Sunday, July 15, 2012

Anne Crain of Wenatchee (Washington State FBI)

Anne Craine and Bujanda (FBI) knew eachother and she referenced Alvaro as well. She had my son restrained and chained and tied up and knew about other things happening to him. She brought him to me throwing up on one occasion and then she got a smirk on her face in the visit. Another time, she brought him in with his shoes on his feet backwards while he was forced to walk in them that way, and then she lied to blame my son, in front of my son. Anne brought him to me on another occasion, with perm solution on his breath, reeking so badly of a hair permanent solution, and with my son barely able to talk or open his mouth and just leaning into me, tired and sick, and in a state of shock. This is Anne Crain, the same woman who pretends to be a christian of some kind and claims she is no longer Catholic but "Unitarian" with "buddist" beliefs. She is a liar and regardless of her religion, she is a criminal.

These are specific events which happened to my son while he was with Anne and which had immediately occured before she brought him to me. 

She also brought him to me with a cut to the back of his neck that had just been made, in the last 5 minutes or so, which was recent; she brought him to me with acid burns on his finger; she brought him to me with finger pinching bruises all over his legs.

Even if the bruising could have happened at his daycare or somewhere else, Anne Crain was immediately responsible for what caused my son to throw up, and the perm solution on his breath.  She enjoyed watching him throw up and I stared at her in total shock.  Not only that, she practices witchcraft.

This is a woman who comes across as professional when she's not. 

When I went to see the FBI in Middleton, TN, they had no cars in their driveway except for an SUV that was the same model and color as Anne's SUV, right out in front, to be noticed when I had an appointment scheduled.  The FBI in Nashville, knew who Anne Crain was, which corresponds to something that 2 people told me in Nashville, who came to the women's shelter briefly and then left.  They said Anne Craine worked for the FBI.

This is the same Anne Crain that was "visitation monitor" for my son Oliver.

This is why I had no problem praying to God that she dies of her own cancer.

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