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Torture of My Mother at SWOCC (Coos Bay--Katie's friends again)

One of the primary reasons I am not taking classes from the Community College in Coos Bay this term, through a joint program with OSU, is because of possibly witnessing effects of an assault of my mother by SWOCC employees.

SWOCC has a campus administrator who is from England. I'm quite sure he's friendly with the Middletons. That is not a problem for me, specifically. The problem was that I had constant problems with some of them lying and saying one thing and then something different, twice in a row. Since I'm now going through OSU, I'm not supposed to have the same problem as financial aid goes through that college. So supposedly, it's fine.

However, when I went with my mother to return some books to the bookstore, something was done to my mother that caused her to limp out. She wasn't limping when we went in. But she was hurt when she left.

The campus had the bookstore closed for the day they said. But we were told to try anyway and see if someone was inside. I asked at the main desk for students and this is what I was told, so I let my mother know and then she and I went to the bookstore door and knocked. We were let in by 2 women and it was otherwise closed, with a sign that said they were closed for repairs.

I left my mother at one point, to check on something at an office around the corner, and when I got back, my mother was in pain and was literally limping out. I said, "What happened to you?" and she wouldn't tell me and then I said, "You're limping."

I had been lied to, by SWOCC, about being able to take classes there, so it stalled me and left me with nothing to do but sound crazy while I was being tortured. This was right after I had to deal with Trish McMichaels and then was forced to talk to Tim Dailey, the psychologist. I found out, Tim's office was around the corner and connected to the same building that the bookstore was in, so I wanted to see if he was there, took a business card from his secretary, and left.

I met my mother again after it took a long time for someone to get to the door and let me in again (it was locked, with my mother locked in). When we were leaving, she was limping.

Katie, is a criminal and she has criminal friends.

This is the sole reason I chose not to take classes at SWOCC, and I am paying higher rates of tuition this term at OSU only. The money I would save personally, is not worth the power that is put into their hands. It is really too bad that it's "too late" for William of Wales. That was already a fact by the time I arrived in Oregon again in 2011.

Torture, or assault, of my mother, by SWOCC employees. My mother was not faking and I could see she was in extreme pain. She was not limping there and she was limping out, and she doesn't have knee problems. My mother was attacked behind locked doors.

My mother claims her thumb was smashed at the gym locally, and I did hear something happening from the sauna that didn't sound like my mother. However, I noticed my mother's smashed thumb when she came back from "shopping" in Coos Bay. I don't know when it happened, but for a fact, I witnessed how my mother was hurt after being behind locked doors at the SWOCC bookstore.

The bookstore manager is Italian I believe, and it was the main manager and a blond woman who were there. They had Adobe computer stuff set up next to my mother and I remember my mother had a slight reaction to this. It was 2 of them. 2 Adobe Readers were propped up next to my mother. (An aside: now that I know who Cordoba is, I have a better idea why these women, and Adobe, might trigger a reaction.). The woman who looked Italian had this song on by Katie Perry (I think but I'll check and post the title here) and was dancing around to it, and made a point to have her hand next to my mother's hand, and she had a tatooed ring around her wedding ring finger.

The song they put on for my mother to walk into was Carly Rae Jepson's "Call Me Maybe". Jepson is a Canadian singer, with Maple records. (The "You're in my way" song). The bookstore manager was bopping around to this song, and we were forced to watch her dance around for about 5 full minutes before she got to our return. When I left, I was gone only 5-8 minutes and then I was knocking on the door. I was told Tim wasn't there, by a secretary. It was a door that went around to a hall, in an "L" shape. I grabbed a card and had a feeling to go back and I did and kept knocking and knocking and they took longer to get to the door than when my mother and I first knocked. I think they knew all along. They had my mother drive up on a day they were closing the store down, and if they had an opportunity to assault my mother, knowing I had other business to check into, they were going to do it. My mother was Physically Assaulted at the SWOCC bookstore, by SWOCC employees, who were making a point about Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. This was in September 2012. My mother had to go back there to take the money at some point and I didn't go with her. She was most likely assaulted again and either her injured thumb came from the gym, like she said, or it was from SWOCC bookstore. The two women were large. One is large by width (manager) and about 5'6" and the other one is very tall 5'8"-5'11"? and muscular.

She had her hair into a ponytail and was moving around in front of the cash register. So it wasn't a ring, it was a tatoo. And then my mother's fingernails were half and half marked from being tortured and she had her hand up on the table next to hers. I thought something strange was going on but couldn't imagine anyone would literally attack my mother (those women?) so I said, "I'm going to check with Tim Dailey about something really quick" and I went to the desk, picked up a card and they wouldn't let me back in for awhile. Finally, they opened the door and I went over to my mother who was trying to act normal but I had a bad feeling. As we left, I saw from the moment she began to walk, she was limping. I said, out of the doors, "Mom, what happened?" and she said, "What do you mean? nothing" and had a grim look on her face. I said, "Mom, you're limping. What happened to your knee?" And she didn't want to talk. At all. We got in the car and she was quiet.

Basically, those women beat my mother up when I left for a few minutes and my mother walked in normally, and she normally has no leg problem, and she walked out limping badly, and in pain and trying to look like she wasn't in pain.

There were only 2 women in that store, but if there was a back bathroom, or something, I didn't go there. We were there to return books after SWOCC lied to me a second time, to delay my being in college or having any money.

They did it for Katie Middleton.

Kate Middleton is a criminal and she has received criminal support in the U.S. I am not even going to a college where I could save money and take cheaper classes, because I can't, because Kate Middleton has her gangsters working there assaulting my mother.

If they lose their jobs, or something is done about what happened to my Mom, maybe I can go there, but as it is, I witnessed my mother leaving their store hurt, and walking like a cripple.

I hate Kate Middleton and everything she and William have come to stand for, which is nothing more than crime and hypocrisy. I don't trust Harry as far as I could throw him. I agree now with a homeless man who once said, "Don't be sure" about Harry. I don't trust people who are connected to those that torture my family and conceal evidence. William has chosen a criminal path for himself. He chose a slut whose family is gangster, and got rich off of U.S. welfare, and while I have been keeping tabs on what is done to my son and my parents, she has people spying for her and assaulting on her behalf, while doing whatever else she can to please William sexually. That's what hookers do, not wives. I have seen what her "friends" do to my parents, and how they are tortured, and I know she is capable of using a knife against someone herself.

Then, I got to the SWOCC bookstore site to look up that manager's name, and it's nowhere to be found, however, they've added a photo of the student who most looks like Katie Middleton, to feature on the site. Why promote Katie's face if you're not doing favors for Katie?

They have security cameras there but if they locked down the bookstore, they can control if the cameras are on or not. I said, when we left, before fully realizing how hurt my mother was, that i wanted to see Aveena Singh for a moment (the financial aid woman who hung up my financial aid on me and who sends photos to England). My mother shook her head and looked horrified by the idea and said, "Not now."

My first thought was what in the world happened in there? I wondered if someone from U.S. military jumped out and used the occasion to kick my mother, or I didn't know if it was really one or both of the only two women in the store that assaulted my mother, or what.

Cordova and Katie. William picked a real winner. They already have a kid together through a surrogate and maybe it's more than one. I have a feeling about one of them. Now he's chosen to go public and he was pretty mad about something when he decided to go for it--Pretty determined. I wonder if anyone connected to him ever cries, ever, over his horrible choices.

Let's see. But The Pentagon assassinated my unborn baby and they will not do this to Katie Middleton. Her unborn are safe, but my right to bear children and keep my own is not secure in my own country.

FUCK YOU Katie and may your children all die. I hope that what they've done to my son and allowed to my son, returns to their own heads.

I also hope everyone in the FBI, Pentagon, and DEA, who protected this bitch, while assaulting your own people and my son, a child, gets the same. I know for a fact that Chris Dabney is connected to Kate Middleton, and it's probably through the Australians from the Australian embassy or through the U.S. FBI.

The other thing that tipped me off to Katie's possible pregnancy,was a photo of William pulling Katie along, Chris Dabney style, with her bird's nest hat, to a club. I saw the photo and that for me, was reading it. Then it was the smug looks from those I've mentioned in town, and then full-blown group federal-CIA style harassment. I was standing by the Catholic church when 2 women who were middle-aged, in cars, noticed my standing next to a broken blue robin's egg shell. I knew they had something to do with Kate. Sure enough, the next thing I see, is her in a hat designed with the same eggs on it.

Her children should all die. It would have been better for this world, if Osama bin ladin had lived, and she had died.

I swear to God, God knows. I swear to God, it's the truth.

Somehow, I know. And honestly, I know "feelings" can be wrong, but the minute I wrote that, I felt a rush of good energy. Not from technology, bc I'm being tortured, and have been today and tonight, as usual. But I write this and know "yes, I don't know what he was about completely, but something about him was very good."

Maybe he is not really dead.

That would be the best "raised from the dead" story ever. We all find out he went into the Witness Protection program and even Panetta doesn't know about it.

I sensed something very good and powerful about him a few days before he was killed. And I knew he knew some things that people didn't want him to talk about. I felt a very surprising, strong, and good energy, when I was thinking about him. And then I literally saw his face, minutes before he was apparently killed. I saw the look of shock or surprise on his face. It is the only time I had a flash like that, and I wasn't thinking about him. I was at the Nashville library. I remember what computer I was on and what part of the library. And I never thought, EVER, that I would EVER CRY over Osama bin ladin, of all things, but I did. And I sobbed and sobbed. Probably because I saw his face first, so that made it personal.

There was also something good about Egypts guy. Maybe not all things were good, definitely, but for some reason, I cried and cried when he died too. I don't even watch politics or Middle Eastern news.

It would have been better if Kate Middleton had died than Osama. I cannot believe this world traded HIM for HER.

THAT is a crazy, crazy, thing that was done. Osama was more valuable for his contributions that 10 "Katies" and he was not a bad man. To think that Katie is worth anything, and to kill someone like Osama, is crazy. CRAZY. Probably only a few people really know what Osama was like. How many people act like sheep and applaud what was done to him, when really, he the American friend we don't have anymore and Katie MIDDLETON??? Are you KIDDING?! Is a SAD substitute.

THIS country, is so totally out of its mind NUTS that they have documented torture of my son TWICE by school photograph. For what? They are ASKING for War. This country deliberately aggitates and asks for war by doing something like that. And why torture my son until one of his eyes pops out more, unless it's to get to me, and something about Osama, whose one eye they BLEW out? Is this all a favor for the disgusting person with the eyeball tatoo on his arm that was English or Australian? because over here in Coquille, they have eyeball stuffed animals set up in the front office. So it's a big joke to have someone with an eyeball tatoo harassing me in Seattle, have Osama's eye later blown out, and then have my son tortured repeatedly, by all kinds of methods, and documented in 2 photos, which no one gives to me until 1 month ago. I got photos of my son after Katie was pregnant.

Her children all need to die and I hope she just keels over. What will all of these criminals attach themselves to then? Her kids.

This is why they have tortured my family to this point. They want their hands on progeny they can use and shape and they already use Kate for U.S. work. She's a mole. Her kids will be even more corrupt than she is.

I am in your way to stay bitch.

I am in YOUR way?

Your criminal friends are better off in jail than dead.

I cannot say it enough. Kate Middleton IS, in her own right, a violent criminal. She is responsible for torture to my son Oliver and has directly been involved in violent crimes. So it was a nice "Canada" song to walk into and then recently, my mother looked horrible and upset, and I see she's on a treadmill, staring across at a U.S. flag that's bent in half with only red and white showing, like Katie's calling colors. Canada is 100% corrupt.

Canada is "in my way" and has been in my son's way, and Canada and The Commonwealth still have a UN complaint against them. YOU, Canada, are IN MY WAY and YOU are in Oliver's way.

I hope Canada collapses completely. I don't know why another country couldn't come over and teach Canada and the U.S. criminals a lesson.

Karin, is involved 100%. I am talking about FBI-connected Karin Whittemore. SHE has been in my way.

My mother was assaulted in a locked room on SWOCC property. It's non-negotiable.


I found the England connection.

This bitch is going to jail. Bye bye Katie.

Here is an obituary from a relative of the Bookstore manager at SWOCC. They are connected to England and have relatives living there. They are also connected to California, and to the airplane industry (like Middletons). Katie is definitely going to jail. I wonder what they will do for a royal-associate that is sitting in jail pregnant? That would be something else. I don't think we've seen a woman pregnant with a baby by a royal, in jail since...? Middle ages?

If this obituary is correct, Katie is going to jail.
Coos County OR Archives Obituaries.....Clements, Eva E. September 26, 2009
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The Coquille Valley Sentinel - 10/6/2009
Eva E. Clements
April 11, 1924 – September 26, 2009

A memorial service will be held for Eva E. Clements, 85, of Coquille, at
11a.m. on Saturday, October 10, 2009, at the First Missionary Baptist Church,
1170 W. 11th St. in Coquille.
Cremation rites were held at Myrtle Crest Crematory in Coquille. Eva was born
April 11, 1924, in Dustin, Oklahoma, to Jess and Lola (Arnold) Parker. She
died September 26, 2009 in Coos Bay. Eva married Bert Clements in Oklahoma on
April 12, 1940. They were married for 57 years. She worked for McDonald
Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, California and retired to Weed, California,
and with her husband Bert, operated a business known as the Dari Bar. While in
Weed, she and Bert were active in the Eastern Star. Eva moved to Coquille in
2003 to be with family.
While in Coquille, she was an active member in the First Missionary Baptist
Church with her family. Eva also joined the Senior Center in Coquille and
spent many enjoyable hours with the ladies. She is now with Jesus with her
special friend Bonnie and all her loved ones that have gone on before. Eva is
survived by her son, Howard Clements and his wife Dorothy of Coquille;
grandson, Vincent Clements and his wife Kathleen of Weed, California;
grandson, Alan Clements and his wife Lisa of Redding, California; grandson,
Michael Clements and his wife Denise of Shelton, Washington; grandson, Brian
Clements and his wife Dede of Coos Bay; grandson, John Clements and his wife
Kathi of Coquille; great grandson, John Clements and his wife Paige of
Lackenheath AFB, England; great granddaughter, Dariane Clements of Coquille;
great granddaughter, Keirsten Clements of Coquille; great grandson Johnny
Clements of Coquille; great-great granddaughter, Baylain Clements of
Lackenheath AFB, England; brothers, Melton Parker of Texas and Jay Parker of
Idaho; sisters, Mary Hitchcock, Martha McKay and Betty Tippit all of
California; and numerous nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. She was
preceded in death by her husband, Bert Clements, son, Don Clements, and
sister, Anna Clements. The family suggests memorial contributions be made to
Coquille First Missionary Baptist Church. Arrangements are under the direction
of Myrtle Grove Funeral Service, 396-3158.

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