Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bill O'Reilly's & U.S. Army

I forgot to add to my post about Bill O'Reilly.

Do you know what makes it more interesting, when you realize he's been getting info on my family? Well first of all, he has a direct Irish Republican Army tie. And then secondly, I'm starting to wonder if he's friends with the new Chief of the DOD, Irish Catholic Martin Dempsey.

That would be an excellent way for 2 Irish Catholic men to communicate, wouldn't it?

By using military intelligence combined with gangs?

I want the hate crime and torture against my family to stop.

I can directly link knowledge of what's happening to my family to the U.S. Army specifically, and to Martin Dempsey. It doesn't matter if the Air Force has shown up for some reason. I still know about the Army.

If I were Dempsey, I would call off his little FBI and media IRA supporting buddies.

How's Mark doing these days?

Did he ever go ahead and take that contract over in Iraq? how about Chris does he get paid exactly?

How do I feel about the Irish? I could give you a story and a song but not right now.

What I know is that this entire area was flooded with Catholics and military and some jewish and all of a sudden, my family is forced to tell me, all the time, that I need to "get right with God" when they know none of this is about that. It's Catholics who are using FBI, CIA, and military positions to torture my family. They are abusing their positions and making excuses for it and the only "hope" I've been offered is WHAT?


These U.S. government workers, and even the Jewish ones who hide behind the Catholic mayhem, they have ONLY EVER offered to restore even the most fundamental rights to my family if I do what?

They have stolen everything and destroyed evidence and after getting revenge they tell ME to "convert to Catholicism."

This isn't about "God". It's about the Vatican and the international and primarily U.S. Catholic church. THEY are the ones encouraging their own people to torture and assault me. They are the ones who have tried, with a few Jews, to illegally entrap me (I have to add to that, a few non-religious as well).

And I've been offered the following "deals":

1. Marry a Catholic, or
2. Convert to Catholicism.

They are criminals and they have used government positions to torture me and then tell my parents whom they torture, to instruct ME to "get right with God", marry into the Catholic church so they aren't worried about my prosecuting members of their church or being available to anyone else, and finally, they then tell everyone to say I'm mentally ill and crazy, kick me out of all housing and benefits, until I do WHAT?

Marry a Catholic or Convert to Catholicism. They have been every bit as bad as they were during Bloody Mary's reign. To them, it's like they think I am the "Elizabeth" they must either conquer and destroy, or force into conversion under pressure by torture and collusion with the FBI, CIA, military, and all of the other various Jesuit and Knights of Colombus connections.

They have made religion a political tool of disgrace.

And today, they even tried to force my parents to throw me out of the house. THIS, after they torture us, and force my Dad to work almost every single day with this girl that Bill O'Reilly and Dempsey know about, and then they cut me off of money and defame me for years and drug me, they steal my son from me and degrade him, and then they attempt to have my own parents throw me out so I can't go to college or have any money.

Why? Supposedly it's because I didn't "take down the posts". Well I did. I took them all down. I did what I was asked to do. No one told me not to put them back up. And that's where they're staying.

If the FBI is so worried what people think about their employees, why don't THEY "take down" the degrading and defamatory material they've put into their files about me, which they shared with other agencies?

If the U.S. military or CIA or anyone else, Mossad, whatever...if they're so worried about my posts about "friends" that have NEVER stood up for anyone in my family and publicized what's being done to us...if they're so worried...why in the world do they want to throw out this poor, mentally ill woman who just lost her child because she's so "mentally ill".

I'm not mentally ill. But since the U.S. has LIED about me and told everyone else to LIE, and ruined my entire life, since they've done this, they will have to live with the consequences of forcing others to lie and destroy me. That means, as long as you want to lie and say I'm mentally ill, you must accept the fact that I will never be "responsible" for anything I write on my blog about YOU.

If, on the other hand, you are someone who works for the U.S. government or Catholic church and you don't want people to figure out what your crimes are, you might realize not everyone believes the lies about my being "mentally ill" and if they don't, they are tapping into an intelligence source that isn't "authorized".

I can be a "loose cannon" that goes around accurately picking out undercover U.S. government workers and putting their family's lives at risk. Who cares, if I'm "nuts". But if you KNOW I'm not nuts and you're worried others might be thinking I'm not nuts, maybe you're starting to regret what you've done to me and my family. Because first you didn't want me to be normal and you lied and told everyone I was mentally ill and forced my family and others to say this when they knew it wasn't true. While you defamed me as mentally ill, you got away with CRIME, and tortured me and my son and my family. You got out of any lawsuit you were worried about. And you kidnapped my son from me and stole other opportunities from me at the same time.

All of a sudden, your mission having been accomplished, you thought I would never realize what you've done to my family and how you've used them for your own psychic research goals and tortured them to work for YOU instead of their own family.

You forced me to work for you and allowed others to use me, you drugged me, you falsely imprisoned me, and cut me off from every normal thing. Now you want ME to "play nice" and do what you tell me to do.

Now that I'm "outing" your U.S. government "assets" to the entire world, you're not very happy about it are you? The FBI doesn't like it. Why should they care anyway? What GOOD have they done for me and my son? The CIA doesn't like it (Ingraham down, who's next?), and the Catholics in the military don't like it.

But lucky me, now that THEY called me crazy, I can say whatever I want. I can blog to my heart's content and tell the entire world how I suspect this one man might be an undercover cop, and how this other group is involved in underground U.S. research. I could "out" just about anyone and it might be the wrong person at the wrong time.

So fucking PAY me to shut up. Because I'm not doing you any favors.

Right now, you can sue me for defamation all you want and you will get nowhere because YOU'RE the ones who defamed ME and said I was mentally ill when I'm not. If you are worried that not everyone in the world believes the label you slapped on me, and if you're worried some in other countries will believe my family has been used and tortured for research and been victims of hate crimes, you might also be worried that another country will believe persons in the govt. are using their friends to commit assault and battery on a daily basis through technology.

If I'm so crazy, and if I'm so mentally ill, why are you torturing us and surrounding us with mlitary and FBI that abuse us? And why then, if I'm so mentally ill and no one here has anything to worry about, in how they tortured my family and still want to cover it up, do these individuals try to force my parents to not help me with money, not help with printing for my son's case when there's no excuse, and try to have them throw out a "mentally ill" daughter?

If I'm so mentally ill that I lost my son, why would you hold someone like that responsible for anything? why force my parents to tell me to take posts about your criminal and undercover activities if I'm mentally ill?

It might be an issue of National Security no?

I'm not on your fucking payroll and you've screwed my entire family over. You kidnapped my only son. So why the HELL do you think I'm going to do favors for your families when you've done NOTHING to protect my son and my family?

When YOU take down the defamation of my character and quit blocking my access to fundamental rights, I'll take down my posts about you and I'll quit writing about you. Right now, if I ask my parents who is speaking up for them, they say "No one. It's not happening."


"It's not happening."

Friends like that don't deserve special favors from me. So while I keep picking up on things about U.S. government workers, and Catholics working undercover even, or Mossad, or whatever I feel like I've picked up have some "risk" out there.

I've made complaints to the UN and other countries already, about underground black site research and operations that are masking hate crime. I guess what you don't want, is someone to start figuring out where a trail is leading and who is connected to who. Because they WILL find out who the terrorists and torturers are. So far, you've kept it under wraps but the more I talk about it and bring up names, and the longer it's out there, the more chance there is that someone out there might pull a "Bradley Manning" and expose an entire program.

On top of that, some of the media personalities maybe don't like it when someone shifts gears on them, and instead of being their victim, starts to pick out secrets they would rather keep secret. No one likes to have infidelity exposed on a public blog. Or even things like allowing others to take shots of liquor off ones boobs at a bar...there are just some things you do not want to have shared with the public, for career reasons...list goes on.

But I'm crazy right now, you know, "supposedly". That's the excuse the Catholics and Jews in U.S. government gave everyone for kidnapping my son.

How is this working? It worked great, before the public started believing the truth.

I have always said what I want:
1. I want my son to be returned. You take the leap of faith that by for once doing the RIGHT thing, I won't sue you.
2. I want you to quit torturing us and threatening everyone to lie about it and deny anything is happening.
3. Quit defaming me. Take down your defamation of my character.

If you want something from me, here's what I can give you:

1. I will take down my posts after you do what I've asked.
2. I will not share your secrets with the entire world and I will not blog about how I think _____ is a sleeper spy, and ______works for the FBI or CIA and there is this ______underground military project (as long as no one comes to me with a torture claim because if they do, my silence is broken), and I won't share the little intimate personal details I get about you.

You blackmailed my parents and tortured them or got them on some major confidentiality or "if you tell it's treason" excuse. I don't have any allegiance and you have nothing to blackmail me over so I can say whatever I want, even if I am only 1% as good as my parents.

So the question is, if I'm "outing" that many people in various agencies, who am I signing the confidentiality agreement with? Or how do you know I will really take down the posts and quit blogging about my ideas to the whole world?

I need to see my son Oliver Garrett.

You start there.

You figure out how to return a hostage and then I'll take my parent's advice and let them be the go-between for you.

There is no such deal when you are asking me to do you favors and take down things I write about you but you haven't been willing to quit defaming us. Take down YOUR defamation of my character from the FBI files.

Return my son.

AFTER you show me you're doing something right, and "getting right with God" I will do what I said I'd do.

Who killed my babies?

The U.S. Army. The U.S. Army killed my twins and I know who is at the top of the DOD and who he knows.

I just realized something...I had twins but no one knew this at first. I had Chris Dabney saying he couldn't have kids, that it was impossible and I said, "Well, it's not impossible" and I knew. He thought it was maybe someone else's but he knew it could be his. I went to a hotel with the Chief of Staff General James Cartwright. I never discussed with anyone what happened. However, I was being followed around and anyone who watched me would have known there were very limited possibilites--I didn't even stay overnight with different people.

So if I had twins, and I did, this means the pregnancy horomone would have been higher than normal, and made people think I was farther along than I said I was. This would have made it possible for someone to think, if they didn't know all the details, that it was either James' Cartwright or Chris Dabney.

The U.S. DOD killed my twins.

You'd better find a way to return my son and quit torturing my family and then I'll cut you a deal and keep my mouth shut about what I figure out and what kinds of things I'm guessing about national and international undercover people.

This is why people treated me better for a short time too. CPS and Washington state were all worried that if I had connections to a man at the top of the Pentagon, something might turn for the worse for them. So they handled me with kid gloves all of a sudden.

Hate crimes were committed by people with access to the military, FBI, CIA, and DOD. They tortured me and my son in East Wenatchee. Then, they killed my twins and thought they were maybe killing the unborn children of a high ranking Pentagon and DOD officer. At the same time, they were masking an older fear that at some point, I might become connected to the English royal family.

At any rate, I never lied when I said I had above-average fertility, just like the other women in my family. "It can't be me. I can't have kids." Whatever.

Do you know when the U.S. was kissing my butt? And kissing my parent's butts? When I said I named one of the twins "James River". Actually, it wasn't until I was dating the guy from Colombia. But I remember, they kept asking, "Why did you name him James? How did you get the name James? What made you think of the name James?" I didn't remember that the Chief of Staff's name was James. Or anyone else. I didn't even know who James Middleton was--I never once looked up that family. I didn't realize the way to the CIA sites is by passing through a town and area next to The James River. I just liked the name and I liked rivers. And for some reason, a river to commemorate death at the same time seemed fitting. Rivers go on forever and feel free. Maybe I also thought about my son Oliver, because I thought of him the whole time and how we were tortured by a river in Wenatchee.

Then they were stealing blood samples from me and doing all kinds of things still, letting me almost bleed to death in some facilities, and doing DNA analysis on me. Like they wondered if I was related to someone else or who I said I was.

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