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Injured Knee after Florida Plates Today (DEA): associated OR 575 CQT

My knee was injured at the same time people with Florida plates were passing me.  My feeling was that they know the DEA employee who transfered from Florida, Brad Uhl.  I don't have this come to mind anytime I see a Florida plate, and these people acted like hooligans, an entire carload of them, but I had a feeling they know the Uhls.  Which may mean they also know Chris Rozollo, who was from Florida and same area.  That DEA person is seriously bad news and his wife is bad news. His wife is the professional runner who looks Russian.

I haven't been having any problems with my knee at all, either knee.  I have been walking around and active and not had one single problem or anything come up.  Today I walked a mile or so to get something and no problems.  Then, I went out again to get something, and my knee went out at the exact same time the Florida plates people were passing, with 3 other cars closely following, all of them together in a pack with no cars in front of them or behind them.  One vehicle that was clearly involved,  had a pretty brunette woman driving with Oregon plates 575 CQT.  She was driving too closely packed in, like part of a wolf pack, to not be involved and not know the Florida plates people.  They deliberately drove tightly packed together as well, like a wolf pack.  I mean, about a half foot of room inbetween each car, and no cars in front of them and none behind them.  It was the Florida SUV, then a car with a professional couple in wool coats type of thing, looked like money, and then it was this woman with the CQT plates, and behind her was one more car.  There were 4 of them, and they were mocking me as I walked, and my knee was injured right about that point.  There were also undercover cops around shortly after and before.  One looked like an undercover DEA guy.  I might be wrong, but that's the intuition I had on him.

Pretty much immediately after they passed, my knee wasn't working and was cramping up inside the knee, and then more noticeably by the Coquille police station.  I don't know who was looking out their window, and I didn't look, but there was a cop watching me to see if I had any change in my walk, and there were people on the road doing the same thing, driving by looking specifically at my knees.  I wasn't limping, but I could feel the pain.

It was a DEA-connected assault.  It was the same thing that was done to me when I was running fine at the gym and then I was assaulted but if I went to a different machine, no problem.  Knees don't work like that, as if they're dependent on one treadmill or another treadmill.

They tortured me today and when my Dad heard my knee was hurt, I believe he knew someone was sending him a message.  He was in a good mood until he heard that.  Then everything changed and it wouldn't be that dramatic for him unless he knew someone violated a trust or pact that was made and assaulted me.  So there is no peace.  My Dad knows it, and that's why it bothered him.  Additionally, the first time I went out, there were no police around.  The second time, at least 7 cops in 7 different cop cars and trucks and vehicles were out, and guys with Army stickers on their vehicles. 

Chris Rozollo is starting to look pretty bad.  The other day after I shopped for my son I stayed inside and watched this survival movie with my parents.  I had a good feeling around the time my Dad left and for awhile and then something happened and it was gone.  And this movie, had 2 men in it with one man that looked like Rozollo or Josh Gatov, about guys who escaped a Vietnamese prison and crossed the border into Thailand.  The guy was eating the other guys rice and saying things to him and I thought, that is just like him.  I had just given my son a survival package with a dehydrated survival meal of Sweet Teriyaki Rice.   My Dad said, "You haven't been tortured like that" when the guys were on the beds complaining about pain, and I said, "Yes I have."  Later, when someone machettes this guys leg my Mom said "Well, you haven't been tortured that bad" and I said "Yes I have" because although that is a visible open wound, I've been assaulted to have my bones break, by military and defense technology.  Why does my own country feel the "need" to treat me as if I am an enemy of the state?  Since I was 8?  I mean, what compels a government to allow this?  So then there was this ad in the middle of the movie at commercials, of a woman dressed well and hair nicely trimmed, taking a joyride in a hot air balloon and the idea was "escape".  Basically, for her, escape to luxury.  It was a spoof off of a survival movie where people escape Germany in homemade hot air balloons.  So then several days later, I'm over at my parents again, and Mercedes Benz has a new ad they put on, of a "Santa" driving some luxury sedan as a woman is chasing lights in lanterns that float up into the air (without her) and he drives around her, and passes her, and then waves from the back, without turning to look back at her, with his left hand gloved in white and it's "ho ho ho Merry Christmas."

Sort of sick if you ask me. 

On the night they showed the woman "of luxury" in the hot air balloon (brunette, escaping), my Dad got a call to sell their old washer and dryer, a "Gallery" brand.  Like I said, good feeling, and then something bad. 

I am positive the DEA is behind my being tortured.  Why?  Because Kate Middleton was and is a drug dealer they are interested in protecting, along with a few others.  Why should the DEA care about me?  I have nothing to do with drugs of any kind and I've never sold a thing in my life.  I have no idea who the dealers are, and who is running drugs where, and who buys from who.  I have zero inside information on that.  But the DEA Brad Uhl colluded with FBI that wanted to further ruin my life.

And now they've got friends in this town too, and my knee is being assaulted and hit.  I don't have a problem with it otherwise.  It is only being assaulted when I am in public, NEVER on private property.  It's something that someone must have to do with my being in-sight.  I don't think it's NASA on that one, but I guess, now that I've been shocked enough to see so many crimes committed by federal employees, I guess anything is possible.  I would like to know why Brian Gross was so interested in protecting Josh Gatov.  Gross tipped Gatov off.  It was not a mistake. The only reason police would do this, is if they're using someone as an asset for themselves.  Basically, I got raped and the entire police force laughed about it and supported the rapist.  And then the next one, who was most likely connected.

I wish we had never lived in Sherwood, Oregon, or that I'd lived there, and gone to Wilsonville instead of Sherwood High School.  That school was not where I should have gone.  My Dad knew it back then and we got stuck.  I had no clue, back then, what kinds of things were going on.  I was so "out of it" and oblivious, it is almost unbelievable.  I can look back now though, and see how many others did "know" what was going on and they were taking part in politics and intelligence even then.  In high school.  Do not ever discount high school students from being assassins.  There are students who are like me--about as clueless as a toddler, trusting everyone, and then there are students that are already trying to deliberately trigger something from others who their parents know are MKULTRA triggered.  There are students that are trying to "get something" and who are given insider information in an attempt to get something, and it's not possible unless they're already working for a group.  Like Robin Bechtold, working for the Middletons.  I believe he and his family were already connected to them by 1992.  He used information that was kept in secret, against me and I didn't know I was a victim of MKULTRA, but he and his parents did know.  I remember everything he did and how he tried to set me up.

He used me.  He was trying, not for himself, but for someone else, to have my virginity lost and then tried to make a claim over it on the telephone.  He didn't, but the fact that he wanted to make a point of it, and called me about it, to suggest such a thing, actually sent up red flags to me even back then.  I don't know how I knew, but back then I knew, "He is trying to claim I lost my virginity" (when I didn't).  It was more of a political thing than a teenager thing.  It was in 1992 that he did that. When it didn't happen, I had someone trying to drive me off of the road, who almost killed me.   Later, in 1993 or so, he used language to trigger something from me.  I didn't realize it then, but I know it now and I know he is a God-damned criminal who works for the Carol and Mike Middleton family.  I did not know what made me vulnerable, but this horrid country knew, and they and the Middletons gave that information to Robin Bechtold.  I remember exactly what he said, and what I was doing, and his response, and as soon as I got the FBI documents that admitted there was federal government files about me from 1977, when MKULTRA Senate hearings were held, one of the first things that came to my mind was Robin.  Robin.  Robin knew.  Oh yeah, and his brother was working in law enforcement by that time.  Hmmm.  With FBI.

This country has protected him and others, because they and/or their parents work for the Department of Justice in some capacity. 

These people, including the FBI, have used information they knew about me, against me, to destroy me and ruin my life.  They kidnapped my son and have ruined my son's life and refuse to involve themselves when he is still kidnapped and is adopted with an invalid adoption. 

When Raul Bujanda came to meet me, he already had that 1977 information about me, which was why he thought it was clever of him to order a Michelobe Ultra.

FBI knew.  They have encouraged federal employees to rape me, and to assault me.  Robin didn't want me to report the FBI because he and his brother knew them.  They all had the same info on me and they were all connected. 

It has been a U.S. government gang-bang.

So when the FBI is digging into my personal files and pulling up MKULTRA information about me, my entire life, and refusing to share this with me, they used it against me.  This proves the FBI is involved with MKULTRA.  They not only used this information against me, to create vulnerabilities in me that they had other people target, they withheld this same information about me, when I was asking for FOIA about myself for over SEVEN years.

They had to marry little Katie Middleton off first.

This government, and the FBI, and that means FBI Director Mueller, who is Church of England (episcopalian) kept me from accessing my own personal records, to protect myself and my son, until Kate Middleton was married and they had me disgraced by throwing me into a mental institution on false claims.  I want Middletons entire scheme and corporate structure, to fold. 

Raul Bujanda admitted to me over the phone that he had looked up my personal file.  He told me, before I ever met Armando Garza in person, that he had looked up my personal file about me, when he was only "dating" me, and Garza was with him when he told me this, because then I was on the phone talking to Garza.  If they looked up my file, and they did, they knew I was an MKULTRA victim.  Which was why Bujanda thought it was cute to get a Michelobe Ultra.  What's even more grotesque, is he was working for Michael, Kate Middleton's Dad.

Robin knew the FBI individuals and all of them were connected to Middletons, who are connected to the FBI, and the FBI has laundered money for the Middletons for decades, for the CIA.

My government hates me.

They hate me, and this hatred has been expressed through violence. 

They hate my son, and they are already ruining his life.

I do not mean "my government hates me" as an aside or carelessly.  I mean, it is a fact that my government hates me and has used government resources to repeatedly assault me by rape and torture, for over a decade.  It is the U.S. government that was interferring with my ability to fill out a FAFSA online for the almost 7 years I was out of college.  The federal government manages that site, and it is their own site.  They had federal surveillance on my personal pcs anyway, at that point, from the time I met Bujanda and Garza, knowing FBI agents was their excuse for total invasion of my privacy.  During that time, I was blocked from college by extraordinary means.  When I couldn't fill it out online, I was going to college to take a paper form because every time I was on any computer and tried to access one, the forms weren't showing up.  When I got to the colleges, someone was getting out ahead of me to tell me they didn't have paper forms there anymore.

From extreme methods of torture and rape, the U.S. also engaged in blocking my access to court, to driving, to my vehicles, to freedom of travel, and to college and even work.  Then later, in 2011, federal employees blocked my access to the IRS, from within the IRS, and to the unemployment offices for Washington D.C. and Washington state, when I needed the money and without it, I was in danger.

The FBI is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.  They used me for MKULTRA research and they, as an agency, were directly involved in it.  During this time that I was then asking for my personal records, because of severe harassment by law enforcement and false imprisonment, the FBI withheld what they already knew, that I was an MKULTRA victim and they were abusing me and their agents were assaulting me with full knowledge of my status. 

This made it imperative for the FBI to then lie about me, to others, and join others in slandering me.

After 7 years of being tortured and the FBI illegally refusing my request for my own FOIA, to protect themselves from a lawsuit, and to keep me in danger deliberately, they gave me a few pages after I said "Why is Kate Middleton getting my personal records from the FBI, but the FBI is not giving them to me?"  Then, the FBI made sure they did nothing as I was tortured by military/ NASA and aerospace defense technology which made it impossible to appeal any pending court case for my son.

The FBI are liars.  They committed crimes from the start.  Then, after withholding my records from me for 7 years, they gave me evidence admitting I was and am part of MKUltra, and they knew I was being tortured.  The FBI has always known I was being tortured. They did not stand up for me because they are involved in illegal acts against citizens in violation of the law.  They knew I was tortured when I was trying to appeal for my son and they knew I would never get my son back.  They made sure I never got my son back by using Alvaro as a grudge to hold against me.

The FBI has lied to everyone.

They are supposed to be the first line of defense to a citizen, on domestic matters, and instead, they committed acts of terrorism and gang-bang against their own citizen.

All the while, LAUNDERING money to Kate Middleton.

My problems were worse, yes, when I had lawsuits.  And someone was trying to kill me at least since 1992, maybe since 1989.  But the FBI has been a thorn in my flesh, and part of torturing me and hiding evidence of torture, since I was a baby.  My government hates me.  Why else would my government torture me to the point they hoped I would commit suicide?  My government kidnapped my son from me AS they tortured me and then lied to everyone claiming I was mentally ill when I was not--I was tortured.  I was not mentally ill, I was being tortured and the FBI was involved.

I kept wondering why the FBI refused to do anything about the kidnapping of my son, and why they refused to investigate actual crimes.  Why?  Because the Federal Bureau of Investigation is the Federal Bureau of Management for Hate Crime.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation does not investigate crimes, they commit crimes.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation does not investigate criminals, they work with criminals and protect them.  The Federal Bureau of Investigate does not protect children, they torture children.  The FBI tortured my son Oliver.  For Kate Fucking Middleton.

I am not in doubt anymore, that the FBI knowingly allowed my mother's face to be slashed.  The FBI is part of all crimes against my family and against my son.

It is bad enough that I would not be surprised if the FBI forced my parents to write out suicide letters, and then kept them and told them if they "talked", when they died, they'd leave those suicide letters next to my parent's bodies.  There is nothing that the FBI will not do.  They are fully, irrevocably corrupt and have resorted to the most grotesque forms of torture that are possible.  The FBI tortured my son Oliver.  The FBI is literally active in the torture of kids.  Not their own kids--my son.  Maybe a few others. 

The CIA and FBI laughed with eachother when they passed my calls back and forth between their agencies.  I was laughed at and told to call the CIA by the FBI and the FBI by the CIA.  They mocked me, after they had murdered James River and tortured my son Oliver.  They murdered that baby.  I saw him, and he was developed in every way, and this country murdered him.  The Department of State mocked me as they sent my passport application back to me, telling me, "We don't really know if you are who you say you are."  This is what I told the Portland FBI when I gave my complaint about the FBI agents, that I didn't know for sure they were even FBI agents.  So the Department of State mocked me over this, and years later, refused to process my passport application when I had filled it out correctly the first time.  They forced me to turn over personal photos of myself as a teenager and then after this, they said they STILL didn't know who I was, and forced me to send over photos of myself as a baby.

The entire time, they knew about 1977.

They were lying to obstruct my freedom of travel.

Not only did the Department of State lie to obstruct my freedom of travel, they mocked me and retaliated against me for making a complaint against FBI agents with the premise that "I don't know if they are really who they say they are."

The entire time, Bujanda and Garza worked for Middleton.

This means the CIA, FBI, and Department of State are all covering for the Middleton family.

Last night, my Dad showed me, minute by minute, how he was able to anticipate and predict what I would do at the house there, every 5 minutes or so.  He hasn't done this before.  I wrote about how he can predict things off in the future, but to demonstrate how he is able to read my mind and know my actions in the here-and-now, he showed me.  Every 5 minutes, he did something, before I was about to do it.  From changing my leg posture, to taking my socks off or on, to putting them together, to moving from one side to the next, to when I had to sigh, to when I coughed, to when I had something to say and what it was about.  Then he and my Mom both showed me as I studied with a book and wrote down vocabulary words, how they could both anticipate what word I was going to be on next and they would say something related before I got to that vocab word.  They did it constantly, ever so many words, maybe every 6 or so vocab words, they did this.  Both of them.

The United States hates me.  This government hates me and refused to prosecute hate crimes because they have been involved in sponsoring those hate crimes.  They love Katiekins.  Katie is who they laundered money to.  They hate me.  This country has used violence to demonstrate their hatred.  And while oohing and ahhing over what my parents can do, and their abilities, they tortured them and tortured me and then forced my parents to train others.  They stole my son from me, to keep him in captivity.  They have allowed others who feared my parents, because of their abilities, to torture us.  They have oppressed us in the worst forms of degradation possible.  They used state secrets against my parents when I filed lawsuits and then tortured all of us, out of revenge.  They used people like Bujanda and Garza.  The FBI always knew about my family's work and they used every vulnerability against us, and turned us over to the worst criminals in their agencies, to be tortured and forced out of court.  There is nothing the FBI won't do to conceal their crimes.  They gave me the information about 1977 as a joke against me.  They had already married off Kate Middleton and secured this position.  They had a U.S. baby.  They had tortured me and ruined my name by defaming me into a psych ward.  The entire time, keeping the 1977 card close to their chest.

They were playing with a stacked deck.  They didn't want me to know how to free myself.  Then, after they won everything, and had tortured the life out of me, they threw their 1977 card out onto the table and laughed at me:  "Here.  See what you can do with that now.  Bitch." 

Then they moved behind the two-way mirrors and watched me. 

Are you ready to throw up yet.

They watched me and they watched my son, and witnessed our being tortured and participated in it.  "Go ahead and try to appeal."

"My country hates me."  This is what was going through the nurse's mind from England.  It wasn't because someone was mean to her.  It was because she was being tortured.  Over Middleton.  Like me.  She was probably psychic.  I thought maybe someone coached her on some things but possibly she had some psychic ability of her own.  I know this, because I took out this bread I had made, that was to be crackers and was a little thicker like a flatbread in some batches.  I put it in the toaster oven, and got out hummus that I had made.  I dipped it in the hummus as I was thinking about being tortured and said to myself, to wake myself up from denial, "My country hates me" and then as I said this several times, I bit into the bread and it was like nan bread.  And I cried.  I cried while thinking and knowing how my own country hates me.  It was, exactly, "My own country hates me." 

I didn't cry because I feel "depressed" or "lonely".  It is because I am faced with living as a victim of FBI hate crime, and FBI hate crimes against my son; CIA hate crimes; military hate crimes.  The U.S. has committed hate crimes against my family and tortured us with violent acts of assault and terrorism.  They allowed private parties to use state "secrets" against us as well, and to abuse their positions of authority to deprive us of our civil rights.

They blocked investigations.

So when I wondered why I was crying, it clicked with me that as this Eastern Indian woman died, possibly she was thinking the same thing, "My own country hates me."

Middleton inspires others to commit acts of violence against innocent men, women, and children.  I hate Middleton.  It was either Middleton directly, or someone she knew that slashed my mother's face.

The United States has sponsored terrorism and acts of torture against my family, and they have leaked state secrets for the benefit of anti-competition and those I was in litigation against.  They refused to investigate hate crimes and took a more active role in participation and recruitment and promotion of others who were going to cover for them.

The other person the U.S. intelligence is vying for is Camilla.  They don't talk about her as much, but she is the one with the Catholic children.  Camilla's former husband is Roman Catholic, and Valerie is Roman Catholic.  Chris Dabney, as a Catholic, had a great interest in Valerie and the royal family. I was used for research at The Post Pub.  It wasn't a job, it was a way to get to me.  I know Dabney is familiar with Valerie because of things he said, which I later equated after I was working there and found out who "Val" was.  Nikki, his partner, set me up for assault deliberately and then made claims I had a problem with alcohol after she did so.  I was used by people there for research in the same way I was used at Logan's Roadhouse, except I wasn't tortured while I was at The Post Pub, I was just medicated.  When I quit eating there and took lunch somewhere else, everyone who worked there changed against me and some of the patrons even came in, glaring all of a sudden, with hate and doing horrible things to call my memory into question and mess with me.  I remember the Irish Catholic priest Ryan who went in.  He was best friends with Kathy.  For weeks he acted polite and then overnight, he was harassing and stared at me with hatred.  Chris Dabney used me for his own personal research and mind studies.  He reads minds and predicts things and he tried to tap me and then they fired me.  They had people come in to make fun of me, bringing in chocolate covered caramels with nuts in the same way Bujanda and Garza wanted to do tequila shots and ordered fried calamari.  They worked for Middleton.  Garza does mind reading as well, or he took tips from Carol.  I later discovered the FBI was potentially covering up for a Texas Senator.  There was an Armando Garza that was in politics in Texas.  The FBI deliberately gave Garza access to me, and Bujanda ordered his "Ultra" with full-knowledge I had been and was part of the non-consensual MKUltra program.

Yeah.  The FBI raped me.

I can forgive a doctor somewhere if a doctor somewhere out there wants forgiveness, but I don't forgive the FBI for kidnapping my son and torturing him.  If there is a doctor who wants to come forward and testify about torture, would I forgive him?  Yes.  Especially if that testimony was going to be used to put a bunch of FBI, military, CIA, and gang-bangers of women and children in jail.  Especially if that testimony was going to prevent me and my family from being tortured further, by lending credibility to what I've said and what my parents have tried to indicate.

Every scheme set up against my family, that has been in the works for decades and most especially this last decade, needs to unravel.  Whatever was accomplished by these crimes, must return upon them.  I hope God will avenge.  For everything that was built, with money obtained from torturing me or my family or using us, I hope it falls apart and is lost to another group.  For every child that has been murdered, I hope for the death of those that murdered.  For every position and raise won by betraying the Constitution and Bill of Rights and my civil rights and my son's civil rights, I hope those positions are lost.  For each person who laid a hand on my son, I pray for God to give you cancer.  For the Canadians that colluded with the FBI and pretended they didn't know anything, I hope you are exposed for your part in the marijuana business that helped support Middleton, which, by gang violence, led to deaths and wrongful imprisonments.  Every single thing that has been won, I hope will be lost.  I hope those who have made private donations to support torture are exposed publicly.  And I hope that the government officials who took their salaries and bonuses off of torturing my family are exposed publicly.

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