Sunday, December 30, 2012

Richard and Ruthie Ames: Wesley and Stephen (twins)

The first U.S. federal employees I worked for were Richard and Ruthie Ames, who lived in Moses Lake, Washington (and still do).

I babysat their 2 year old twins:  Wesley and Stephen.  Stephen was the one I've written about, who was on the telephone.  Wesley was quieter than Stephen.

I have been forced to work for federal employees since I was 11 years old and then the U.S. kidnapped my own son from me.

I demand his return.

I DEMAND the return of my son Oliver Garrett.

It says Ruthie is currently working for "Focus Property Management, LLC" which is owed by Eric J. Sachtjen.  He is also a professor at Gonzaga University, where he teaches Federal estate tax.  He
has worked at "Workland & Witherspoon" law firm in Spokane, Washington,  and is another tie to Florida, as he went to college there, and he is connected to Boston.

He is also a Principal for "Poacher's Rock, LLC" which is part of Sundevil's Investments.  He went to Boston College from 1993-1997, and he knows the Middletons. He tortures kids for them.  Boston College is a Jesuit College run by Leahy.
He is also listed and photographed for law firm Painehamblin and is licensed to practice law in Idaho, Washington, and Alaska.  Kate wore a dress the same color as their webpage design, for the Queen's birthday.  This firm has a niche in mechanical and industrial engineering, which Sachtjen is listed as being part of (not on the site but elsewhere).

Ruthie was the one who said, "You're worth your weight in gold".  I remember she wanted me to see "Where The Red Fern Grows" which was about dogs dying.  It was playing in the library basement.  Otherwise, I watched her kids while she ran errands and at the house.  First it was with supervision occasionally (I was 11) and then it was on my own, without anyone there.  The boys were twins and I think identical but one had a bigger head than the other.  And I remember Stephen was much more talkative than Wesley and I remember Ruthie didn't like it when I told her I noticed this.  She got defensive, and I didn't know why because it was an honest observation from me. I remember she seemed to favor Stephen, which was probably not true but he got more of her attention and he was very active and the more talkative one.  When she walked into the house she always said something to Stephen first and then Wesley was sort of off to the side.  I noticed on one day that something seemed to be wrong with Wesley.  He was wanting to stand by the bookcase or these built-in cabinets and wasn't acting like himself.  He was making a noise, just standing there and I thought he looked sort of sick.  I thought he had circles under his eyes.  I remember he was sick, they were getting over bronchitis and had a runny nose.  But Wesley wasn't acting like normal.  I remember Stephen and he used to both run and I'd chase them all over the place but often Wesley wanted to stand back for a moment and watch Stephen.  Stephen didn't care about noticing Wesley and just did whatever, without looking at him first and Wesley would stop and look at Stephen first.  Maybe he was looking for cues as to how he should act if he had already interpreted his mother favored Stephen.

(I never got paid for my child behavior psychoanalysis.  Sigh.  And I was only 11 and picked up on all of that.  I remember they both had laringitis too.  Both of them lost their voices.  Which is ironic, given how I was poisoned in Seattle with FBI overlooking, and lost my singing voice.  You know, a lot of roads lead to Boston and Laura Laughlin.)

When I said something about his seeming to be quieter, that was the last time I babysat.  She didn't have me come over again.  She said she didn't think they were very  different from eachother at all.  I was very good, and exceptionally intuitive, with kids.  I still am, and I demand the return of my son Oliver.  He is not U.S. federal property and he has been tortured and illegally adopted away from me.

I never acquired any of these babysitting jobs.  These people were telling my mother to have me babysit for them.  I wanted to be a good babysitter, and I thought I had fun babysitters (for the most part), but I didn't look up the work.  So Ruthie had to solicit my mother for me to work for her.  And then all the way up through working for the Del Balzos, that's how it was.  I was told to work for people, who happened to be federal employees.  What do Ruthie Ames and Carl and Mary Del Balzo have in common? 

After I babysat for the Ames, I was babysitting for Patricia and Jack Weaver's adopted kids from Hawaii:  Leilani and Jay Weaver.

This was about the same time my mother had a cute little red Datsun pick-up.  She had a red Datsun when I babysat for Ruthie Ames as well.  And she made red dots on her calendar to mark the start and end of her periods.  Dots.

I also remember that it was about this time that I wondered why all of the potholders that I had woven "disappeared" from our house.  I had received a loom for my 9th birthday I think it was, or Christmas.  I wove all of these potholders and gave all of them to my Mom except for one to Granny, and they all disappeared. She had at least 3 or so of them still, for a long time, because I remember looking at them in the drawer, and then all but one disappeared and my mother doesn't lose things.  Nor would she take potholders out of the house for any reason.   My mother had 1 left.  It is the first thing I can remember being stolen from my house.

Return my son.

I did not devote my life to U.S. federal employees to have the federal government torture us and steal him from me.  I do not want to "have a relationship" with my son as a secondary party and I have no reason to be under the decisions of a distant relative when it is my son.  I do not want to tutor a classroom of other people's kids either.

I did my time.  I put in my time and hard work with other kids, and then I wanted to devote what I knew by applying this to my own child.  It is my right, and not only that, I worked for it.  My entire life's work was for this.

It is not a matter of "we don't always get what we want."  In this country, it is illegal to subject your own citizens to federal government virtual slave labor and then steal children from parents who are in a non-consensual "cover" for anticompetition such as MKUltra.

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