Friday, November 30, 2012

Updated Photos of Me

I am uploading some photos I just took tonight and then I'll add a couple from many that I sent my son. We are being tortured, and I'm still smiling. I was happy because I wanted pasta tonight and didn't feel like going to the store so my Mom gave me a box when I asked. ;)  I was seriously happy about it and then started laughing at myself, basically.  I don't eat the cheese--I make my own subs.

I try to think of things that will make my son smile and then I end up laughing half of the time with what comes of it.  I wrote my paper about torture (prior post) last night.  I need more time to edit it but thats it.  I wrote about the same story, comparing different things, many years ago, before I was ever tortured.

I had no idea I had that nose.  What happened to me????  I have a Roman nose too.  Which is odd now that it's captured that way, for me, personally, it's odd.  I randomly chanced upon a photo and was thinking about a nose, pondering, thinking, it never looked like that before.  And then it was me.  I had the same nose.  I have the same nose.

Oh, the Psalm I put at the top of the paper was only bc that was the day I wrote the paper and I thought it was interesting how there is shaking and similiar features and ideas in it as in the story.  I didn't like all connotations but thought of better ones with it.  I really do love God--But anyway, who am I telling that to?  my son?

I had other ideas for my paper.  Years ago, I contrasted it with television developments occuring at the same time, but this time I chose to focus more on torture because I wanted to write something that would put light out for others who are going through horrific things now.  

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