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Kirsten A. Powers: Tramp Unites for Marriage Fraud

I saw the O'Reilly show and noticed Kirsten A. Powers, along with a comment by Bill.

I have a few things to add to Ms. "Powers" profile.

Oh, and by the way, did she marry her current husband so he could get his green card? My feeling is that Ms. Powers married her "coptic Egyptian" husband so he could get a quick U.S. citizenship. She's that kind of girl for one thing, and why settle now down when she's slutted it out for decades?

She is also a traitor. She dated Anthony Weiner and was 'friends' with him until it became politically 'inconvenient' for her. Then she ditched him and withdrew support for him publicly.

She's Catholic. She calls herself "Orthodox Christian" and what she means to say, is that she's Catholic. She's not Greek Orthodox, and she was raised Episcopalian which is the same thing as Roman Catholic. She then attended 2 different Catholic colleges: Georgetown and University of Maryland.

She knows Kate Middleton, at least in a roundabout way.

I wrote that much, and then decided to look up her husband. Oh! Wow. He is from Liverpool, England. WOW. Like I was SO far off-base, like, um..."F" level grade for intuition.

I am right. She married him to give him easy access to dual citizenship. He was born in England and moved to Baltimore with his parents, but I don't think moving to another country gives you citizenship. Regardless, this is a corrupt couple. Despite the fact that he's been in the U.S. this long, and gone to college here and taken work here, I think it's possible that he still did not have full citizenship with the U.S. If this is true, Kirsten Powers will help him with that. She married him in 2010. The marriage is 2 years old.

My opinion is that for most of her life, she was a Maxi-Pad kind of girl, who took the pill, and who has lived a completely hypocritical life as long as she's been a teenager.

She was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, where the "other" so-called "Christian" who is actually Catholic lives. Sarah Palin.

She also has some abnormality (maybe in her favor, not that it's a bad thing) with her throat, inside. She has no speech problem and maybe it's larger than usual tubes for something inside or maybe it's another thing I don't know about. Something inside of her throat.

Despite dating Anthony Weiner, who I think is Jewish, she is anti-Semitic. She was in charge of AOL at the time I was having horrendous problems with AOL, bad enough that I had to quit my service with them, even though I'd been with them for years, since 1997. It was all over their unlawful removal of any posts I made about the Roman Catholic church and the Mt. Angel Abbey monks. AOL was removing my posts, in violation of free speech. It went all the way to their legal department.

Last night I was talking to my Dad privately about a movie I thought about getting my Mom, which she said she wanted and I said maybe another time I'd get it but I was telling my Dad which one and he said "Juice?" and I said, "No, Goose." And he said he still couldn't understand what I was saying bc I was mouthing it so my mother wouldn't hear. I said, "With a 'G'". I added, "With a G not a J".

So that was last night. Tonight, this woman made some comment about a "memo" being worse than an "F". She said, "It's worse than an F, can I give it a G?" and made a point to bring this out. I saw my Dad's expression. He knew, just as I did, that this woman is a bitch. Then some comment was made about Cuba or communism and my Dad said "That's exactly where we're headed."

Why? Because people like Kirsten and other think they can get on t.v. and blast other countries about their human rights records, but they think they have a right to use other citizens and break the laws. They are not "communists", they are just communists that belong to the same religious group that have tried to undermine every single law there is in this country. It's fine for them to talk about communism, as long as they can use military and medical friends, and intelligence, to torture citizens that do not comply with their own religious values and beliefs, which are a crock to begin with. Like anyone wants to be a Catholic because Powers wears Maxi Pads and sluts off of birth control pills.

Guess what. I am going to find out for myself if Makary is a U.S. citizen, and if so, for how long. Then I will get back to this post and share what I find out because nothing is written, anywhere online, about his citizenship to England, which he has, nor is there any mention of U.S. citizenship. When I find out Ms. Powers, you may wish you hadn't ever thought to be quite so flippant.

The first person to flip me off, and almost the only one to do so, was Robin Bechtold, as he was attempting to run my car off of the road in a road rage because I wouldn't be his girlfriend. He was the "Mr. Cliff Notes" guy who read Cliff Notes and passed them around with the "Tag" (honors) group and trying to offer them to me. I said no. I actually read the books. And, I believed it was close to cheating. How many Cliff's Notes was I reading while I did research at the Lewis & Clark Law Library? I read more law books than their 1st and 2nd year students.

Then, Bill O'Reilly made this huge thing about "the mental health problem" and said "The ACLU is making it harder to commit mentally ill persons"...and then said, "KELLY is NEXT."

Okay, nice touch. I just bought a new laptop and the username on it doesn't say "Owner" as it should, it says "Kelly". Bill has had his hands into my family's business for far too long.

Oh. And I just noticed, this Makary guy lived in Pennsylvania. In Danville, Pennsylvania, the same state where Laura Laughlin is from (FBI S.S.A. for Seattle, WA). First his family was in Baltimore, and then he was in Pennsylvania. He attended the same Catholic college Powers attended: Georgetown. I can look at him and tell he is not a "coptic Christian". I don't know why he wants that to stick, but he's not.

Below is from August 11, 2009 (
ENGAGED — On Saturday, Fox News Democratic contributor Kirsten Powers accepted an engagement proposal from Dr. Marty Makary, chair of gastrointestinal surgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital and frequent medical commentator on Fox News. While lying on the grass together near the Lincoln Memorial painting a picture of the Washington Monument, the groom-to-be signed it, “Will you marry me?” The entire scene was captured by a friend of Dr. Makary’s disguised as a photo-taking tourist. Ask to see the picture of Powers when she tells her betrothed there is a creepy guy in a baseball hat taking pictures of them. Friends and family joined them for champagne and chocolate at Citronelle in Georgetown to celebrate on Saturday evening. — Jamal Simmons

His father is Adel Makary, a hemotologist in Danville, PA, at the Geisinger Medical Center. Aha. Now we get a better handle on the songs of Adel too and the nice play on meaning all of a sudden.

When the part about how "bizarre" the "disappearance of Hilary Clinton" was, I said to my Dad, "Maybe she escaped." I was sort of joking. I think she really does have a concussion. I might be wrong and it's my guess as good as anyone's but I think she did. However, I am more inclined to think it's from a technology assault because they are able to cause fainting which could lead to concussion.

Also, I think some of the things from Weiner, maybe really are from him. But I also think it borders on being close to blackmail. Getting someone to sext a bunch of people in an embarrassing way if discovered, is the kind of thing the CIA and other groups like to use for "security". If something goes wrong with their plan...or doesn't work out as intended, the threat or warning is exposure that is known will cause extreme personal humiliation, or jail, or potentially mental institutionalization. It is a standard form of blackmail insurance used by CIA, military intelligence, and sometimes mafias. Other examples are videotaping officials sexually abusing children, but under military "black operation" (supposedly). They hold the tapes to ensure no one talks about the abuse done to children for "mind control" and other programs. There is videotaping, forms of entrapment, forcing people to write false diaries to use against them, all kinds of fabrications.

So this kind of sexting by Weiner, and how it's written, and then how it was exposed, looks to me like exposure of blackmail security.

This is what, I believe, forces my parents to deny anything is wrong or that any of us are being "tortured".

I think there are different levels sometimes, of how far someone gets dragged in, and additional blackmail securities are made. Someone might continue to go along with it if they got forced from the beginning or trapped, and were told if you don't agree, we'll expose the past things we've documented. So they get someone to agree to more. Sometimes one form of documentation is enough. For some, they may end up so concerned about not letting any of the security get out into the open they are willing to go along with those who blackmailed them, and even kill or harm anyone that might expose them. I mean, people outside of the group that took the blackmail to begin with. Think about it. "Weiner" and his sexting? It's like a joke someone put together for blackmail security. So whatever Weiner did that was possibly not "approved" of, maybe, if maybe this is what happened, we don't even know. We don't even know if there is worse, and that only the first level of blackmail security was made public, to shut him up, or shut someone up, before it got to the next level. Of couse, it canceled his political aspirations too, so this was another form of the effects.

I am not saying I know for sure, but this is the "kind" of thing that is done.

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