Monday, December 17, 2012

FBI Working With Middletons To Commit Crime (CONFIRMED)

Please see my post titled "Confession".

I had it confirmed that the FBI was working with the Middletons, and agents that worked with the Middletons were the ones who got into my house.

The FBI concealed all crimes and all torture of my entire family after, and also aided and abetted Judges and others who blocked my travel, to keep me out of court so I would be stuck with defamation.

They did this for the Middleton family.

It is confirmed.

My Dad says NOTHING about who is involved with what an over a week or couple of weeks ago, he did. He told me they were all in on it.

My Dad told me about 2 weeks ago or so, but I kept it to myself--

What this means is that it was not just a simple meeting of FBI agents. It was stalking against me by the Middleton family. It was also the use of U.S. government salaried employees for Middleton's personal interests, and they got proximity to me only for purposes of ruining my life. This confirms what I've said, that the meeting was not accidental and that Bujanda went ahead of me in the federal courthouse to make it appear as though I followed him or was behind him, and not the other way around.

They forced their way into my house. It was a break-and-entry. Well, not break, but an illegal entry.

After I was sexually assaulted by them, and they broke into my house unlawfully, I was next being given a "last supper" by the Schneiders and others connected to FBI and the Department of Justice. From there, I was blocked from my lawsuits, which were to defend myself against irreparable harm from aggregious defamation.

The Middletons wanted me to be defamed. So did the U.S., because the Middletons work for them.

The Middletons had stalker, after stalker, after me, and used drug connections they had in the U.S., as well as U.S. salaried employees.

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