Wednesday, December 5, 2012

William of Wales Wanted Me To Be His Mistress

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We are going to put Kate in jail. I am encouraging my parents to make a video with me to put online, and name names and testify.

There is no way this court system here, with Dept of Justice concealing assault by Kate (and others) of my family is going to be fair with a report to the FBI or through courts. The FBI is involved and the courts are corrupt.

I believe we can put these people in jail through public exposure and I was praying last night that Kate loses this baby and any other children, and I will fast and pray for this. Because of the crimes of torture and murders that went into putting her where she is, she and William and anyone else involved should lose everything. The entire thing they have worked at, by crime, to put together, must come down.

They took revenge out on my family, conspired to have my son tortured and stolen from me, and this country and England and Canada have been supporting a corrupt mole. Osama was killed because he knew about THEM, not for any other reason.

He knew too much and the CIA knew he knew. It wasn't about his being a "danger" to the U.S. or U.S. citizens. They wanted to kill him before he talked. He was CIA--Osama was, and he had a conscience.

He wasn't just against Kate, knowing what he knew, his "plan" (so-called) to ruin trains was not about that. The train I held in my hand had "CE" under it, which could easily also mean Catherine Elizabeth. CE stands for "Conformite European" but given what Osama knew about her, it could easily represent Catherine Elizabeth. I carried that train around with me everywhere I went, thinking of my son.

She tortured my family and more than one person knows. She is violent.

Another person who knows, who did something to (rightly) put himself in jail, is James Holmes. He knows about her. I don't condone his shooting at all, but he knew about Arthur and who was responsible for putting implants into my body in Utah, and he knew it was about Kate Middleton and the Middletons and this country conspiring with a group in England.

William was normal until he decided preserving his own reputation was worth torturing children. He decided he might be "embarrassed" and went after my family with Kate.

They cut my mother and they used FBI and police to help cover for them.

Rick Baken, who moved in behind my grandparents, is a Kate Middleton fan. He has been part of the torture against my family. My Grandpa Baird got a knife in his butt after Rick moved in. Rick is a corrupt FBI agent who supports Middleton and he has always supported them. He moved in, in 2002, when she was officially dating William, and he also knows the Schneiders and Department of Justice people.

Kate and William chose Seyshelles (pronounced "Say-Shells") to mock my being injected with Haldol for them. "Say Suzy-sells-seashells-by-the-seashore". Rick Baken had gun shells all over the place--piles and mounds of them, which I commented on. He was looking out for the Middletons and holding my family hostage.

The Middletons and William mocked me. The Middleton family then decided to commemorate what was done to me by using 3 acorns for their "crest" (acorns are the symbol for Vanderbilt University, which lied and put me in a psych ward to have me assaulted for them). I was overdosed to die and instead, I had a toxic overdose that twisted my tongue so I couldn't form any of the "s's" in that hospital.

Everything Middletons have done, has been for revenge and out of violence. The FBI is contributory, 100%. They torture my son and brag about it, having Oliver's photo taken to document the fact. They repeatedly electrocuted my son and had him go to visits with electrocution bruises all over his body.

The FBI is 100% corrupt. There are high officials in this country who are guilty of treason and High Crimes and Misdemeanors and my parents could put them in jail in a minute. I am planning to make a video for that moment, and they are watched so closely, by so many people, that if anyone tries something against my parents before this happens, they will die.

British speaking people cut my mother and tortured and hit their dog. It's a fact, and I had it confirmed again.

The Pentagon murdered my families babies but has protected the Middleton rats. They wanted me to be William's mistress and when I backed out (the whole thing could have been a trap anyway, bc Middleton was involved), they tortured me and began severely torturing my son.

Like I said, check on when Alvaro Pardo was working with the FBI in Colombia and when William of Wales was working with the FBI in Colombia--it was the same time. It is about William of Wales.

S.A. Julia Thornton aka Laura Laughlin, has turned out to be the fat Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

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