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U.S. Govt. Employee Corrections (UPDATED)

I am taking down some of the names I put up but first I think I need to correct some of the surnames. I mean, I technically don't want to defame accidentally by using wrong surnames and then take it down with the left impression that I made no attempt to correct something.

The woman "Dotti" that I mentioned, is Dottie Steel. It's Rick and Dotti Steel. Rick Steel was one of the first persons I met and he zapped me with something at a worship meeting my first week in town and then he said loudly, "I'm gonna hurt someone!" and laughed. I have documented in my notes, he first kicked my chair and then said this, right after I was zapped. When I was zapped he was in front of me and Dr. Carla Antole Lardizabal was sitting directly behind me. He used technology against me in a meetting and he is definitely criminal. He wears a Coast Guard hat sometimes and I believe he's career military. He was the one who made a pink and white striped Jello cake that matched the "royal flush" receipt from Nashville, TN when this guy came in to mock me at Logan's restaurant, who ordered a drink called the royal flush. I know that on the day he brought the "Royal flush" cake to the Pizza Place, it was either the pizza that my parent's had already ordered, or his cake, that made me sick for days. Literally, sick. I don't think it was his cake. Everyone had a piece of his "royal flush" cake. I think he brought it to the pizza group though, to mock how he already knew the pizza my parents ordered would be tampered with on purpose and would make everyone sick enough to be having to flush the toilet non-stop for days. Yeah. They didn't "expect" me there that day. I said I wasn't going to go and my parents met this group for "Aaron's birthday" and then I decided at the last minute to go. So I called and asked someone to pick me up, and the pizza had already been ordered. I ate most of it and then Rick Steel brought out the cake he'd made and it was a "royal flush" cake which he probably thought was a really funny idea.

One interesting connection between Wenatchee, Washington and Coquille, Oregon might be 2 women who are Catholic from Argentina whose husbands are connected to U.S. government and military. I worked for a woman from Argentina in 2005 and it was at a BBQ at their friend's house (small gathering) that I was targeted with military technology while still pregnant with my son and went to ER with preterm labor contractions. Olga Strong is married to Russ Strong. I think it's Russ and he is career military and works at the dam in Wenatchee. I was in so much pain I had to go to ER but I later realized this pain I had felt was not the kind of labor pain I would feel. It was the exact same pain my son and I experienced in East Wenatchee after my son was 1 yr. old. I realized in hindsight that I had been assaulted with military technology by one of the individuals at that BBQ and I was invited to it by the Strongs. There were only about 6 people there. I also remember I didn't feel welcome and I noticed malice and wondered why and saw how they were staring at me and laughing when I could hardly walk to my car. The first time I ever experienced the lower back pain from military technology was when I was 7 months pregnant with my son Oliver. It wasn't labor pain. It was military pain and I know the difference. It's very "unique". I didn't experience that same pain in my labor when I delivered my son or because of childbirth injuries. I only experienced it for the second time, when my son and I were living in E. Wenatchee and were being tortured and that same specific lower back pain occured so severely, and it was an exact match to what had been done to me while at a BBQ with the Strongs in Wenatchee, when I was 7 months pregnant. 7. They said I had a UTI (urinary tract infection) but that's not what it was. I know, because I'd had UTI's before that time, and know how they feel, and the only thing that ever matched that specific form of lower back pain was the military technology used against both me and my son later in East Wenatchee. I am able to distinguish between the kinds of pain and sensation and it is a match to technology but I never knew or thought about it until later, after it happened again and I had no UTI and it affected both me and my son. The first time it was ever done to me was at that BBQ when I was 7 months pregnant with Oliver. I didn't have increasing pain either, like from UTI, before I got there. The extreme pain began at that house, out of nowhere. I noticed the people smirking and observing me with malicious intent at the house and when I walked to my car. The man parked behind me was a police officer and had been at the BBQ. This BBQ was at a house in East Wenatchee though I lived in Wenatchee at the time. No one contacted me after that BBQ. I didn't get invitations after that but I continued to work during. my pregnancy through the Apple Festival. I didn't go into pre-term labor from a "UTI"--my unborn child and I were assaulted with military technology that was used on us again a year later. I remember even Olga and her husband smirking at me but I didn't know why and didn't identify the back pain as triggered by technology until after it happened again to both me and my son a year later, so I kept working for her. Also, on the UTI thing...I remember I got mad at Dr. Butler for not checking this but I was also going to a midwife who checked everytime I was there, and I didn't have a UTI. I had to do this peeing on different sticks thing, to check for things like that and UTIs and I didn't have one. What I had, was someone using military technology on me and my son when my son was in the womb, and that was 2005. The same year Russia signed into law a bill stating no technology of any kind would be used on their citizens. The U.S. has not made such a bill because they've allowed hate crime to be perpetrated against my family and experimented with us through the DOD and then tried to ruin my life by taking my son and calling me crazy.

So I found it strange to then discover there is a Catholic woman from Argentina acting as a Doctor in Coquille, who knows and works with, and is friends with Pam Lewis. Especially when I know what Pam and Keith have done, so who are they getting some of the permission from? The man from Argentina who wanted to call me a conquest in Washington D.C. who talked about "the package" was a Catholic man from Argentina who owned a steel industry mill or company. He sought me out and approached me. I did not get a good vibe from him or the people around him and I met him after meeting Chris Dabney and people at The Post Pub.

However, even though they are of interest, I believe the woman who had been sitting behind me doing weird things was Peggy Banham.

The nurse and her husband are the Lewises. Lewis. It's Keith and Pam Lewis. They are the ones with the adopted daughters. The ones I listed already. There is a Catholic woman from Argentina that is a doctor who Pam Lewis works with and her name is Carla Antola Lardizabal. She sat next to Pam and glared at me and then pretended to be nice to my mom. She showed up at my parent's worship service when I first got into town. I did not get a good vibe from that woman.

The Rick that was driving off the day I went to the last meeting with my parents, who had the license plate that started with BEN or BNJ, is Rick McGhee. They are Rick and Sheila McGhee. Rick McGhee is someone I only mentioned with regard to ganging up against my Dad with Keith Lewis. He is definitely a government worker. He does psychic work and it's my personal opinion that he leaks info to the media, maybe for money. I haven't written a whole post about him, or tried to describe how I know, but right now, take my word for it because I have to soon take down all the names as I told my Dad I would (I didn't tell him I was going to make corrections to the names first).

There's a guy that meets my Dad at his shop sometimes and his name is Darrell Evans. He's a biker guy who seems fine but I have wondered who is going out to the shop to abuse my Dad sometimes and no one is really who they appear to be.

The "sleeper spies" I mentioned, are John and Lynda Hartley. My parents have come back from trips out with them, looking beat up--the U.S. post office worker guy and his teacher wife. (UPDATED, 10:45 p.m. corrected her name to the right spelling.)

My parents are now leaving for their "day out" together, which is every Saturday and they always come back looking tortured. So it would be great to have someone who doesn't believe in torture, looking out for them.

Jeremy Dotson was an assistant pastor in charge of things at this church up to at least June 2010. Jeremy Dotson, Esther Dotson and Dotson family in general. The military pastor now in charge is Kevin Bolls. This is for the Coquille community church.

There is a different military pastor at the Assembly of God church in town. Before him it was a Canadian minister but this one has been here for 3 years and is the one with over 20 years in military. Before the Canadian guy, was another military pastor and I don't know if the Canadian one--what his background was I have no idea. Right now there are career military (over 20 years+) throughout town, even acting as pastors for churches.

Gordon (police officer) and Rosemarie I mentioned have the last name "West". I think I maybe wrote something incorrect down, but I know I mentioned them in my blog.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention, I noticed someone had punctured my Dad's tongue too, about a week ago I noticed but I don't know when it happened, because there is a hole there and it looked like something someone would do as torture. It wasn't for a tongue ring or anything.

I have written in my notes, regarding Pam Lewis (who works with the Dr. from Argentina): "--My mom's lower back was hurting after sitting next to Pam at the 1st Lifegroup I went to. I do not think they are christian even though they say they are. I had something happening almost the whole time."

I guess what I find noteworthy is the idea that if Pam Lewis is a nurse and has access to this Dr. from Argentina who is Catholic, and then the same technology was used on me when I was pregnant with my son, first happening in 2005, when I was also with a small group partly military and partly Catholic-Argentina. Russ Strong told me he went to a Baptist church, and he was U.S. Army I believe and worked at the Dam out by where my son and I ended up living, and then Olga was Catholic.

Irene I mentioned and it's JC and Irene Luoto.

In going back to Shara Lerman...I will go back to the last post about Lerman and Koch and finish what I was writing last night and then I'll move to taking the names down, of the "friends".

The other thing though...I grabbed my Mom's phone one day, awhile ago, around the time of my hearing with, you know, "Washington State" people, like Wasson and the group that connects with people in Coquille, and I realized my parents were definitely victims of terrorism (by it's very definition) as they were clearly forced to not help me print anything out, or validate me, or help with a small amount of money and were being tortured and intimidated to keep us from our rights.

My Dad's hands were broken and they were both tortured, and then some guy named Robert Lopez was eagerly calling up to say he'd provide counseling just seconds after Wasson ruled. Not only that I saw a text from my Dad that wasn't my Dad at all, and if anyone else saw such a thing, they would think it's him and it wasn't.

So I was even thinking about how even if the literal DOD torture has been since at least 2005, how most likely, a lot of things my parents were forced to do and say were out of jealousy from other groups. My parents are smart and they knew I was smart and talented and my Mom knew I had no interest in "dental assistant" work. They knew I could go to college and it's more like some other group didn't want me to go to college right out of high school, because they didn't want me to end up being educated or in a good career. Like Lorraine Rose. But I mean, Shara Lerman moves to town with her family, and suddenly, someone is trying to bump me off. I mean, literally kill me. Fast forward to now and the Middleton wedding and all these signposts which would suggest her family has something to do with what was going on over there. And then go back to the fact that I was leaving Robin Bechtold's house, at a time only certain people would know I was there, and I was almost killed. 1992.

The other thing I noticed, with the Argentina woman who showed up at my parent's worship meeting--Dr. Antole wore a dress that was the exact same style of dress I bought for myself and wore on year, when I was young, and it had tulips all over it. I believe it was all tulips. I had picked it out on my own and it had this wide scoop neck and then sleeves and was fitted at the bodice, zipped up in the back, and then had a wide sash that went around and tied in the back and a full skirt that came to mid-calf. I sometimes wore it with a straw hat. It was pale-medium yellow, a little bit of white, and pink tulips and green leaves mainly. I THINK, or it was white with all those other colors, pink and yellow tulips with green leaves. I saw this Dr. in her dress, which was the exact same cut, like she got it out of a sewing pattern, and the way she smirked and glared at me, and thought, "There is something very wrong here...". She knew and as I looked at her, I knew intuitively that this "Dr." had worn that dress knowing I would know, and possibly knowing my mother would remember as well. I wore the dress to church. I can't remember the exact floral pattern, but the cut of the entire dress I remember and I remember I wore white high heels and flats with it. I had a light beige straw hat I wore a couple times, out in the sun. I think I bought it in high school, 1992-1993 but it's possible I bought it later because I remember wearing it to New Song Church and that was after I came back from the East Coast (which was 1993-1994) so maybe 1994-1997 sometime. I remember the entire cut because it was the most "revealing" thing I'd ever worn because it showed my nice back and so much of my chest and neck and collarbones. It wasn't low cut, really, but there was slight cleavage and it was more of a wide cut, a scoop but an oblong scoop revealing the length of my collarbones and beneath.

My mother didn't choose the dress, I found it on my own and liked it and wore it. The back was also a low scoop, showing some of my shoulder blades and my neck and back. I probably wore a simple pearl necklace with it, because the front of my chest and neck were bare, and I remember wearing it without necklaces too, but at the time, I was into strands of pearls. Single or triple strands of pearls: white, off-white, bisque, and rose.

If Diana is really gone, and sometimes I think she's just hiding out somewhere, in some odd way, we had a connection and maybe this is partly what enemies have pursued me over, before I had any clue at all.

I say this, because it's like she knew who I was or someone was getting her to do the same things I did at the same time, or for some reason we just did. The photo of her with her legs up and crossed, and her head down, upside down on the couch...I did the exact same thing, same date and was photographed. Driving around in circles, careening and laughing hysterically...same thing at the same time...And I remember when this black velvet necklace showed up and I had never seen it before in my mother's things. She gave it to me and I was in my bedroom, trying it on around my forehead like a headband instead of a choker. No one ever said a royal word in my house or ever talked about such things. Ever. The only thing I remember with that velvet band was something sad attached to it but I don't know what and I don't know where it came from but I was young and I remember I picked it up and something felt sad. It was solid black velvet and had small bronze colored balls at the end where you could hook the choker to be tighter around your neck, or looser like a necklace. It had a green emerald color oval gem in the center and I don't remember if possibly tiny white diamonds encircling the green gem. Maybe just the green gem but something encircled it and then it was in the center. And I remember I put it around my forehead with the gem in the middle. Later, I find out, like a decade later, Diana is wearing an emerald necklace at some point, around her forehead, I think, about the same time I was wrapping this around my own head. It's the only time though, that I remember finding some new article of jewelry or having it given to me, and remembering before I knew I was intuitive, that there was sadness attached to it. I felt an energy with it. Maybe because to someone else, it was a joke and represented bondage. How should I know. The center jewel was glued to the black velvet band and it was smooth on the side close to the skin and fuzzy on the outside. Maybe 5-8 little bronze balls where a small clasp linked to it and then if you used the one that made it a choker, the little links or tiny balls fell in a straight line down the back of the neck. It was older, because the bronze quality was from the 80s or 70s. I think the 80s.

So you know, when my country tells me to shut up and defames my family to the entire world, and tortures me and my son, I think they owe us an apology and I have no idea how anyone could get this far with what they've done. Torture. Literally. Should I even care if I can save my "appeal" to my son? The entire case is a fraud. How does one appeal fraud, ever. The DOD has lied and basically ruined my life and they don't have a right to get away with it and ruin my son's life and other family member's lives too.

Now I remember. The dress I had with the same cut was pink and white. I think I had something else that was yellow with other floral colors and I did have a solid cream-rose pink dress that had long sleeves and a flowing A line skirt that came above my knee, but the one I wore with the pearls was solid white and had a pink floral pattern on it.

I remember Shirina Grimaldi saw me in such a dress and I also remember it was she who seemed to know more about me than I did and she brought a bottle of chianti to the house (I didn't drink at all). The same chianti as featured on the photo of Di with her legs up and a chianti bottle in the photo. I believe Shirina saw the photos of me doing the same thing, and not telling me what it resembled, decided to bring over chianti. Shirina was from Alaska and also Italian, and she was much smarter than she let on and I found out later, after she said she wanted to rent a room from me, that she was former military Marines. I thought it was really strange later, how she never wanted to write or correspond when she had practically smothered me before and wanted all kinds of info about me, and that was back in 1995-1997. Shirina Edwin and she changed her last name to Grimaldi, telling me she was part Italian after never telling me this before, and how it was royal Italian. She didn't just want to be around me a little--she never left me alone. And then she moved into my house. She would always say she was jealous of the friendship I had with Monica (my then best friend) and she was good friends with Gary and Lauren Hemingway which later turned out to be a shock when I went to Walla Walla and was snubbed by Lauren and her Eastern European Slavakian housemates who freaked out when I started talking about European conventions and agreements and who wanted to put on the Anne Hathaway movie while I was there.

What I've always thought strange was how she got into my life and information about my family, and then after I donated my only vehicle to her, she kept wondering what was wrong with it. She acted so suspicious about my gift to her, that I then started wondering why would she ever think I'd give her something bad?

Unless...Did SHE do something bad?

Now that I know more about my life and family, I look back and feel shocked realizing how many people just wanted to spy on us.

I was spied on. I had no clue.

What was strange, was how Shirina was very "hot and heavy" for years and then just disappeared without a trace. It was kind of the way Christa Schneider had been, but with her, I knew for sure it was connected to my litigation at the time.
I thought I would add, I am not sure about this, but if this is the same guy, then there IS a "sleeper spy" possible link...

John and Lynda Hartley have 2 sons. One is Tyler Hartley and the other is Trevor Hartley. I don't know if the Tyler Harley at University of Washington right now is the right one, but he is smaller in stature (or lean, petite, whatever) like the photo I saw of her sons and has dark brown hair and he's not far from here. He is working in biochemical engineering and was previously in...sleeper spy territory: Virginia. He went to the University of Virginia and is now working on a doctoral program at U of WA. It may be a different Tyler Hartley though. Another thing I discovered is that one of the Hartley siblings has the last name "Price" and it was a Linda Price who kicked me out of federal housing program in Wenatchee, leaving me to be tortured by military.

So...Here I am writing about the mean sleeper spies who tortured me when I was at their house as a guest, and who made fun of me and my suffering, and then the 700 Club was all over it, defending them...and I wondered why. They are in Virginia and apparently, so was the Hartley's son?

Now he's in biochemical engineering which means he has access to toxins and biochemical things.

But there is another one who is in Eugene, Oregon it says. No photo so I can't tell.

John Hartley has sisters and brothers. One of them is named, according to a funeral article I found online about his Dad who died, "Price". Last name Price.

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