Thursday, October 6, 2011

Catholic Church Assaults My Parents: U.S. Govt. Psychics

I wasn't going to write about my discovery because I didn't know if it would be good or bad. But it seems that our enemies already know the truth and want to hide it from some of the public that might be good and might want to help.

My parents and my entire family are being tortured with use of military technology. It's hate crime but the reason they're getting away with it is because some are trying to claim immunity and "national security act" and want to give a good "top secret" cover for hate crimes.

I didn't write about this before because I thought it would put my family in potentially worse jeopardy. However, when I think about it, and see how the U.S. has allowed our enemies to torture us, literally, with military technology, beat, rape, strangle, and degrade us, and then tried to use us for work at the same time, people ask, "And you think you're so special..." or "Why would they do this to YOUR family?" and all the time, the constant excuse is about how no one would pay that much attention to just one family.

My mothers' so-called "friends" over here, mock and laugh with eachother as they ask her if she's going to "work on your vanity?" today. It's a dresser my mother is painting and they call it a vanity and use this as an opportunity to degrade my mother.

The reason these people degrade my mother, and break her nose and assault her so her eyes turn black, is to keep her from talking, and because they have been jealous of my mother for decades.

I first thought, when I became interested in government mind control, remote-viewing and PSI work--I thought it was all my own interest and curiosity and I think it came to me after I was trying to figure out why my son and I had been tortured in East Wenatchee with military technology. All the foreigners agreed it had to have been satellite and other government technology but I still couldn't believe that the U.S. was involved in an official capacity.

My learning about mind control programs and PSI work was the natural result of trying to find out why the FBI allowed my son and I to be tortured.

I thought it was mafia or gangs and this is an element, but the people behind this are those who hated me and were jealous of my family. They decided to take my parent's and try to control them and us by using their friends who could grant them immunity and cover for torturing us and even find ways to drug me and do whatever it took to keep my son from me so they could use him too.

I had NO idea, when this was happening to me and my son, that my own parents had been working for the U.S. (by force or choice is unclear) for decades.

When I found out what my parents can do and have done, it all came into perspective. The motive and the alibi are all there, for why such a large group of people would get away with torturing an entire family.

I have some gift and psychic God-given ability. My boyfriend in high school was the first to comment about it. However, I had no idea, that I have NOTHING compared to what my parents are able to do.

The entire reason my family is being tortured is because someone is trying to call it "research" and they are also using it to control my family. My parents are able to do things that would make the hair stand on your arms, and it's a natural God-given gift they've had since before they were married.

Their enemies have been extremely jealous. And that includes the Middletons. You don't hide this kind of a gift and ability from the elite in intelligence for very long. You can hide it from everyone else for decades, but not at the top and this means it is not my imagination that it's possible even Diana knew about my parents. The top in the U.S. knew about my parents. And so did the Jewish community, because as they said so themselves, they have some of the "best intelligence in the world."

So what happens? My parents work for the U.S. and are controlled and told what to do by superiors who have ulterior motives. My parents produce results that defy reason, through their natural remote viewing, PSI, mind reading and event predicting abilities. My parents are good enough that they have predicted things that were going to happen, decades away. And their more immediate predictions and insights are even better. I could be in another state and my Dad can name the type, model, and size of a truck passing by me at that moment. They can foresee what I do or will do days in advance, and yes, there is such a thing as mind reading, and international governments pay BILLIONS in secret research funding, for these programs because there are already people out there with PROVEN abilities.

Things take a turn for the worse when some group feels threatened and gets worried that a daughter's parents are giving her information on crimes they've committed, or they worry that this daughter might have the same abilities even though they worked against it for her entire lifetime.

They get worried.

The gypsy I talked to in D.C. said great things had been ordained for me but there was too much jealousy. If she met my parents she would have doubled and tripled the "jealousy" element.

You know how God is "omniscent" (all-knowing)? Well God gave my parents natural abilities that were a reflection of supernatural and amazing abilities.

What's happening now is that a couple of religious groups have gotten into the system and tried to take control and while they still use my parents, they've harmed them. They've been torturing us to take the same gifts away that brought notice to begin with. Which the U.S. has used for it's own warfare, profits, and politics.

How does a government get away with torturing citizens unless they say, "It's scientific and military research!" or come up with an argument about needing to control us or to intimidate us to keep us down. It's not possible to torture with military technology unless you have an elite group of big spenders trying to keep a family down and using this for an excuse.

It's very frightening to discover there are people who can read your mind, know your thoughts, and who know what crimes you or your group have committed. It's scary to know these people can predict things to happen in the future and then see it's true that the day-to-day predictions are accurate. It's scary to have someone clipping their nails in a room that's tapped, and know they already know Anne Crane & Friends are nearby. Clip, clip, clip...

A little bit unnerving, no?

I filed my lawsuit against the Catholic church and the newspaper and after that, the Catholic church used people in military intelligence to assault my family. They also used FBI. My Dad and Mom had proven abilities because of genetics, not because of torture.

They have not told me this or confirmed it, but it's true and I've kept track of the things they predict since I've been home and how accurate they are. They would never say a word anyway, but it appears that the Catholic church decided they were worried about my family so they got people they know in the DOJ, FBI, and then military, to assault us and to get clearance for using mafia and military technology to carry out the assaults.

Then, when they separated my entire family, they forced me into homelessness and tortured me after writing up false arrest reports and forcing my parents to act as though they agreed. I was followed and surveilled as and used for research from the time they took my son from me.

They started torturing my son and put him into their program shortly after we tried to leave for Canada.

It was Catholic church. They forced my parents to go through the house in East Wenatchee and look for documents they wanted which were related to my litigation in Portland, Oregon. This included legal papers and other items.

It was Catholics that authorized the order to have me and my son tortured in East Wenatchee and it was Catholics that authoried the order to have my parents tortured in Coquille, Oregon.

Then the Catholic members in the various government offices decided, after they took away everything I had, that they were going to try to profile me further in case I ever filed a lawsuit against them again, or left the country. They wanted to know where I would go, who I knew, and they forced me to work at Logan's in TN with an entire restaurant of Catholic employees. If it's not about the Catholic church, then why was I forced to work with 90% Catholic employees in Nashville, TN in the middle of the Bible Belt? I found out this restaurant was only a couple of blocks away from one FBI office for Nashville. I was working a few doors down from the FBI and being tortured and harassed by Catholic workers for the U.S. government and military. All they did was research there and the supervisors were all military.

That restaurant got the okay from the owner, who is Catholic, and whose law firms are Catholic and international.

When they were "done with me", having tried to psycho-analyse, profile me, torture me and read my mind and predict what I would do, they let me go. But it was U.S. government that allowed this to happen and it was NOT possible if those in charge had not been Catholic and against my family with hate crimes.

My mother has been tortured, cut with a knife, had her nose broken, and poisoned here and I've seen her eyes and what they're doing to her. There is no possible way that the U.S. government does not know who my mother and father are. They have allowed the FBI to brutally torture us and block us from safety and making reports of crimes against members of my own family. And every single person involved is Catholic.

My father has been forced to work with people that have assaulted him and cut him off of money and liquid assets. They've used him for decades but it was only in 2002 that the worst of the people in the Catholic church, who have positions in U.S. government, went after him. They've passed themselves off as coming from different religions but they're Catholic. And they get their orders from Catholic intelligence and military.

They took my son and have tortured and assaulted members of the Avila family. They've sat at the same table and want photos taken to make things appear normal when nothing is normal. Wenatchee is over 50% Catholic and all the lawyers and Judges in town are Catholic. Almost all of them, because I've checked a number of times. 10% or less of the attorneys practicing in Wenatchee, Washington are Protestant or Jewish. The rest are Catholic. 100% of the Judges in Wenatchee are Catholic. There is not one single Protestant or Jewish or other religion Judge. That includes Douglas and Chelan country. All of the Judges are Catholic. Which is great, if you're a member of the Catholic church or marrying one, and a cause for them to commit hate crime if you're not and you've sued their church and they don't like you.

The lawyers who took my case on Appeal and just lost, are Catholic. It was tossed between a couple of Catholic lawyers and lost. On purpose. The Judge assigned to the case, Wasson, was Catholic.

My son has been placed in, I can only guess, a Catholic daycare. It's just a guess, but since CPS is the guardian and has forced the Avilas to do even things they don't want to do, my guess is that the daycare CPS wanted my aunt to take my son to has a Catholic woman in charge.

If the visitation monitors didn't do what the Catholic and Jewish supervisors wanted them to do, they were fired. Anne Crane needed no coaxing in assaulting a child and lying in reports. She came to all the visits wearing the same bracelet that my fiance used to wear, with saints on it and would play with it while she sat there and lied to my son's face.

It's hate crime.

It's origin is 90% Catholic.

They have used Catholics in FBI, military, law enforcement, and CIA, to assault my family and steal my son.

The only reason they have a hold on my parents is because my parents were already working for the U.S., under other people and administrations, and then they forced them to continue under people who order assault and death threats against us.

If it's just about the U.S., then why was every single person that we've been forced to work with a member of the Catholic church (or sometimes, a jew)? Every single government military person they put next to my Dad, to lie and claim they're Protestant when they're not, is Catholic. Every single person they had next to me, catching right up with me to see where I was going and to get ahead of me before I had my name cleared, was Catholic.

My ex-fiance is connected to John Kaempf. Is that maybe a conflict of interest? I mean, I have someone trying to get close to me on the East Coast by someone who is connected to John Kaempf on the West Coast?

So if I was with Alvaro, and all the Catholics who were committing hate crimes, thought I was marrying a Catholic man, they stopped torturing me. It was hate crime. They started the hate crime and they quit only for my "Catholic fiance" and then they started it up again. That is further evidence that the crime is religious in nature and was only quelled with the idea that I was marrying someone who is Catholic.

It's hate crime.

"You marry my Catholic friend and we won't torture your family anymore."

Really. So who is doing the torturing in the first place then?

The Catholic church has used people from all over this country to assault my family and they used their contacts in U.S. government offices to cover for these crimes.

In the meantime, they knew I would find out what kind of power or leverage they were using against my parents and what kind of tactical persuasion they would use to convince even some non-Catholics to go along, for "government reasons".

Catholic hate crime, quelled by my engagement to a Catholic man.

I split from the Catholic man and they went back to committing all the same assault and violence.

I have grounds for an enormous lawsuit against the U.S. government for allowing religious hatred to motivate hate crimes under the cover of military and other forms of "privilege". There is no privilege for crimes committed on U.S. soil, in hate, against all international and domestic laws. And there is no privilege for hate crimes committed to keep me from raising my own son.

John Kaempf was the one who wanted to organize something between The Willamette Week lawyers and the Catholic Church attorneys. He likes putting things together and being a ringleader. His wife, Irene, is hispanic. He knew what other contacts I'd made with people on the East Coast. John Kaempf knew Alvaro Pardo.

So I guess all the Catholic Judges thought this was just great and backed off if I was with him and then they went back on everything when I didn't marry him. Not only did they back out of things, they got all their friends in government offices to go after my entire family again.

It looks like government research maybe, if at least half the people calling the shots are Protestant or a combination of faiths. It looks like the Catholic church when they're all Catholic and Catholic government persons placed only Catholic psychics next to you. What's the motive?


They want to know what my family is doing and wanted revenge for my lawsuits. Then they didn't want to get caught for defaming me and they didn't want to worry about my parents talking either. They were afraid of my parents because their friends told them what they were able to do. So they organized themselves to put their own friends in charge of or over my Mom and Dad.

The people my fiance were nodding to when we walked through downtown Seattle to get my medical records were Catholics from Bullivant Houser and some knew Kaempf.

Every single "boyfriend" I ever had that tried to do something bad, was Catholic or Jewish. They were the only ones trying to get near me and close enough. They were the ones who knew where I was going, when I was going there, and what time. And they kept following me around and had me go out with women they knew and then seized their opportunities when my guard was down.

Every single boyfriend (or person I was intimate with) I had was bad. There was not one single boyfriend that was not motivated by religious hatred and politics. That's why I'm not married. It's not that I have a problem with men, it's that every single one of the guys trying to get close to me had a vengeful motive. And several of them were connected and knew eachother and I didn't even know this. How should I know several of them knew eachother?

They lorded themselves over my parents.

There is no right to utilizing military technology to promote religious hate crimes and steal a child from his mother. I can prove, without any shadow of doubt, that this is what was done. Not only that, they put my family in a desperate position intentionally and illegally, by torturing us in the first place and using law enforcement they knew as their back-up.

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