Friday, October 21, 2011

Rewriting History With Lies: David Ginsberg "Get Low"

I saw this movie for the first time tonight. I could not believe it. I have not been watching new movies and wasn't keeping up with them when I was with my fiance, or when I was without him either.

However, tonight I saw "Get Low" and it was so clearly meant to be directed about me and my family (in some regards) it made me sick. I mean, literally sick to my stomach because then I remembered, in hindsight, some of the things people were doing to me when I was in Tennessee and, I guess, because of enemies or misinformation about me which really made people that hadn't even met me, hate me.

It's taken in part from a true story from the 30s, but people were really digging and wanting to apply their own switch to it, clearly. The main guy producing it was Canadian (any wonder?) and then, the ones who always want their names out of it (whenever convenient) are Jewish!

As we were watching this movie, I kept thinking, "Dear God, I wonder if the people backing this movie are Jewish, because I just sense this is true."

So at the end, all I said to my parents was, "I'd like to know who was backing this movie and funding it." Sure enough. The credits started rolling and I was watching...

Schneider didn't say anything to me at all, about religion. It is a name taken by Catholics, Protestants, Jews--it's not significant. But I sort of thought maybe Catholic rather than Jewish. Then Rothschild came up and a few other names, but the one that stood out was the Executive Producer: David Ginsburg.

The MINUTE I saw his name, that's when I spoke up, after remaining silent with all the other names rolling, and I said out loud, "I KNEW it! I knew there was something Jewish about this torture to our family! And I never thought why, and they let the Catholics take blame for everything, but I knew even in D.C. and some of the NY stuff was coming from them."

It was Ginsburg and I don't even know who he is. So, I looked up Schneider, and sure enough, Catholic Canadian. I knew he was Canadian before I even read it, just from his photo. He looks like the stereotypical Canadian intelligence guys. I mean, I forgot what they call their intel, bc it's not "mounties" but he could fit a shoe from their offices. Then I looked up Ginsburg because his name was the one that stood out to me. So I looked on wiki and not to be found. I thought, "Someone kept his name off of wiki on purpose..." and then I looked his name up on its own and it's connected to Goldsmith? and he's a Jewish guy from the UK? but I have to double check and be sure it's the right Ginsburg bc maybe I'm wrong. And of course I wouldn't want to defame anyone.

I mean, they have been rewriting history and playing dirty games and using money from entertainment digs to bribery of public servants to paying for torture of us, but even with all this, I have never willingly and cruely defamed anyone. I've had to try to defend our family when it's my prerogative when we're tortured.

At any rate. Can you even believe it.?

This Jewish guy who is connected to the Middletons, makes a movie to insult my family. And he throws in some Canadian to take most of the coverage for it.

Hmm. Well. This says he died in 1994 and was a politician. Okay then, I still think this other one is connected to UK and Middletons. But that's why I left room for more research, because I didn't know and read fast...let's find out. So it's spelled differently, but that's what I tried to check the first time and it gave me wrong info. So actually, it's saying the spelling is David B. Ginsberg.

And everything about him is in hiding right now and I can't get to it.

I'm sure there's a good reason for that.

I mean, people have been making fun of my family having been inspired by this movie, and I didn't even know it. I had not seen it so it never bothered me bc I had no clue. But now I know what people were referring to and why they were trying to make a big deal about it.

I guess it's sad.
Anyway, I figured out a little more about who and what groups are torturing us.

And I met a few people today, which I've done in the past no matter why I have lived. I met them today not out of the same habit of wanting to know all my neighbors, but because instead of being hostile, knowing some of them are involved in torture and harassment, I think they have no idea what I am about, who I am, and they should have no excuse for harming or insulting us. Reading a blog from someone upset about torture and meeting them in person to realize they are a normal and friendly person, are two different things. It's not hard to torture someone or their family when all you hear is bad stuff and things to incite anger, or get paid or rewarded to do wrong. It's not hard to torture when you're distant from the people. I don't expect to be friends with everyone and I don't care to be either. But it is possible that some of them have one impression of my family alone and usually when I'm observed doing normal things or just one on one, most of the time I end up seeing guilty looks from the faces of those who expect to see some "flame-haired Abbey protestor".

For example, I was sitting out at my parent's riverhouse and 3 boats approached and went by and when they did, someone was using strong and harmful technology. I didn't react to them and I'm not sure what they expected me to do either. But I noticed one of them. One of the men in those boats looked shocked. When his boat with all the guys approached, they approached with mocking expressions and then when they were leaving, after boating back and forth while I sat in a chair chewing at my fingernails and studying my hands, next to the water, just thinking, I looked up and Mr. Irish-come-to-beat-me-up had more of an expression of: "that's it?" Yes, I am the big leviathan you thought you might catch near the water. No, I think he was shocked that I was sitting out there, minding my own business and maybe looked normal and even innocent.

While he knows what's going on. How do tortured people look? Imagine this...that even while being tortured they are still normal beneath it all.

He looked guilty. It was the same guilty look I got from John Kaempf one day (just once) where he once looked like he knew I was an innocent person and he knew what they were doing was wrong. With this other guy, he didn't know me at all and I don't know what he expected, but I saw that while driving away, even as I was still being tortured with technology they either carried with them or knew would start and stop only when they were driving by, he looked guilty.

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