Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Birthday 2002

It was my birthday in 2002, I remembered today. That was the occasion where someone brought up size of breasts at the dinner table. It was my birthday dinner out with my family. We had a good time actually, I was just upset that Carmen brought this up, for no reason.

It was in October of 2002.

No one was being tortured yet but it was about to begin: hate crimes in the U.S.A.

I know it's religion, but I also know now what others were afraid of and why they were jealous of me. I didn't even know I was being watched, for about 28 years of my life I never knew.

My parents are some of the best looking people, and for their trip to Europe in 1972, in the passport photo my mom's hair is parted down the middle (like I wore mine today) and has 2 braids going out to either side. They were such a very good looking couple and still are. From the photo, they look like they are wearing nice black and white t-shirts.

Someone from the FBI and other groups came in to make fun of them recently and had them pose separately, in black and white shirts and it's clear to me from the photos they have been tortured. My Dad's photo doesn't even look like he wanted to be there but like someone grabbed him by the collar of the t-shirt and forced him to sit.

Some of the worst people have tried to do a major job on really good people. I'm proud of my family because I know what they've been through and what I've been through and how a lot of money can buy bribes to torture others.

And for the record, someone is using military technology to torture while I write this.

So, money also buys government. I don't think it's a democracy if money can buy torture from those who have government positions.

Do you know what they've been doing to my Mom and Dad? putting them down and torturing them out of jealousy themselves. They've mocked them and tried to degrade and humiliate them saying, "Who did you think you were?"

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