Friday, December 7, 2012

Kate Middleton Murders Her Nurse

So now the nurse that was "caring" for Kate Middleton has been murdered. Jacinth Saldantha (something like that).

Like any of us are surprised.

Supposedly this is the nurse who took "prank calls" from someone, and gave out personal information about Kate, so for that "blunder" she's dead. The day after.

Kate Middleton is the one who needs to die. If it's true that she was even "hospitalized" for severe morning sickness, it's because she puts her own vanity above the health of her child. Morning sickness is impossible if you are eating consistent meals, and enough, for your child.

I don't believe she had "morning sickness" either. Maybe "mourning sickness" over the fact I blogged about how her "husband" wanted to make me his mistress and I'm exposing all of them. I listed people connected to her in England, who assaulted my mother, so sure, run to the hospital.

She is a selfish whack job and she and any of her children, should die, and I am still praying they do.

A man sits up in a tree to take a picture of her, and she uses this as an excuse for her own vanity, to sue him and try to make herself appear powerful. She has literally tortured my son and my parents. Literally, and used people who commit extremely violent acts. Now, a nurse is murdered after she suspects the release of info wasn't a "mistake", and they call it "suicide".

This is exactly what I'm talking about.

To call this "suicide" is beyond belief. The only reason a nurse who cared for Kate Middleton would commit suicide is either because she was so traumatized from changing her bedpan, or looking into Kate's eyes and seeing acts of criminal violence in them, that she was too terrified to go on and wanted to send a message to the world.

It's not exactly a "good" message.

It wasn't "any" nurse at "any hospital". She directly "cared" for Kate Middleton. It's not like some of the bylines, about "a nurse at the hospital Kate went to." It was HER nurse.

Kate Middleton hunts. She is not vegan. She is a killer. She tortures children. She's a kid that was supposedly bullied as a child who grew up to seek revenge and make it to the top. She is not good. The fact that she tortures children, and then puts on a front to attend children's charities, is one point all on its own that makes this clear.

And even IF she were only in the hospital for "severe morning sickness", even if you have multiples, the only cause of morning sickness is not eating ENOUGH and not snacking throughout the day. She is exactly the type of woman who will put herself above her own children. All studies show that women who snack consistently through the day, and who eat enough, do NOT have morning sickness. It is true and is a proven study fact. It's the women who are obsessed with self-image that get sick. If this woman cared about her own children, she would have read this much and known this for herself. But she has all the time to do it, and chooses to constantly tax the system and take welfare from others.

Then she murders or tortures anyone in her way. Real nice.

Britain acts like oh, no big deal. Are you out of your mind? No woman commits suicide like that--she was murdered by Kate.

And my parents have a LOT of dirt on Kate Middleton, for a fact. This is PART of the reason we are tortured.

There is a Saldanhal Steel company in South Africa that apparently also goes by the name Mittal (like Middleton) Steel. And now we have the guy who was living in Grey Amber Caye (ambergris caye), McAfee, arrested too. When is Kate Middleton going to be arrested? It's funny she's running to a hospital to avoid it.
UPDATE: 7:21 p.m. I heard more news. I didn't watch the coverage bc I was playing with the dog, but I overheard a reporter with news about "the suicide". I canNOT believe they are calling this a "suicide". It's as if it's not even up for debate. There was no note and the circumstances are highly suspicious.

This was NOT a suicide.

What shocks me is that no one is even waiting for an investigation into the facts first. It is really bizarre.

Kate Middleton kills her nurse Jacintha Saldantha. I love how the patient is in bed, in the background, looking like she's plotting murder.

("Can you knock her out for me?" "KO?" "Carol, can you KO her?" "Can you give her another migraine and knock her out?") Chris Rozollo identified himself with the number "9" because Katie's birthday is December 9.

She has people killing for her, and torturing kids for her, and she is a participant.

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