Monday, October 31, 2011

Ring Impression from Yesterday

I had more of an image after I went to bed. He put it on a coffee table.

I saw his hands and it was a gold band but thinner, like a woman's, or maybe for a woman I thought. I didn't see any diamonds. It looked like a plain gold band.

Then I blogged about it and went to bed.

I had seen him before, saw his right profile and he was sitting and had this ring in his fingers, looking at it, turning it over and looking at it. A plain gold band.

And it was about 10 minutes before 12 p.m. that I saw this and then went to bed. About 20 minutes later, it flashed up again and he set it down at the edge of a coffee table.

I think he was blond but I am not sure. I mainly saw his hands.

I saw his hands and the ring and then nothing and went to bed and wasn't thinking about anything except my own family and then he came into my view again and he set the same ring down on this table that was lower than where he was sitting, and he was sitting and he put it down on the table so it was a circle.

After I blogged about MDR and FOIA and Director of Intelligence and Will Wagle'rs facebook photo, is when I first saw the ring and his hands.

Then I crawled up to my bed and looked out the window and there was a pool of water outside my window in a perfect circle and shining in the moonlight.

It made me think about the ring and also about my son but then I was in bed for 10-30 minutes or so, I don't know, it was awhile and out of the blue he came into my view again. I wasn't thinking of him or asking to see him or praying. I was just thinking about my family.

When I first blogged last night, I didn't feel I should share what the ring looked like or anything about the man or details and that was probably good because then I got more later, but I don't know that it's good or bad.

So after I saw the pool of water in a perfect circle, shining in the moonlight, it was 10-30 minutes later that I then saw him take this ring and put it down on the edge of some table and it was a perfect circle there, like the pool of water I had just seen outside of my window.

I am not sure if I was seeing him, just remote viewing somehow on my own, or if I was somehow seeing him through someone else's eyes who was there. If I saw him through someone else's eyes, it wasn't someone sitting close to him, right up against him, and to his immediate side, unless they were turned at an angle.

Then I wondered who he was and fell asleep. I didn't really see his face. I rarely ever get a clear view of a face. I see hands and frames of hair and general face but nothing detailed. My impression was that he was under the 50 for sure but probably under the age of 40 and possibly closer to 30s or 20s. Maybe it was lighter hair because he was older, I don't know. I'm positive he would know if I was talking about him because it's too specific for him to not know. I thought he was blond too, but since I mainly saw hands and the ring and what he was doing with it, in motion, maybe hair color is up for grabs.

I was fully, 100% awake, not dreaming at all when I saw him put the ring on the table. There was no diamond. If there was, I didn't see one and I saw no ornamentation. It was a plain gold band.

This morning the dog was shaking and afraid again. I don't know why, he sensed something. My mom said he had an upset stomach but I said I think it's nerves. I said, "When I put my arms around him and cover him and let him hide in my arms he quits shaking." Then my mother did the same thing and he was calming down. So it's something else.

Then I was going to do a bottle return today but decided to wait and then bought some yerba mate and ginko for circulation and blood purification and walked home.

I am worried about my mom and dad though. I started getting a bad feeling at about 10 minutes before 11 a.m. and then as we were driving out, just sensed something somewhere isn't okay.

I'm listening to Britney Spears this morning.

My mom was saying today she didn't want any FOIA or MDR done on my parents, when I told her what forms or letters I needed to print out. I told her I was doing it for me. I need to print this stuff out and if someone is going to block her from allowing me to do this, I need to know in advance.

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