Thursday, November 29, 2012

Plaigerism by "Jewel" (Theft)

I saw the heading about Bush Jr. in hospital.

I was later trying to access my college site, to work on a paper and I was able to open links or proceed though them and then I had a major "jolt" to the top of my head on the left side (usually the military/NASA do this to the right side of my head).

I don't have a headache. It was military/NASA targeted.

For the last few days, while thinking about how Fiona Apple stole music from me (Periphery) over a year ago, I have been thinking about singing my original version of "Standing Still" ...I mean, refering to the title Jewel gave to the song she stole almost word for word from me.

She changed a few lines.

I had an intro. I had a sort of regular question in the beginning, "Do you want me, like I want you? do you feel the same?"

and then went to a legatto after another line, "Do you want me? like I want you? or am I standing still..."

Then in the verses for my song, at one point I sang, "There's a man on my left and a burning bush to my right--you aren't in sight, you aren't in sight"

This is where Jewel changed one small thing but kept my melody and how many syllables there were and sang, "there's a choice between..." something like that.

Oh, I just checked. She changed "man on my left" to "dead end on my left". She kept all of my other words. She only changed "man" to "dead end".

This woman stole my entire song, I am not kidding, from start to finish. The only things she changed were a couple of words, trading them out for a different word, and she took my melody, the length of my song, the meaning, the descriptions in the song, and length of my lines. The only thing she omitted was my very beginning intro, because I opened it with a question, and then I elongated it with the same thing, drawn out while singing. I repeated the question.

I would like to know who in the FBI is responsible for colluding to help these people steal my song material. They would also try to make me sound nuts and attempt to prevent investigation. I am positive it's someone in the FBI.

It's not even like you can't blame her directly. Jewel chose to lie and call it her song, and put her own name to it when she didn't write the lyrics or the melody. So it's not like you can point to a producer and say "He did it, not her". Maybe she DID have someone record my song when I sang it at Cafe Lena, publicly, or in my house, or practicing with Erik Cedarberg. But ultimately, she is the one who attached her own name to it, and lied and stole it by plaigerism, and then this was the ONLY song that made the Top 40.

None of the other songs from Jewel's "CD" that included my song on it, made it to the radio. Not ONE made it to the Top 40, except for the one that she didn't even write, which I wrote.

Her career was over, and then the song she stole from me was the only thing that revived her career. So she then went on to make millions from it, and do talk shows and concerts.

Off of MY music. Note for note.

I would put all of my money on this next thought--that U.S. military guard who instructed doctors to drug me with Haldol, was connected to Jewel through her boyfriend or people she knew. I would also suspect something over Brad Uhl or the ER attendents. It was Nashville. Jewel had people she knew there.

NOT ONE of Jewel's other "songs" even made it to radio. It is possible she even stole the other song ideas, from other artists as well, as she did with me. She is a liar. But the fact is that she stole my song and it is the only thing that profited her career.

After this, I was being tortured. There was more than one person with a sinister motive to torture me and try to call me crazy. The fear with my writing in a blog was initially that I would be revealing myself as a writer, which would cast suspicion on people like "Jewel" and what crimes they were committing.

Every single penny from "Standing Still" belongs to me.

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