Saturday, October 8, 2011

Monster by Skillet & Torture of My Family

Take a look at this video and see what the U.S. is allowing to happen to my family. No kidding.

I also noticed the steady stream of traffic always going past our house stops for mass on Saturdays. I mean, I don't know, but is it on Saturday nights between about 6-7?

The other video I watched from Skillet was "Awake and Alive" with a nice preview from the Air Force. Which is a military group that has just absolutely nothing to do with my family at all.

My Dad's hands were not only broken, I noticed today they were soaked in some kind of toxin and there is evidence of acid burns on his fingers.

They are swollen and he can hardly move them and he's not getting help from police, because today when we went out, at least 8 cop cars were around us. And then down some alleys, some really bad characters. I mean, down some side roads.

The evidence on his hands is new. And then his eyes are all black around the inside skin, like my Mom's and it's from torture because it's not happening to me.

It is not happening to me, okay?

I notice all the torture stuff, right? I notice if technology is being directed at my parents house, or my own house, and I have been feeling out the measurements for what is being done. I know how it feels to be tortured.

But what is happening to my Mom and Dad when I'm not able to keep my eyes on them, is a whole different kind of torture, and it's not happening to me because no one dares because I would report the name of the person who did it, immediately.

They are not tired, it's not like dark circles from lack of sleep, it's not anything that's normal. It will start to go away or fade and then all of a sudden they'll have to "meet" someone or "go to work" or "go on a walk with Patty" and they're coming back home with their eyes glazed and the skin around the insides totally knocked out bad. And then my Dad's eyes will be extremely puffy underneath, like there is swelling in his head from what someone is doing.

When I first came over here, or moved back, this was not happening to them. For some reason, when there were interim pastors, it didn't happen. About the time this new pastor with military background came on, and I wrote to the UN, including the fact that I was trying to get evidence into the record for my son's case, is when they started showing up with visible evidence of torture.

And no, it's not happening to me. My eyes got permanent dark circles after I was in Seattle and Bainbridge Island in Washington state. It was a combination of poisoned cigarette and other torture in Washington and it changed my appearance permanently.

But what's happening to my Mom and Dad is something that goes away and then reappears when someone tortures them again.

My Dad's hands were broken and swollen up with red marks all across the top of his knuckles a couple of weeks ago. Then the swelling went down and his hands looked like normal just a few days ago. Then on Thursday or Friday, someone tortured him again and ruined his hands.

They were red on the bottom knuckles instead, and they are doing other things to him as well.

Today is the first day that I noticed his hands are not only swollen and look like they've been covered in a toxin, but he has the same kind of acid burns on his fingers that happened to my son Oliver in Wenatchee.

I am positive, 100% positive, that police and FBI are involved.

There is no possible way they are not involved, to allow these things to happen to all my family members and then make us feel there is no place or no one to turn to. And they are also trying to reconstruct historical facts about our past and erase things to make us look and sound like people different from who we are.

There was one night over here that I was totally knocked out and the next morning, my entire place smelled like fertilizer or some kind of heavy gas. It was something extremely noticeable and my entire place reeked and there had been nothing wrong before. The very next morning a pastor came over to meet me, who has been with the military for over 20 years as a civilian.

He said a lot of things about death in front of my parents.

I felt like I had just been drugged. And it's not the first time this kind of thing has happened. So now, I leave a few blinds open and lights on so someone can see in and tell if another person is coming into my place after trying to drug me with a noxious chemical first. It's happened before.

I am not even kidding. I am telling you the full, straight-out truth and what I had no idea about, was that my parents were suffering apart from me. I didn't have any idea. I thought it was just me and my son and no one else. But it wasn't.

So yeah, this black eyes effect on the insides of my parents eyes, is not happening to me. It's so well defined, you can see it on both of them.

My mother's nose was broken.

I mean, my own hands were broken by police, but no one has ever dared to do anything to me where there was visible proof. The people torturing me have made it almost impossible to detect unless you know what the signs are from fingernails and toenails, my description of what's being done, and the like. But no, I mean, my parents are getting tortured through clean torture and then they're also victims of full-blown assault.

It's hate crime.

Anyone who attempts to mask this and call it something else, has a serious ulterior motive. I don't care what the excuse is, if anyone is justifying any of this, for any reason whatsoever, they are backed by a group with a motive to retaliate and hate. It's not science, it's not research, it's not justified. It's hate crime.

I saw my Dad's driver's license photo today because he had to get his card out to pay for gas and I saw it in the billfold and asked if I could look at it. It is obvious from every single government ID document that my parents are not happy. Not only that, I don't even know that this current license he has isn't backdated too. Because I know his passport is. How hard is it to take a photo in a room with white walls and then attach it to a passport and put wavy lines over it?

It's not difficult.

The date he applied for a passport was supposedly June 28, 2005. What happened to that passport? I mean, if the receipt is correct, and I saw a receipt, even though there wasn't a name on it. The photo of him is not from 2007. It's from this last month. So it says it was done in August 2007 and then the driver's license, where he looks just as miserable and coerced, says September 2007. I can tell, just by looking at the photos, that something is wrong.

On a simple trip to the store 30 minutes away, I counted about 8 cop cars or SUVs, some with more than one law enforcement officer, that were marked official government cop cars, that came up alongside us. That's never happened before.

Not before I made my report to police about my parents being tortured, but since then, my Dad has been tortured twice, with evidence of broken hands, twice. So it's not like they're out to do a good job, if my Dad is being tortured WORSE and then they're driving around laughing like no big deal, right up to our vehicle. There were others, in unmarked vehicles or non-police who seemed to be about the same or worse. My Dad never said a word about anyone but I just noticed.

Some of these people are not Catholic. On the day my Dad's hands were broken this second time, or he was beat up, there were a lot of Jewish people in town that day, who were from out of the area. I don't know what they were doing, but I happened to notice, and it's not like he was safe that day.

It's seriously like my family is in the middle of police and state-sponsored torture, like we are members of the "new holocaust". What right does anyone have to say to any one of us, that we don't know what we're talking about. When people are allowed to get away with this kind of thing, it is much more like Nazi Germany where people just say nothing at all, and allow others and police and state workers, to steal children away after torturing an entire family and then acting like they've captured us for their own personal use. It's completely abnormal.

I am just hoping that someone somewhere is able to reach out and help us. I don't know what else to do. A lot of the press is in on things like this, they're information hounds and work with the government agencies a lot of the time. If someone was even willing to do a story, I think the head people would try to shut it down. I mean, who knew that these television companies have former Attorney Generals and other politically connected people attached to their boards of government? It's hard to know which group might even do a story, or have people who don't feel conflicts of interest.

I know that I'm not self-centered because I not only look for evidence of what's happening in my own family, but I have been looking at the fingernails and appearance of others we come into contact with, because if it's happening to my family, even if it's not a huge thing that happens to the majority, it has to be happening to a few others that someone wants to control.

And these are NOT rambling schitzophrenic people either. They are in their right minds. And all in my family, despite what is happening, are in their right minds.

I'm just listening to Skillet's Monster over and over. This is what the U.S. is doing to my family, deliberately. They have allowed torture of me, my mom, my dad, my son.

They are torturing us in the United States and passing off hate crime for research.

I put down some other music but it's irrelevant. What's relevant is the truth. My family is being tortured and so far, police and FBI are in on it. We need help from other sources and if that's the press, somewhere, they might have more of a story than what they want.

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