Friday, December 21, 2012

UPDATED: Water-Melon, Middle Fingers, and Russia's Children

UPDATE: 12/22/12. The assault to my left middle finger was done in public, and I felt it when it happened. It was done while I was walking home, during the day. The top part of my middle finger lost feeling and then the feeling returned a few days ago. I could see where something had been done and it was a perfectly round red dot that showed under the skin of my finger but not on the surface. I don't know why it didn't show on the surface, or mark the top layer of dermis but it was visible under the skin. This occured about 1 week after my middle finger on my right hand was targeted, by technology, as I was on the computer. I could feel the vibrating on that finger and none of the other fingers were affected. It was definitely technology. After 2 days of this or so, then it was done to my ring finger on the right hand. My entire hand wasn't affected, it was deliberately targeting of my middle fingers, and both of them, once in public (I have no idea how, but while I was walking with my hands ungloved) and then at my house, as I was on the laptop. The targeting of the "laptop" middle finger was not done for just a couple of days--it was done for over a week and half.

Whatever is being done, is causing only those fingers that are targeted to continue to vibrate after I take my hand off of the laptop or move my hand to my face. If I press my hand against a brick structure I have, I can feel vibrating still continue in the fingers for a few seconds...up to about 1 minute or so, and then it stops. Or, I can put my fingers against my face, and feel this vibrating against my face, from those fingers, and it lasts and then stops within about 1 minute. I don't know what this group is using to torture me with, but this is what they are doing and they are continuing to do this to me today.

As for the impressions I've had, which I've written about, I told my parents and they said, "So don't entertain it" or something like that, and I said, "What do you mean? It's happened when I'm not praying and not asking God for anything, but just going about my house, cleaning or doing work, and it's there suddenly, right in front of my eyes, like a vision, and I know it has to be from the same person. So why would I always see something from the same person? My Mom said something about occult and I said, "No, I don't practice anything occultic" and I told my Dad, "I'm not entertaining it because that would suggest I'm trying to see something and I'm not. I see it and I don't then "try" to see more. It flashes up in front of my eyes. And it's not delusion bc I'm in my right mind when it happens, working at the house." My Dad said, "Like what?" and I said, "Well, I saw the gun, and then the melon in the water, and someone climbing a rope ladder, and it all seemed to be from the same person." He said it was random and I said, "I know, it's like pieces of random things and I don't know why I'd see it unless I'm connected to that person somehow." I told my mother I thought maybe I was related. I said, people who are related to eachother seem to pick up on things about eachother more. She said she didn't think one had to be related so I said well then I don't know why I would always get this about the same person. The rope ladder was sort of blowing in the wind because it was moving or turning as this person was climbing it but I couldn't see the person, it was sort of like I was the person, seeing with their eyes. I couldn't see what was above the ladder or below or to the sides.

I am not sure, but it is sort of like, I think, the Lincoln movie in the beginning, I think I was looking at my family member at the time when it happened, but there is this scene in the beginning with Mary Todd and she is standing by the mirror and Lincoln is sitting in a chair reading something. She's worrying about his fate and he puts his foot up against the skirt of a dress. Before he does this, there is some kind of a flash moment where it's like she has a sudden vision not related to that location. I thought, "That is sort of how I see things" (on rare occasion).

It is for watermelon. What I saw was not throw up that one time I guess, since I only saw clear water and a piece of square melon sliding down it. I went to the house the next morning and sat by the fire and noticed a hand towel on the couch armchair, and it was patterned with pink and green squares, like watermelon. It was in a V-shape sort of the way it folded there but looked carelessly tossed to the side. I guess it also had a little pale yellow, possibly, sort of like this potholder I made as a girl by weaving on a craft loom. Water Melon Pot Holder ? I don't know. I saw melon I think, and clear water.

The melon was cantalope most likely, also known as melon. And the water it was in makes it watermelon.

Watermelon. One of the first words I put together, ahead of all the other kids in grade school, for reading. She asked me how I knew that was the word and I said, "It's easy. It's water, and melon and then you put it together."

So I'd like to know why someone is "sending" this stuff to me.


I also saw someone climbing a rope ladder at night. It was vertical and I didn't see anything behind it or in front of it or to the side, just the man climbing it and that it was like the horizontal rope ladder I told my son about in a short story, but it was vertical. But that wasn't the same night I saw the melon or whatever. It was the night before or the night after.

Going to bed. My fingers hurt and my other middle finger on my left hand was also assaulted. Both of my middle fingers were, about the same time, I just didn't mention the left one. It looked like it was zapped by a laser gun or something and there was a red dot bruise under the skin that was deeper than skin deep, which affected a nerve to that finger.

So I had both middle fingers assaulted at approximately the same time, and then the ring finger of my right hand along with the middle finger.

My left middle finger was numb from the assault and I had no feeling in it, from the point of the red dot under the skin to the fingernail.

My family is being tortured. We do not want these individuals that are getting taxpayer money to get away with it.

Also, I would adopt a Russian child, myself, but when I think about what the U.S. is doing, how could I do this and bring that child to harm? If I were in a location where I was not tortured and I knew the child wouldn't be tortured, of course I'd adopt one. The only reasons I wouldn't is because there is no safety for Russian children in this country right now. Maybe for some of them, but not all. So maybe Russia is thinking about that. Also, I wouldn't want my son Oliver to think I'm replacing him either, because I never could, but even if he doesn't remember a lot, he still remembers. If I could adopt a Russian child and be in a safe location and have my son returned to me as well, I wouldn't mind that.

As it is, I cannot say this country is safe for children.

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