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Copy of Letter to Radio and T.V. Senate Gallery: Request for Senate Investigation

Oliver, Kindergarden photo

Oliver, First grade photo

Dear Member of the Radio and Television Senate Gallery:

I am including a copy of form correspondence with Senators for Oregon regarding an intelligence matter that also involves foreign affairs. Also attached are 2 photos of my son Oliver, which are evidence of symptoms of his being tortured by the U.S. Pentagon.

In 2004 I attempted to report FBI misconduct and abuse in Oregon and I was thrown into jail on false charges in retaliation, one day before a scheduled appointment to give my story about the FBI to a reporter. My travel was also obstructed and my vehicle was towed away from me on a false citation issued by a Judge from another state (Washington).

I requested FOIA on my personal records and the FBI ignored me for 1 year and then lied and said they had nothing. Following the FBI complaint I became pregnant and federal employees immediately sought to take my child from me, first by attempted persuasion to put my baby up for adoption, and then by eventual force. My son and I were tortured and I fled with him to Canada and made an official request for Political Asylum. Canada took a bribe from the United States and the two "states" colluded to put me on false arrest in response to my request, as a means for kidnapping my son from me. Canada delivered my son to the United States, in violation of international law and told me to return to the U.S. if I wanted my son back. I was forced to return and then prevented from leaving the U.S. as the U.S. withheld my passport from me for 3 years from this time (2007) until October 2010. At that point, I was confronted with evidence of torture against my parents and that they were being forced to work for the U.S.

I made a request to the UN for assistance in 2010 and the Pentagon and FBI retaliated by shutting down my computer communication, and the phone communications of everyone in my family including my parents, myself, and my brother. The CIA then bribed the UN not to investigate and the UN said there was nothing they could do because the U.S. had not signed a declaration for compliance to human rights laws. The retaliation against my family involved physical beating and FBI investigation of my parents, and torture with use of military technology. I had/have photo evidence of physical injury and torture on that computer and it has been forced into shut-down. I need someone to pull this information out of the hard-drive and so far, the company I took it to said they couldn't do anything with it. It includes photos of my son with gouges cut out of his face, photos of my parents, and laser burns on my body, along with other documentation of police parked in locations where I was being harassed and tortured, including an incident where I discovered children sent out to harass me (yelling at me that I was "crazy") lived in a house that belonged to cops.

My son was forcibly adopted from me in these circumstances, where I was denied access to the courts. I made a petition for habeas corpus, as a hostage, and it was directed to a U.S. Magistrate who had a conflict of interest and quashed my request, citing me as mentally ill and the claim as "improbable".

After my son was adopted from me and my appeal through public defense was lost (deliberately), the FBI sent a fraction of the documents they hold under my name. This was sent to me 7 years after my initial request, and only after I accused them of giving my personal files to Kate Middleton but not to their own U.S. citizens. The documentation provided to me by the FBI proved I was slandered by FBI in 2004, which is also when they bribed the Portland, Oregon police to lie for them and not investigate sex abuse. The documentation also provides that I was a victim of MKUltra and that there is government documentation of this which was exposed in 1977, due to the MKUltra Senate Hearings. MKUltra is a program that was headed up and led by the Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. Army. I was on their list and my parents were part of the program as children, when it first began. This began a generational cycle of abuse against my family, by first using my parents, then me, and then kidnapping my son from me for further use.

The MKUltra program was supposedly closed, but it continued under another name and went further underground. There is never a time it has not been operational and that I have not been included in it. I was never told about it, and the FBI had this information and concealed it from me during a time they knew it would help me and my son most.

This program was used as an excuse to allow anti-competition against me, to block my access to court and the justice system, to steal my son from me, and prevent my access to my passport, to travel between states, to college, and even to housing and employment.

In 2007, after my son was kidnapped from me while I was in Canada making a Political Asylum request, the FBI and U.S. Department of State attempted to cut a deal but continued to lie and conceal their involvement. When I didn't go along with it, my son and I were sold back to the U.S. Pentagon, and we were tortured and my son was adopted away from me. I was forced to live with U.S. military members when I didn't accept an apartment directly across the street from the FBI offices in Wenatchee, WA. This was not a protective measure, it was for purposes of abuse and torture and I was abused and tortured.

My vehicle was taken from me, by U.S. federal employees and it was never returned. All of my personal belongings and photos and diaries have been stolen by Canadians and U.S. federal employees. Everything I have saved since I was a child has been stolen from me and then the U.S. attempted to force me into working for them again, when all they have done is use it as an opportunity to profile me. After I refused to marry a man and expedite his entrance into the U.S., I was slandered by the FBI and put into jail on false charges multiple times, each time interfering with a new job that was about to start. I lost work due to constant false imprisonment which put me in a position of poverty and having no money, at which point the federal government attempted to extort me for access to my DNA by pushing me to give egg donations to a fertility clinic in Seattle, Washington. I refused and federal housing I had already qualified for was withdrawn, to put me into a homeless position and degrade me. This entire time, the FBI withheld their records that they shared with other agents and agencies, which proved I was used by CIA and U.S. Army.

I was forced into dangerous positions with government employees demanding that I hitchhike across a state to have a psychological evaluation done or lose my son. The state was required to pay for transportation and they refused, even though the entire CPS case was concealing a government kidnapping and torture. By refusing transportation, they knowingly forced me into a danger, and used my son as a pawn to force me into an area where I was poisoned. When I went to Seattle FBI offices, they blocked me from making a report, by banning me from entering the building after they told me to go there in person, and formerly they had told me over the phone, months earlier, "We will not take a reports from Cameo Garrett."

After false imprisonment, I alleged the Middleton family was working for the U.S. government and running a drug scheme. I was then poisoned again and tried to report it to another branch of FBI in Nashville, TN. I was told to go to the Vanderbilt University Hospital and then the FBI would take my report and as soon as I did, I was taken, without a physical examination first, to a psych ward where I was told I was going to be "evaluated." I was not evaluated. Within 5 minutes of arrival, I was forcibly injected with an overdose of Haldol and I was later told by others I then fell to the floor, hitting my head. I had been told if I did not allow them to inject me, they would tie me down to a Queen sized mattress, which they pointed at, and which was in a separate room by itself, and 5 different people would force me. They told me to strip in front of 4-5 women and then the same man who told me he'd force me, facedown, onto a Queen size mattress, had a doctor inject me.

For one full week, they gave me overdoses of pills. I later looked at the records upon discharge and they were lying on records about how many pills I was forced to take. They were falsely documenting that I was given fewer drugs than I was in actuality and I had kept my own records to keep track of the pills, what color they were and what was inscribed on them, and how many I was given. I wrote it down. I was almost killed there. That was 2010.

Upon release I immediately applied for a replacement passport, or new one, as my old one had been stolen. The Department of State refused to process my passport application, even though I filled out the application correctly and submitted all of the required documents and photos the first time. What should have taken about 1 1/2 months took over 9 months. I was told to submit "more pictures of yourself" each time they sent back a denial to give me my passport. The first time they said they wrote they could not confirm my identity and that I was a U.S. citizen and told me to send photos of myself. I did, and then they sent me another letter stating they still didn't know who I was and now they wanted photos of me when I was a baby and a kid. I gave them these photos and I still didn't receive my passport. I was then detained in a U.S. federal holding facility on another false charge (calling 911 improperly) and used for research until I said it was against the Geneva Convention and was "cruel and degrading treatment". They broke my hand there, injected me with a foreign substance by police, not doctors, and handprinted me and gave it to Middletons in England.

During this time, my timelines to legal appeals were exhausted and I was prevented from leaving the country to secure outside assistance.

The Department of State gave me my passport only after I wrote to the UN, making an emergency petition for investigation into the hostage taking of me and my parents. I had been prevented from seeing my parents for over 7 years and when I saw them again, I saw they had scars of knife slashes on their faces, and evidence of torture and use by the U.S. government. I submitted this in July or August and immediately, the U.S. retaliated against my parents.

The second time I submitted a report to the UN, 1 minute after transmission, with a copy going to the U.S. Department of Justice, our communications were shut down as if we lived in communist Cuba. Our electricity was turned off, our computers were shut down, and we had no access to use the telephone. My parents were tortured and told not to give me access to paper for appealing for my son in court, and the U.S. prevented me from having work or going to college and having financial aid money to use for appeal.

When my passport was given to me in October 2010, the U.S. ensured first that I had no money to leave the country with. When I had some money to leave with, they refused to give me my passport, and when I ran out of money, then they gave me my passport. They ensured I had no money, no financial aid, and that my parents would not give me money, for a year. I was effectively held hostage for another year with the pretense I could leave if I wanted to.

The U.S. Pentagon continued to torture my family and finalized my son's adoption and I have (not) talked to him for over 2 years. The last time I heard from my son, I gained evidence he was being used by the U.S. Army for a government program. When I was still able to visit him, he was being mutilated and brought to visits with the state and federal workers having full knowledge of his mutiliation. The visitation monitor, Anne Crane (or Craine), knew Kate Middleton and was in charge of supervision of these visits. The Middleton family works for the CIA and the FBI has laundered money to them for decades.

I have two photos of my son Oliver Robert Guy Garrett, which I received before Thanksgiving Day this year, 2012. These photos were withheld from my parents and me until this time and both photos show my son with one of his eyes bulging larger than the other one. After these photos were given to us, the Pentagon began torturing me and my parents to cause the same thing to occur to our eyes. They used other forms of torture before, but after we got the photos of my son, they wanted us to know, apparently, how my son "feels" and what kind of pain is incurred when this is done to his eye. The U.S. Pentagon and CIA are guilty of torture of my son and of my family and the FBI is guilty of participation and hiding records. Repeatedly, the U.S. brought my son to visits with black eyes, cuts and gouges, bruises, and discolored genitals, and even drugged. They cut off our visits after my son told me how he was hypnotized. The purpose of showing us our own family members being tortured, has been to create distress and to force continued participation of my parents in working for the government. My parents are psychic spies in the same way that the Russian spies were sent back to Russia for "psychic spying". My parents, however, have been forced into involuntary slavery for the U.S. Army and CIA since they were kids, and their children and their grandparents are tortured to continue their compliance and participation.

I have sent a request for a U.S. Senate Hearing regarding illegal intelligence programs against U.S. citizens, as a guise for anti-competition. There has never been a time, in my life, that I have been allowed to succeed.

I had illegal surgeries done on me in 1995 and I was then forced to work for U.S. government employees that had me working there primarily to have me under their observation. In 1995 I was implanted with microchips by Salt Lake City University Hospital, which is joined to the U.S. Veteran's Hospital. After this surgery, NASA and the U.S. Pentagon gave millions of dollars to support a "telesurgery" center, which became part of what ended up as "teletorture" for me. With this money, and private donations from U.S. politicians and U.S. Army, they were able to buy and build 15 new buildings for medical research. I was then forced, after this surgery, to work for U.S. federal employees that had me under observation when I was being newly experimented on and tortured, which ruined my life, and was an attempt to ruin my life and was anti-competition. I was targeted by remote technology to have migraines triggered. The first one was tried when I was working for Carl and Mary Del Balzo, who are government employees and work in microchip and intellectual property top secret projects. That was in late 1996. I was then headhunted to work for CTR Business Systems, by Employment Trends LLC, which is a branch of SOS Corporation, which has headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, near the same hospital. I was tortured with migraines triggered, when I had no natural cause of migraine. It affected my work and I was observed for these effects while I worked at CTR and at my residence, in St. John's, Oregon, after an active U.S. Army employee bought a house across the street from mine when I bought a house. I also had a U.S. Marine rent a room from me but I didn't think about the military connection at the time.

From this point forward, migraines triggered by The Pentagon and NASA affected my work and I was not only tortured and experimented on, I was stuck with the bill. I have an excess of medical bills that are primarily due to torture by the U.S. Pentagon.

From the time of this decision to torture me and target my head, every 3 years the U.S. Army has come up with an excuse for forcing me to have an MRI of my head, for observation of any changes to my brain after repeated assault. I was also targeted to be sexually assaulted by U.S. federal employees--all of them having positions with the government. When I reported it, even in medical records, I was punished with having 15 migraines triggered in one month, in 1998. I reported this first rape, and attempted to report another rape, in 2003, and the Portland police took bribes not to prosecute from the FBI and those who stopped the investigations were rewarded with instant job promotions and raise in pay.

When I filed a public lawsuit in 2002, the torture stopped. I filed two public lawsuits and vandalisms to my property and torture stopped until about 2003 and then my vehicles were targeted with power drained from the battery while I was driving, with 3 different vehicles, which almost led to serious accidents on the freeway. When an accident didn't occur, a planned hit-and-run was made against me, which totaled my vehicle and broke my knee, in 2003. I was then approached by FBI agents who sexually assaulted me and gained illegal access to my house by forcing their way in, against my request. I was assaulted by yet another FBI employee, and when I made a complaint against them in 2004, I was then hit with multiple migraines triggered by the Pentagon.

In 2005, my car was towed away from me and torn apart by the FBI, who had a Judge in Washington state issue a false alert against me, claiming my license was suspended when it was not. A Coburg, Oregon police officer approached me and told me he'd received an "alert" by a federal agency to pull me over and then he towed my car away. This was done while I was in the middle of litigation for 2 different lawsuits, and required my car for commuting between Washington and Oregon, for the lawsuits and for college, where I was a FT college student. It was an illegal obstruction of travel.

Up to this point I had no criminal record. From the moment I reported FBI agents, who were not only working with U.S. military, but were working with the Middleton family as it turned out, I was thrown into jail on false arrests. I have been falsely arrested about 6-7 times since then. The first false imprisonment was in 2005, the night before I had a scheduled appointment to give my story about the FBI to a reporter.

It was at this time, in 2005, that I made my first request to the FBI for FOIA.

The FBI had full knowledge of the MKUltra program, and other programs, and they knew it was being used as an excuse for anti-competition. They lied and withheld these records from me for over 7 years, and kidnapped my son when I left the country legally, with my son, for Political Asylum. During these 7 years, my travel was obstructed, I was forced to lose lawsuits I was about to win, and I was forced out of college because I could not commute without having my car towed from me illegally.

I have also been given medications and I've been drugged, on a non-consensual basis, without a court order, and been forced to submit blood samples after these things were done.

I would like your assistance in finding a reporter or person with the media to help with this matter.

Thank You,

Cameo L. Garrett
P.O. Box 505
Coquille, Oregon 97423

To Mr. Senator Ron Wyden:
My family has been subjected to the MKUltra program, on a generational level.   My parents were first included and when I was born, I was immediately used by the CIA and U.S. Army for the same program abuse.  I have documentation from 1977, provided by the FBI, however, the FBI has played an active role in concealing the program.  After 1977 MKUltra Senate Hearings, the program name changed and went further underground. 

 I have lived my entire life as a slave to the U.S., having never had the opportunity to refute the illegal claim that the U.S. has on my life, and placed on my son's life when he was born.  I have been used for illegal surgeries and forced into work for the U.S. government at various times, and I have been tortured for over a decade, on U.S. soil. 

When my son was born I fled the U.S. and went to Canada where I made an official request for political asylum.  Canada worked with the U.S. and sold me back to the U.S., arranging to have me on false arrest in Canada as a pretense for allowing the U.S. to take my son hostage.  Canada colluded by giving my son over into U.S. hands after I made my petition for political asylum and then I was forced to return to the U.S., where my travel has been obstructed and I was deprived of my passport for 3 years.

 The U.S. illegally adopted my son away from me and then gave me my passport.  They blocked me from leaving the U.S. to seek international assistance until they had gone through the courts to take my son from me, and they have tortured my son and used him in another government program.  The FBI refused to give me personal FOIA that could have saved me and my son, until it was too late, and only after they had assaulted me and colluded to have me imprisoned on false arrest did they give me documentation that proved I was a victim of MKUltra. 

I was prevented from accessing the courts or leaving this country, so the U.S. Pentagon could push past adoption and through the timeline for appeals.  When I attempted to file for habeas corpus as a hostage of the U.S. by this program, my petition was directed to a Magistrate with a conflict of interest who quashed it.

The U.S. pushed me to leave the country after they forced me to stay in the U.S., until they had adopted my son from me.  At the same time, I was then exposed, for the first time, to torture against my parents by members who are part of the U.S. Pentagon, which has compelled me to stay here out of a concern for the safety of my parents.

The adoption of my son was illegal and was enforced by U.S. officials who knew his kidnapping from me was against the law and that he was not legally available for adoption.  They were also aware that at the time he was taken, the U.S. Pentagon and FBI engaged in torture of us to prevent me from challenging their access to my son.  Oliver's adoption was made with the deliberate use of criminal activity, in violation of RICO laws and international laws. 

I continue to demand the return of my son.  I have not heard his voice for over 2 years as the U.S. Army has forced his adoptive parents to comply with their demands, which was a first condition of his adoption by them. 

The FBI and Department of State arranged for me to marry a man they wanted in the United States on an "expedited basis" to work for them, and I was promised the return of my son if I agreed to marry him.  When I backed out, the FBI sold me and my son back to the U.S. Pentagon and we were tortured again.  There was an exchange of money involved.  I am also able to prove bribes have been taken in the commission of crimes against me and my son.

My life's work has been with children, as a nanny.  I worked as a babysitter and nanny for primarily federal employees from the time I was 11 years old.  I was raised in a house with 2 active U.S. Army employees on either side and an FBI psychologist behind our house.  My entire life I have been surrounded by federal employees, regardless of where I have moved.  I have never voluntarily signed up for any kind of work or service with the U.S. Pentagon or federal government.

I would like to know how a citizen can request a Senate Hearing to discuss continued abuse and torture through illegal intelligence programs against non-consensual U.S. citizens.

Thank You,

Cameo L. Garrett
P.O. Box 505
Coquille, Oregon  97423


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