Sunday, October 16, 2011

Other Odd Callers

Aside from the British Middleton callers to my Mom, there are some other things that are standing out.

My Mom and Dad got a lot of intimidating calls from Oregon and Washington state leading up to the case with my son, while they were being tortured and assaulted.

I still need to go back and finish some things I found out about Shara Lerman's connections, like her David Koch-Weser connection...(Weser? or Wasson? which one?)

I guess I'll finish writing about Lerman's stuff here first. So The Middletons checked into The Goring Hotel and Shara Lerman worked at Eisner, Frank and Gorry from May 2008-July 2009. It's in downtown Beverly Hills and has this nice exchange going with the law firm my Ex works at in Dallas, TX. I think they like to do nifty things with the lights, just for fun. Tim Gorry deals with New Zealand and Australia.

I wonder if he knows people that are Australian and work with torture. I ask, because I was assaulted and lost my voice at a little cafe in Bainbridge Island with an Australian man quitting on the same day (I guess he wanted out fast). And then the other Australians who were all over me, were the guys at the hostel in Seattle, WA, one who had the eyeball tatoo on his arm.

What's the point with eyeballs and then trying to torture my mother and father's eyes? Do you want to answer that question Mr. Gorry, or would you prefer to take the 5th.

What's incredible, is after I was poisoned at that hostel, by the Australians, which I paid money to stay at, I found out later that my parent's eyeballs are being targeted for torture. Someone likes to be creative, apparently. And I showed up to this little police station in Coquille and the woman at the center desk had laid out, for display, 2 stuffed animals with eyeballs popped out that matched that man's tattoo. She's Catholic. I thought, "How would anyone even know what the tattoo looked like unless they were affiliated with people who did know?" I never drew a picture, or looked up a photo of a similiar tatoo even if I described it, no one would know unless they saw it or knew the man through some other connection.

So can someone explain to me why we've got Australian tatoo memorabilia from my being poisoned by these men, in the Coquille police station office and why exactly is the Middleton family checking into a Goring Hotel if they don't know a Mr. Tim Gorry who deals with Australia and who worked out of Fergie-land (Beverly Hills).

I guess it's not Eisner, Frank, and Gorry. They changed the name to Eisner, Kahan, and Gorry with acronym EKG. So, when I was in Dallas, TX and being seen by the Catholic people at Baylor hospital and they were mocking my EKG, do you think they were laughing about anything in particular or do you think it was all a part of the "If you don't do what we say, we're going to spinal tap your daughter and ruin her body" theme.

My parents have had people threatening them from more than one state in fact. Which is unusual, don't you think?

Lerman's Koch connections. I don't know, but she was in NY working for the same firm that he'd had on his own team. His campaign manager was a David Garth.

When I had a man shocking me and zapping me with military technology who was always talking about "that's the way I roll" and whose buddy at the psych ward, who was career military was saying the same thing, Shara Lerman was working for "Roll International."

Does any of this just seem odd. I wasn't following Shara but it seems her family was following me.

She worked for Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher & who should show up with a brand new SUV for transporting my mom to torture in, with a license plate that says DUNN on the back. Then, after I looked up Shara, I looked over my mom's shoulder and she had been sent a Toyota ad to her inbox and I find out, a Bill Laughlin (any relation to FBI's Laurie Laughlin?) and Crutcher worked specifically on Toyota--defended Toyota in fact). I didn't say anything to my mom about Shara or what I'd looked up--she just started getting more harassing mail. I guess Bill Laughlin worked with the UK in 2009 on a huge property acquisition in addition to defending Toyota.

Do you know what the motto on the Gibson & Dunn ad is? "If The Answer Can't Be Seen".

Then, I look at where Shara was working when she was in NYC and it was the 3rd largest law firm in the world, behind 2 UK firms. Skadden.

Which means nothing to me until I remember the photo at the Jewish guys house. When I was in Washington D.C., at the same Lerman was approximately, I was invited to this Jewish guys house. I went and it looked like he wasn't living there at all and it was just some random communal pad with lots of books and things. I looked at the shelf and there was a black and white photo of Chris Dabney, or someone who looked exactly like him, "Skating" behind a car that was pulling him. It was from an Ivy college. The Chris Dabney I knew, worked at the Post Pub and wore the same shirt everyday. The one in the photo was identical to him and it was from an Ivy League college.

That was the Jewish guy who pulled out a piece of my hair and I can't imagine why unless he was wanting to do a DNA for some reason. He literally pulled out strands of my hair and I wouldn't kiss him or make out with him so I left. Why would some Jewish man be interested in my DNA.

Some of the mind games that have been played are crazy. I am not crazy, but the mind games have definitely been crazy.

He wasn't the only one. It was one Jew after the other, trying to get me into bed or with them and then there were a couple of Catholics as well. What happened to the Protestants I have no idea but I guess I never met any because everyone I was around worked in intelligence and law and justice and it seems there are no Protestants left. The people swarming me were Catholic and Jewish. And they seem to be the ones that have had the most involvement with torturing my family as well.

So recently, I've only done it once or twice, I had grabbed the phone and checked and my mother had these weird texts on her phone. She had some from "Rosemary West" basically lying and trying to keep up defamation by saying she saw a book about bi-polar and mental illness, etc..."saw him on Sid Roth-supernatural. Thot of our precious Cameo. Lookin for any key available." What grown woman refers to the daughter of another grown woman as "our precious Cameo." She sent 2 texts that are marked with the same time. The woman is just defaming me, which is maybe why the Catholics I got on the phone through Dept. of Ed. liked her when she called my Dad (I wrote about this). That was August 1. "Our precious Cameo". It sounds like something Theo Keyes would write and since his Dad is military and he was used to be abusive towards me, I wouldn't be surprised.

Then Pam Lewis sent my Mom texts to the effect of "Can See" on September 10 which was before my hearing for my son. My Mom was showing up with black eyes and distorted sight and Lewis sends her this kind of text.

There was one from my Dad on Sept. 28 and I know he was coerced and forced to write it because that was the day his hands were broken. He texted my Mom with "Maybe she's creating family emergency to postpone hearing." They knew this already, I said I was filing for an emergency so he would never then text what my Mom already knew. Someone else forced him to write this. That was at 12:49 p.m.

A creepy text that came through (I saw them all at one time) on October 4, said, "Good Morning. I'm doing 4 sales at 11:00 a.m. and 1 @ 1:00 if you want to see how its done." It was sent at 9:32 a.m. and my mother left in good condition and came back with black eyes. I said, "Where were you?" or asked if she'd shown houses and she said yes, with Debbie but then I called the number and it was Gordon West, the cop, Rosemary's husband.

There are other things but for whatever reason, no one cared in the telecommunications area, if these things stayed on the phone. What they cared about was the British "Susan C. Hay" calling my mom up for a session-lesson in torture.

I guess the U.S. wants to pretend they know nothing about what's been happening and want to continue to invalidate me, so they attempt to delete evidence.

My mom's camera switched to an ad that said, "I Shoot". It only took a minute to glance and she didn't let me, I got all this in a few minutes. But the phone display switched to an ad that said "I Shoot" after my parents were being tortured and then we were all sitting there with the Catholic guy that pretends to be an Assemblies of God pastor, talking about shooting people in the head and how fast they die. Then it was an ad about "Asian Dynasties" and then one about "Ferrari Revolution". That's what everyone needs--A Ferrari Revolution by a Catholic Fraud. Why choose to send my mother these things?

On my Dad's phone, which I never have access to, the one time I wanted to look something up, it switched in the middle to a video camera, like it was trying to remind someone of videos or just harass by turning to something else without someone wanting to turn it there.

We are being tortured, intimidated, and coerced and I've seen evidence.

I am not sure how or why this many people are getting away with it, all I know is that they've let my parents see more than I've seen, and it seems like they've been threatened with further violence and then it's put in their face. If it's not done to me, to someone else, and I know that they are personally being tortured. Before the hearing for my son, the technology used against them was so severe, I could feel it several yards away from the house and then when I got to the house it was so strong the entire house felt like it was humming or buzzing.

They fried my parents so severely, and used so many blasts to their heads, it was unbelievable. It happened when Martin Dempsey, Fowler, and another Catholic pretending to be a protestant pastor but working for the military came to town. They broke their hands, fried them, and then Wasson and the Koch firm had the case for my son dismissed.

They are criminals.

And Susan C. Hay is a possible suspect.

I would love to know if she's related to Alan Hay with The Roman Catholic Archdiocese in Washington, or Jessica Hay, Kate Middleton's roommate.

There is definitely more but that's all I'm writing for now. I'll take some names down tomorrow and in the meantime, I recommend backing off from the torture because your "immunity" and special efforts to destroy or delete evidence will not conceal you much longer.

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