Sunday, December 30, 2012

England is Part of MKUltra

The wikipedia on MKUltra suggests this was a program that was run by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and involved the U.S. and Canada.  This is not the whole truth.

MKUltra was a joint operation run by both the CIA and the U.S. Army.  It was not, and IS not, just the United States and Canada but includes and has always included England.

Which divisions operated Canadian and English sections of MKUltra I'm not sure, but it involved high officials in these countries as well.

It was the U.S., Canada, and England, and is still currently operated through the U.S., Canada, and England. 

The program was not quit after the U.S. MKUltra Senate Hearings in 1977, it continued under other names and went further underground.  I was not drugged with LSD as a child, a trademark of MKUltra, until after 1977.  I was between 4-6 years of age and I remember it well.

The wikipedia article also downplays the U.S. Army involvement when it was a program designed and run by both CIA and the U.S. Army.  The FBI has partipated by engaging in torture and encouragement of torture and covering for the operation, which went from being a "research" program to an excuse for committing crimes of anti-competition.  At the time that I was drugged with LSD, we lived with only 3 neighbors nearby, a U.S. Army household on either side, with an FBI psychologist behind our house.  There are Mormons who have always been part of this program, which now explains why the FBI chose certain Mormons in the FBI and with police to conceal crimes against children.

The Middletons are part of the program. 

I find it odd that wikipedia and the majority of news about MKUltra mentions Sidney Gottlieb (doctors for the U.S.) and Ewan Cameron (Canada) but forget to mention names of English participants.

The first federal employees I worked for were Ruthie and Richard Ames, babysitting their 2 year old twins:  Wesley and Stephen.  They still live in Moses Lake, Washington.

I have worked as a babysitter and nanny for federal employees my entire life and then the U.S. tortured and kidnapped my son from me.  Canada and England have gone along with concealing crimes to their own advantage.

I demand the return of my son.

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