Wednesday, November 28, 2012


As I said before, based on the level of harassment, that was how I guessed it might be true this time (publicly).

If so, I hope and pray to God Himself the baby dies.

Knowing what I know about her and the criminals who have tortured my family, I hope any attempt to have a baby publicly fails.

If it is confirmed, then I guessed and confirmed it first, before the news, based on the exact same kind of serious and dangerous harassment that I experienced in Tennessee over her.

Her supporters are major criminals.

I read last night, thinking about it for a minute, randomly turned to a section about how David didn't kill Saul, it left it to God. And that is what I think will happen. I don't think anyone needs to do anything, or should--I think God knows her family deserves the worst and to be put back down after what they have done and what their supporters have done to us.

Before the extreme harassment that mimicked what I experienced in TN before her wedding, which tipped me off, I also noticed some brothers that live close to my house, driving past looking triumphant and gleeful and I have no clue how I knew it was about her, but I intuited it.

They knew before the rest of the crowd that harassed me. They are the same brothers that I've mentioned before, whose license plates and house number I took down.

I knew they had done something bad to my Mom and she was upset a few times, driving past their house (a year ago or so).

I know those brothers hate my guts, by the way they acted when driving past me triumphantly, about 2-3 weeks ago. I knew.

The other person driving past triumphantly, was Patty Otterbach. She went out of her way to smirk at me and I went up to my mother and said, how can you say she is your friend?

I will write down the house number of those brothers tonight. A few of them moved to a different house in town. But I'll write it down here. I will have to go out and collect that data, but I will do it, because they are not only dangerous, they are Middleton supporters that mocked me and my family. I intuitively "knew" several weeks ago. I will also describe more clearly what kind of harassment was imitated, that was done to me in TN first.

I pray to God any and every baby of theirs, dies. So be it.

UPDATED: I got the house number and a couple of plates but the main vehicles aren't there so I have to check later. There are 2 other vehicles.

I will explain what "kind" of harassment I'm talking about, and how it was like TN, as soon as possible but maybe not this week.

The house number is 1490 N. Ivy. The plate numbers are 871 DJN and SGG 288. This house is where these brothers lived and then two of them (I think) moved to a new house. They were really stalking me a little for a couple of weeks, and then...I'd have to think about exact timing, I saw the looks on their faces, and how they were acting, and I don't know...Maybe I'm wrong (!) but I had the thought cross my mind they knew something about Kate Middleton and they felt very smug about it. They have no reason to dislike me for anything, but I had a feeling it was her. The nudist woman. So this "different" reaction from them, combined with really serious harassment that matched TN all of a sudden, was a giveaway to me that possibly something was happening with her publicly. Otherwise, no one would go to the extreme lengths to match the pre-wedding harassment.

Since I've been here a year or so, a few other odd things have happened in the neighborhood, like the constant repeat of having the same car (jeep) with the same noise, ever since these teenage Catholic boys tried to run me off the road--no matter where I go or live, or what state, someone is suddenly buying or driving a vehicle like that around me night and day. So I'll explain that later. This has been repeated 4 times, in different towns and different states, so it's really been an attempt to go out of their way.

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