Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Removing Torture Evidence From My Mom's Hand

Something else just happened.

My mother went to a dermatologist who "offered" to "get rid of" a scar on her hand. I had already been thinking about this scar, and how it wasn't natural, and this was over a month ago. About that time, someone intercepted what evidence I was planning to add, and then all of a sudden, my mother has a new visit to a dermatologist.

The entire excuse was to get to this huge scar on my mother's hand, and remove it.

My mother called it "an age spot" but it isn't. She has no age spots even close to it, and when it occured, she wasn't even old or getting age spots. It was a mark from torture and it was larger than a dollar-coin size, and shaped like the State of Texas or Utah, and I'll have to look up the states to figure out which exactly.

I said, "You weren't even old, it happened in 1997." My Mom said, "I was old" and she said no, it wasn't in 1997. I said, "Are you saying it wasn't that long ago?" and she said yes and said, "It was maybe 10 years ago." I said, "You've been living in Coquille here for 10 years. I remember when it happened and when you were looking at it."

She had been really upset by it and it showed up all of a sudden, almost overnight.

I remember we lived at our house in Sherwood, Oregon, with the pond and the swans. I remember exactly how she looked when she was examining it upstairs in the diningroom.

They didn't move to Coquille until at least 5 years later. If anything, it happened earlier than this, in 1995 or so. I remember I was living at the house at that time, I wasn't visiting. So it was either when I was in high school there, from 1990-1993; or when I came back from the East Coast after working as a nanny in 1994; or when I was recovering from the hijacking of my car and wreck, which was in 1995. I am sure it wasn't later than 1997 and that seems to be around the time.

This is at a time when our dogs were falling off the deck from getting dizzy for no reason and when my mother also had the same symptoms and was throwing up all the time from vertigo. She was dizzy and nauseaous.

Also, she had the laser surgery done for her face around that time. So why didn't they do something with her hand then? She would have asked about it. I don't even know if possibly her hand scar showed up after her laser surgery, within the same week.

She was in her early 40s when it happened. I remember it happening in 1997.

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