Monday, October 31, 2011

Dog Sick Again (since 5 a.m.)

I forgot to mention, the dog is sick again, since after this morning sometime. I guess sometime after 5 a.m. or so, and I thought it's nerves but it must be something else too now, because he is hunching up his back acted like a spot on his back and on his head hurt him.

Something is weird though. I feel like after I figured out a few things, someone probably wants to make it look like something else but we're keeping an eye on him.

I think he knows something because also, he kept looking at this one area like he knew someone was around that he's been afraid of.

And, he would act weird sometimes when there was a scent of a certain person on my clothing. He's react and be afraid, so he's a smart one.


Anonymous said...

On one of your blog posts I recall you were giving your dog chocolate. Chocolate can be poisonous to dogs. Maybe that is why your dog is sick?

Mama said...

I have never given a dog chocolate. I know it's poisonous and have known this since I was 5 or younger. I've been around puppies and dogs my entire life, and up to 20 or more at a time.

I am very well acquainted and in touch with animals.

I gave our dog some of the inside of malt balls. In chocolate malt balls there is a coating of chocolate over a candy made of malt. I chewed all the chocolate off and then gave the dog the center, which was small pieces of malt.

And then last night, before he got sick again, I had given him peanuts. A few small pieces of peanuts and an almond, and it doesn't hurt dogs.

I've given him plenty of various foods before, including peanuts and almonds, and he's never been sick before.

So I'm sure it's not that.

I walked him at night with the cat, gave him a few peanuts, and then he was racing around and tearing through the house when we got back. It had to have been past 8 o'clock or 9, because it was pitch black and I carried a flashlight with me.

Then, the next morning, he was afraid again, and ill.

But as for the chocolate, I guess you might have thought I gave him a piece of the chocolate malt balls but I only gave him a few malt sections and that was weeks ago, on my birthday.

I asked for malt balls on my birthday and shared them.