented". Hmm...well, sometimes, depending on what it is, there is a fine line. Sometimes I nuked stuff, or boiled it, or added cooking alcohol and then boiled it, in case. If it smelled "rotten", I threw it out. If it smelled "fermented", I experimented.

Someone probably thought I was trying to make wine, because I returned some Smart water bottles (the tall ones that are as tall as wine bottles) with blackberry juice and bits of puree in it, but I wasn't trying to make wine. I was pureeing blackberries and storing them in these bottles in the fridge and then drying it out and then blending up in the blender for blackberry powder. I have a lot of condensed blackberry powder on hand now, for shakes, or soup stock, or whatever I want.

Sometime I might try to make wine again wouldn't be too hard probably. I was surprised at how quickly apples and pears will ferment. The puree even. It starts to bubble and burp and gas right away. Wine is a little different though. I think I'd rather make a few distilled liquors, like licorice, and creme d'menthe/corsica mint and other things.

I did make soda pop. I accidentally found out when I had strawberry puree frozen bars, and I let them melt because I was out of sugar and I used them over pancakes one day. So I had this in a dish one day and for some reason I added baking soda and water and a touch of apple cider vinegar and water and it was carbonated strawberry pop. I looked it up online because I had randomly ended up with this, and read that yes, you can make your own soda pop, close to the way I did it. This was what they used to do before there was commercialized pop. They also used this as a form of an antacid, kind of like tums or something.

I still have a half bottle of cooking sherry. I mainly used it to acidify an entire huge pot of pear puree for soups and boiled it for oveer 45 minutes. This worked really well for cutting through the sweetness and making it more of a soup, and the fermentation of it...I don't know how to describe it...some of the things that I threw together defied imagination even, and they were delicious.

I've also made a lot of vegan lasanga and spaghetti. I used wilted lettuce instead of spinach for some of them...just lettuce, nuked a few minutes to flatten it, and then add it to the lasanga like steamed spinach, before baking. I made some squash/curry casseroles with spinach and without, and I made a lot of sesame candy.

Sesame seeds into a kind of toffee with just water and melted sugar. I really love the sesame candy and I feel it gives me a lot of energy too. I cook it until the sugar-water gets thick and gooey and then pour into a plate to cool into a kind of toffee, and then break off the pieces and eat. It has been my favorite high-energy dessert.

Aside from this, I made a few breads and things but not like I did a winter ago. Then, I was making breads and crackers and things and this summer I dried things, stored, gardened, and experimented with fermentation which became a lot of fun.

I also found you can take a chunk of regular tofu and put it in the blender with water and make your own soy milk. Add a little sweetener if you want, or a pinch of flaxseed or a pinch of sesame seed, or something, but you can make the same thing, and I've made rice milk too. A tiny bit of sesame seed gives it a more syrupy texture, for over cereal, and then a hint of ground flaxseed mellows out and absorbs any additional "nut" or "seed" flavor. Sort of neutralizes it, but too much makes it slightly like a yeast-flavor. Soy lecithin helps it out too. Mine was as good as storebought soy milk. I started cutting back on my soy intake though, because I read too much acts like birth control and I don't like anything screwing around with my horomones. I had a bunch of tofu I got on sale and dried most of it.

I made veggie burgers again, but that wasn't new for me.

Then this early Fall I harvested seeds from the plants I grew. I made my own seed packets by taping sides of plain white paper together into squares and dried seeds and took seeds from different plants and then put them in the packets I made. I'm not sure which ones will turn out, but I tried a few kinds. I also got a lot of things to grow, in starter pots but I needed larger hothouse lights and didn't have a way to get to a sotre that had them (I thought Fred Meyer had them and they don't) so I will lose most of the starters I think. But at least I know I can grow them, and that if I had greenhouse lights, I could keep them going.

I did these things while being tortured. I had nothing else to do this summer, because I was forced out of college after being told I was in. That was SWOCC. They backed out last minute and made a huge scene for the 2nd time, after lying to me. So I was not in college over summer, and I was tortured. My entire family was. I guess after they found out Katie was impregnanted, they backed off a little.

It was "okay" for me to go to college, if she was getting knocked up for politics. This is what it has always come down to. We are tortured until some group gets what they want, and then they still torture us, but not to the same level. They torture us so badly, we react, sound horrible, look horrible, or can't do anything and appear to be invalids, and then when we don't get to the courts or have justice, this group adopts out my son from me, for the CIA and U.S. military, and knocks Katie up to secure her role, after she's already had surrogate kids. First it's about her staying with William, then it's about her looking educated and getting supported with U.S. welfare and by the raping of my mother. Then it's about her making it to the CIA. Then it's about her developing her relationship with the FBI. And so on. Next, she is being set up for a wedding and then people and children are being tortured with her knowledge and her participation, as she's getting kids in line.

She was a mistake from the day she was born.

There is no way Diana would have ever approved of her. Ever. Everything she never wanted to happen with her kids happened and they married the enemy. I met a woman who was almost exactly like Diana, in looks and manner, who said she worked at the Rocky Reach Dam in East Wenatchee (I think it's Rocky Reach, or maybe it's this other one). She said she worked inside at the controls and she was a lot like the videos I've seen of Diana. This woman, warned me one day, out of the blue telling me I had no idea what was in store for me. That was in 2009, after Alvaro left. She came to this coffee shop when no one was there and sat outside eating a large salad at a table and told me I should prepare for the worst because there was a major problem down the road. Something like, "I hope you will have the strength for what is ahead." She worked at the same dam, across the Wenatchee River, that Russ Strong worked at. It was like a Princess Diana spoof almost. She almost looked and acted like she could have been her double. But she gave me this huge warning about how she hoped I was strong enough to handle what was in store for me.

Torture, false arrest, theft of everything I own, torture of my parents, torture and adoption of my son from me, assault with Haldol, false detainment at a psych ward, mockery, harassment, poisoning...being a U.S. detainee.

And now Katie is pregnant, and I look at how many FBI agents and cops consented to multiple rapes of me, by federal men. They not only concealed and covered for rapists, they colluded to have it occur. They kept me out of unemployment monies owed to me, and out of work and college too. The U.S. government has raped and tortured my family for the Middletons. They murdered one of my sons, and tortured my other son, and this is the exact same thing they did to my parents and to their kids.
Other ideas from 12/10/2012 and today (12/11/2012).

Last night I made fried okra with a dill-mexican seasoning sauce (added to "Veganaise") and salt and pepper. Then, I ended up making jalapeno poppers, but I cut them up and thought, "It looks like I'm making fried okra again". With the jalapeno poppers, I tried to make something that resembled Arby's jalapeno cream-cheese poppers with the tart cherry sauce they had with it. I used what I had on-hand, and cut up the jalapenos okra-cut style into rounds and then I dipped in flaxseed mixed with water and then rolled in 1/2 all-purpose, 1/2 dark rye flour. I fried these in olive oil (though a more flavorless oil could work) and then for the sauce I used Tofutti's Vegan "Better than Sour Cream" and sweet chili sauce, like you get in Chinese or Asian restaurants. With a squeeze of lime, it was very close, and completely Vegan and the sour cream was like the filling of the poppers actually. So it was an acceptable substitute for them. I could bread them better probably, but I left a light crispy fry batter on the okra and jalapeno.

The store is out of habaneros and I think I have to order some bc I'm missing my habanero salsa too.

I made leftover lentils (cooked plain with water) in the microwave, adding the sweet chili sauce and then a squeeze of fresh lime.

Lately I'm using a lot of garlic, dill (!), mexican taco seasoning, sweet chili sauce and lime. I was on an avocado binge too. Adding avocado to tacos and soups (flavored with mexican seasoning or with sweet chili sauce or with a combination of both).

Dill mixed with Veganaise is really good for fishless Vegan fish tacos. I stopped buying yellow corn tortillas for a little while bc I eat them like candy. I can't stop eating those tacos and I always want them fried in oil so I felt I might be getting fat if I kept it up so I am taking a little break. I went through a huge stack of those tortillas in 2 days last time, last week.

I thought the fried okra texture slightly resembled scallops and I think if you wanted an imitation fried scallop, you might use okra and some kind of seaweed (dulse, kelp, or something) to give it a slightly sea-worthy taste. Then you could dip into a dill sauce made with dill and Veganaise or whatever else comes to mind. I am going to make my own Veganaise but until I get around to trying it, this is good.

I cooked zucchini and have to figure out what I'm doing with it today.

Oh, and I fried pumpkin and it was really good. I cut up (scissors) cilantro into a bowl and made a little bed of cilantro. Then I took cooked pumpkin that I had, and fried it in a mixture of olive oil and red chili paste, with a touch of karo corn syrup (used to drink that stuff as a kid, from the bottle--), a hint of apple cider vinegar (a drop), with a tiny bit of sesame seed. Once fried, I took the pumpkin out and set it on the cilantro bed and then put dollops of Veganaise mixed with dill and mexican taco seasoning on the top. Yum.

I had an idea for a poem too but I can't try it out yet. Also, a few impressions but I can't talk about them yet.

I would be eating more mushrooms too, but I'm not eating tons bc I have to find out when I can get more. I definitely notice positive health effects with shiitake mushrooms. I notice it almost right away.

Also, I'd added in my shakes with banana, astragalus, kelp, spirulina, and a dose of ginseng tea separately. I had a song come to me the last time I was getting spices. There was a happiness on the astragalus or something around the time I was getting this...That sounds odd, but I noticed a sadness one day when I touched the jar for ginseng. I asked if it was a new jar (from the last time I got it). Something about it was sad. I didn't get ginseng that day because it felt sad. That sounds odd, and is, but so what, it's not a big deal either.

I've realized not all the time to quit something just because of a sad feeling either. I avoid things but now I know people anticipate my avoiding something if I sense an "off" vibe, so I think some whacked experiments have been done in attempting to trigger sadness from someone to see if I change what I am doing, based on picking up on that vibe.

Oh, not ginseng, ginko. I mean ginko.

Bible stuff, mmm, well in my next post it was the strangest thing and this is actually after that (I'm updating this older post with today). I guess prior to the odd 5x day, for a very long time I kept reading things about "Saul wants to kill you". I mean, over and over, but over a week or more, not all in one day. It was more of this continuing type of theme. I started wondering who the "Saul" in my life was or what the point was. It was possibly for as long as 2 weeks or so, over and over again.

Then today I guess I wrote something or was thinking of something and then I was reading from my other Bible and several times I read things about strength.

Last night I didn't want to be random and I thought Numbers would be safe as it's just chronology of names so I looked up some names and their meanings. I used to think it was a pointless list, well not totally pointless, but not especially interesting, yet since I've read other parts I guess I thought I could read about some names. Out of reading maybe just a handful I gathered zur or some root means "rock" so I was able to then combine roots with the rest of the word not knowing the language.

And I asked God to show me something different I hadn't thought of before, and I opened to "the Dung Gate". Great. I thought what is the Dung Gate? so it was true--I had not thought about the dung gate before (at least not recently). Also, I ended up reading about this after my Dad was telling me where to dump bags of leaves. Seriously. (I am curious so I just looked up this gate and I guess they made it larger when Jordan was controlling it. Hmm. It's a gate where you carry refuse out of the city.)

I don't ever try to work on any ability to foresee things (and I'm very lousy) but tonight I thought I'd go to Will Waglers facebook page and right before it opened, trying to guess what was new there. I have a feeling I was outran on it though, that someone knew what I was guessing and put the photo there, anticipating me, rather than my actually guessing it correctly first. I basically saw a bunch of white and then the page came up and the "other Will" with the same name had a photo with his blond and white looking lab and they were all wearing solid white. I have this feeling I didn't guess it, that someone beat me to it and put the photo there somehow, knowing. But anyway.

Another update 12/14/2012. On the 13th I tried adding dried calendula to a zucchini sauce for spaghetti. It was very good and I'll probably use it more and experiment with calendula. I used the olive oil from cooking vegan jalapeno poppers, and added zucchini with fresh parsley first sizzling in the oil. Then I pureed it in the blender and added calendula, 1/2 leaves directly to the puree and 1/2 blended in a small amount of water in the blender. So I added large tbsp(s) of this to spaghetti and then added separate diced tomatoes, salt and pepper, and blended. I thought it was good. It was a way to use some zucchini. The oil gave it a hearty sort of grilled flavor, and the jalapenos that had been in the oil gave it a light spiciness...oh, I did taste it after puree and the oil made it so thick I wanted to cut through this a little so I poured in a small amount of apple cider vinegar. I think I could use calendula in Eastern Indian cooking, Italian cooking, and possibly Mexican.


You could make your own sweet chili sauce and a kind of Veganaise, which I intend to try. This morning I made okra poppers, dipped in strawberry and flax seed goo, and then breaded with 3/4 dark rye flour, 1/4 all purpose. Fried in 1/2 canola, 1/2 olive oil and then ate with fresh squeezed lemon and grated horseradish mixed with Tofutti's better than sour cream.

Then I needed to add some protein to my diet and use some of my legumes so I put yellow lentils with regular lentils together for soup, and then added this fermented sunflower seed paste I made (I pureed it and let it ferment and then put it in the fridge and it smells like sour cream, but not "bad", just fermented) , along with a hummus and sesame seed paste (mostly hummus) that had a small amount of sugar and soy lecithin (I tried it for a soy-sub creamer but it wasn't what I wanted though it did make good latte froth). Added a little purple cabbage and then after I smelled it cooking and it actually turned out smelling like chicken (? no chicken added, of course, it's vegan) I decided to add chicken soup type of seasonings. Fresh parsley; dried sage, rosemary, tarragon, summer seasoning, celery seed, and onion powder, and salt. It tastes pretty much like chicken broth so then I added a carrot too.


I accidentally made a kind of Vegan honey today, the 2nd time in 3 days though the first time I was working at caramel. A couple of days ago, I know you can usually combine sugar and water and boil and get a carmel of some kind. I decided to try adding Karo corn syrup too, and then after it sat out, a day, 2 days, 3 days later, it looked like honey and had the same consistency. The taste was more like burnt carmel or creme brulee carmel.

Today I made a quick Vegan shampoo and conditioner with lemon peel, rind, and various ingredients. Then I decided to make a hand lotion and I put canola oil (bc it's more scent-free) expeller pressed, into the blender with a handful of calendula. It turned out watery so I added soy lecithin as a thickener, and then a little bit of hulled sesame seeds and then some coriander seeds. I threw in a teeny tiny pinch of fresh sage too, about the size of 1/8-1/4 of a fingernail. I let it blend forever and it was only enough to fill the blender about 1 1/2 inches high, but then it was beginning to spill out from the lid.

I took it out and it was slightly grainy from the coriander hulls so I strained and saved the grain for a face scrub and then the oil for a hand lotion. It looked so much like honey that I decided to try a 1/2 tsp of this with a little bit less of the same amount of clear Karo syrup and it was like flower honey. It was even slightly waxy from the soy lecithin, like bees wax.

My Mom was saying the other day, why be Vegan? have honey or eggs or something, why not Vegetarian. One night, last night or night before she said something about the land flowing with milk and honey and I said, as I was going out, "I'm NOT eating honey!" and she said, "Well, that's your choice then."

My remedy for bronchitis (instead of taking antibiotics/amoxycilin) has been to try something else and so far, it's working. In the morning: 2-3 tbsp. astragalus with 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon, blend with very warm water; 2 ginko capsules, 1 baby aspirin, 1 ibuprofen, 1 prenatal DHA (algae, not fish-based). Then during the day, earl gray tea and lemon tea (lemon zinger and fresh squeezed lemon with apple cider vinegar and sugar), licorice tea mixed into earl gray. For meals, normal except I added more sauerkraut and made a BBQ sauce with fresh ginger, red chili pepper, elephant garlic, tomato paste, tamari soy sauce. This keeps it hot, and although I had jalapenos and was eating them, for some reason, the Asian idea of "warming" vs "cooling" foods had me think there is more of a cooling energy to jalapenos. They're a pepper but sort of a green pepper. However, they are good as poppers. I have chlorophyll liquid but I'm not taking it, because it 'feels', energy-wise, "cool" right now. So since it's cold weather, and I'm cold, and I have bronchitis, I'm going with warming ideas. The other food I've had is lots of shiitake mushrooms, in soup and cooked on their own, and walnuts. After I had a dose of shiitakes and went to bed I had no more wheezing in my chest and though the astragalus and licorice work as expectorants, I think I'm getting rid of the bronchitis fast, this way. If I had more money I'd probably use even more astragalus, but this is what I'm using now. For mushrooms, about a 1/2 cup each day, reconstituted. And I've taken plant-based or synthetic B-12 vitamin since I'm vegan, but aside from this, no other vitamins or minerals. I think if I fasted 3 days it might work on the bronchitis, but I am not psychologically motivated (or otherwise) to fast right now.
12/21/12. I followed the ingredients list for Veganaise last night and made it myself. I didn't have brown rice syrup so I used brown rice blended in with corn syrup. It turned out tasting more like real mayonnaise than even Veganaise.

I'm making licorice cough drops today I think, made of licorice root and Karo syrup. I'm also looking into buying a rotational evaporator to remove alcohol from tinctures I make and then add the extract to vegetable glycerin. I looked them up and you can vapor-distill water and alcohol, generally, using the same machine of a certain kind. I don't know if you can also use it for oil distillation or vaporizing. I want a vaporizer for water and also for the purposes of making alcohol-free tinctures and still retaining the properties that can only be extracted by alcohol. For example, milk thistle is useful, but the potent property cannot be extracted by vinegar or other forms of tincture extraction. Alcohol does extract this, but then you are left dealing with alcohol if you don't want it. So you can first extract by alcohol and then you add this to glycerin to preserve it. Maybe you lose a little potency but probably not a lot. The machines are between $100-$5,000 for small personal lab-size. I was thinking it was more of a machine that had open vials (test tubes) in it, in tube slots, and then they spin around under a steel cover and get vaporized, but the ones I'm finding are a kind of clear tube thing with flasks and a water bath with a hood. Also, word to the wise, I think if you brand yourself as "food and bev" industry you avoid a lot of the hassle that pharmaceuticals probably go through--regulations and things.

I also found out Postum is back, which is great, because I found out it went out of business in 2007 and Granny drinks it. She can't have coffee anymore bc of the acidity so yesterday I found a cold-water press to remove most of the acid from coffee and this combined with buying coffee that's 50% less acidic should remove a lot of the acidic properties. I don't know if you can remove acidity by vaporizing it?

I thought I'd share how easy it has been to seal my cold-pack canned goods. I've made sauerkraut, kim-chi, and pickled pumpkin. I used Mason jars and lids/seals (Kerr brand). Usually you boil the lids and then fasten them on the jar for a seal. With the sauerkraut, having little room for production, I decided I'd try microwaving them. I turned them upside down so they were rubber seal face-up in shallow water on a plate or in a bowl of water. I microwaved for maybe 3-4 minutes until it was about boiling hot, took them out with a fork and screwed the lid on over them. They sealed. I did the same for the kim chi. When I pickled pumpkin, it wasn't working the same way so I boiled the lids and cold packed the pumpkin into the jars, put the jars into a steel pot of boiling water, and boiled until the lids had no pop or give when pressed in the center.

You don't have to seal saeurkraut, or can it, and I didn't put it into a hot water bath first. But I wanted a seal for it, so the microwaving worked. Cold canning is very easy to do. However, it's limited, for safety reasons, as to what you can can this way. There are some AG sites about this.

I know, don't put metal in the microwave. But I thought if the metal faced down in water and the rubber side was showing without any metal exposed, it wouldn't spark and it was fine. When I told my Mom, she sort of freaked out and asked me not to put metal in the microwave, so I didn't.
12/26/12.  Hi.  My update on my bronchitis cure is that as of today, it's gone.  It was mostly gone a few days ago and I walked several miles without coughing at all, but in the morning I had a little I had it badly enough to have production and sounds from inside the lungs or chest, but not as bad as I've had in my life.  I therefore have not taken any antibiotics and healed a more natural way.  My process was to first use the astragalus combination I mentioned, and then after 3 days of that, I fasted.  I wasn't going to but doing this sped things up.   I had tea still, and a few bites to eat here and there, but it worked for me.  I also made licorice cough drops and tried some of what I made and it helped.
12/27/12.  I made a cracker with rice ground up and jalapeno and some other things and then spread a layer of poppy seed on the pan, over a thick coating of olive oil.  Then I poured the quick batter over this and it separated in parts, making creases in the bread and designs and cut-out shapes.  I made crackers with it and one batch was thicker, like flatbread. 

So today I threw some things together:  brown rice, jalapeno, anise seed (after boiled and pressed, I used the extract for other things and didn't want to waste the ground hulls so I added it to this), touch of licorice extract, corn syrup, canola oil, and lentil sprouts.  It smelled a little weird with the lentil sprouts so I added another jalapeno, even though I know the scent will cook out.  Then I added a touch of small tapioca pearls, roasted pumpkin seeds, and blended all this, with baking soda and apple cider vinegar, and a little all-purpose flour and soy lecithin and salt, in the blender.  I needed to use up a tsp of tomato paste so I threw that in too.  Oh, and I had flaxseed ground and a few small button onions.  Then I thought it needed something so I took out one packet of peach herb tea and tore it and put the packet in and blended.  After this, I had something I thought could be interesting so I then decided a few poppy seeds, but that with the peach, it was calling for caraway.  So I layered the pan with olive oil and some poppy seeds and caraway and put in the oven.  I tried it and it turned out.  I don't have a recipe, I just threw some things together until it tasted right. Oh, and I added a few strands of saffron.  It's good with sour cream (I use vegan better than sour cream) over it.  I think I need more saffron on stock for my regular kitchen.  I tried chewing a few strands while fasting and it packed a wallop.  I don't think it's noticeable while eating normally but on a fast, I was surprised that I could tell a difference after having saffron, by itself.

I also discovered anise and licorice toffee shells combined with a fresh walnut is good, but I think it was the roasted pumpkin seeds that highlighted it best. 
12/28/12.  Day 3 of my beet planting. 

It sort of reminds me of when my Dad cut this tree down and built a treehouse on it and then the stump began to grow new shoots again.

1/2/13.  Tried a persimmon today.  Maybe I've tried one, one time before in my life, but if so, I don't remember.  I bought it at the Safeway today and had it this late afternoon.  It was really good.  I had half of it.  It was the Fuya variety.  I think I might add persimmons to my regular shopping list because I really thought it was that good.

3/30/13.  I don't want to be in this country.  I hate every single day that I wake up and I'm living here, and that this country kidnapped my son from me after trying to murder me numerous times.  They colluded to steal my son from me and use him for the government and they adopted him out illegally to relatives I was not even touch with, who never liked me. They are involved in the Mexican mafia and have their kids marrying federal employees that think they can marry-in for money from an inheritance.  I haven't talked to my son for several years, and I haven't seen him, even though I write to him every single day and before he was adopted from me, I did the same when I could, when I wasn't looking for a lawyer.  This country has allowed criminals to profit from what they've done and then tortured me to discredit me.  Why am I suffering for their crimes and sins?  Why are they not in jail or prison, and sucking it up to go there, and my son and I are have been forced to suffer for U.S. supported gangsters?  I've been targeted for 20 years.

Today, all these federal employees drove by, some of them smiling like there was nothing wrong in the world, and I had good things in my life, and this country tried to murder me and has my son held hostage from me. 

All I've done here, inbetween being tortured, and used and exploited, is find new things for vegan cooking and that's not how I want to live.  I don't even care.  My life is not about cooking, my life and my ambitions were about my son and being a mother which is why I did what I did in preparation for this.  My life is not about getting a date or boyfriend.  I don't want one.  I don't want to work for the government, I don't want a romance, and I want my son returned to me.  My career objectives have always been the same and this country has ruined 2 decades of my life and obstructed me from the most basic things, one of which is my son.

This COUNTRY allows a drugged up, shooting-up crack woman to keep her kid but not me--I have my son deliberately tortured and kidnapped.  The difference is that she joined the U.S. Army and was on Janet Bechtold's good side and the Mormons never had a reason to mess with her.  She deals drugs for the U.S. government, so she gets to keep her kid.

I've figured out how to make something that tastes exactly like beef stock, and like chicken stock, and like scrambled eggs (without soy), and THIS is all I have to say for what is happening in my life.  Meanwhile, what is Janet Bechtold doing?

Of all the people I pray God will have justice on, she is one of them.

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