Thursday, October 6, 2011

Technology at Parent's House

I wanted to confirm we are being tortured with military and FBI technology tonight. I never imagined any of the technology could be FBI related at all, because it's much more sophisticated than that (I thought). But the FBI has new tricks and they've been using them and supporting military efforts too.

So yeah, I include FBI in this because they have made it plain they don't want to help defend the same people their coworkers and military friends torture.

I noticed it when I turned on my laptop as this is one of the primary ways someone taps into this kind of technology, and then I was in my own section of the house and went over to my Mom who was by the fridge and all of a sudden, I stepped right into a "hot spot" where my Mom was being tortured. It was the humming kind of technology that makes ink burst out of pens, that's what someone had targeted over my mom.

It wasn't happening to me, or happening where I was at all, but I was in the livingroom and my Mom was in the kitchen. It was just incredible to walk from an okay area to step next to my Mom (we were going to split a piece of toast so I walked over to the counter) and find, "Oh yeah. They have my Mom targeted specifically." And it was in the house, in a spot that you could feel walking in and out of. I would say it was about as wide or large as about 8x8. How should I know if it was a circumference, a rectangular or triangle shaped zone, it was just there, and it was centered and focused on my mother.

I've woken up in the middle of the night to find some other form of technology centered on just a specific part of my torso or legs. So some of these things they can do large scope I guess, if they really want to make sure they don't miss torturing someone, or they can narrow it down to the size of an inch. They are able to take some of this technology and target one specific part of your brain after first thermo-imaging your brain from satellite distance.

Which sounds strange, but it's true and anyone who has been in the military, in any country, for several years, knows this is true.

Guess what. My family is targeted to be guinea pigs out of hate.

The direct torture is, I have settled on again, stemming from military and mafias at the same time. It is definitely a collaboration between law enforcement, military friends of the law enforcement, and mafia that has friends in the CIA. When I say direct torture I mean face-to-face, hand-to-hand kinds of torture and combat. It's being done and has been done to my mom, dad, and my son.

I've witnessed and seen evidence for all three: my mom, dad, and son. As for me, no one has dared assault me to my face except for the date rapes where they thought they could get away with it and the injections and drugging of me against my will. As for my brother, I suspect things but have zero knowledge because I don't even see him.

The black marks to my parents eyes was happening before I arrived here and then I guess a group decided to hold off and wait and see how I was and how I might react. Then in August, they picked up the same old stuff and started doing it to my parents, right before my own eyes.

My Dad came home today with rings around his eyes like someone had tortured the living daylight out of him all day, and his back is killing him and stiff when he doesn't have back problems and his hands were broken again.

The first time I noticed his hands were all gnarled and swollen, they were red at the very top knuckles of both his hands. Still red even. If you look at your hands, you can see you have the bottom knuckles and then the ones in the middle and then the knuckles at the top. On the day I made police reports about torture of my family, someone broke my dad's top knuckles or had him with all his weight on them.

Today, it's the very bottom knuckles. The top ones show no marks at all, they are not swollen like the day I noticed. But the bottom ones are all swollen and they look broken. I said, "What's this?" and my Dad tried to say it was arthritis but it's not. I said, "Let me see the other hand" and he showed me and they were both swollen. So I said, "Only one of your hands has the arthritis problem and both of your hands have marks and look broken and swollen." The first thing I said was, to his response of "It's arthritis" was "Yeah, arthritis is a nice cover for torture."

I don't know when it happened for sure but it was either yesterday afternoon or today.

You know what I think? I think it's kinda like sometimes some group tells their friends in the FBI not to help us at all when we're beat and tortured, and even join in and the point is to try to drive us to seek help outside of the FBI and then try to frame us for it. Doesn't that sound like a good plan? Just keep allowing torture of a whole family within an inch of their lives, repeatedly, for years, and then watch to see if they try to get help anywhere else and try to use this to make false claims that maybe someone is not very patriotic or is involved in something illegal.

That's what all these great police educators tell us anyway, that mafias were formed to protect families where the police and government were all corrupt.

That's great and all, but this is 2011.

There is no place for FBI bullying and corruption. There is no place for working with corrupt groups and trying to deliberately force people into such difficult circumstances they try to find alternative means to save their lives and their own lives, and protect their mental health and right to work and not be used as guinea pigs.

My son is being subjected to degrading and inhumane treatment and he's only 5. It's mafia working with military and law enforcement. I'm realizing mafia means you might have a day job, but you're still mafia, even if you work for CPS. So, like, punching a kid in the face when you work for the State, yeah, that's mafia. Or when you're from Seattle and come into town just to punch a kid, mafia, and it doesn't matter if you have origins from Greece, Italy, Mexico, Ireland, the U.S., Alaska, or what.

I can hardly hear news about people anymore without wondering if military is behind a hit or something. I mean, knowing and experiencing what I know, I hear transcripts about Michael Jackson saying "I hurt, you know..." and wonder if he was a victim of military research. I am not kidding. At first, it's so unbelievable, you don't totally know what's happening and think maybe you're just sick, or have extreme pain from another injury. Half the time, at first, I wondered, but for me and my son it was beyond weird and other technology things were done at the exact same time, so it was clearly something else.

You know, hackers on the computer not caring if I know anymore, combined with someone turning on electric or battery operated devices, combined with's not simply "a bad back" or "arthritis".

My Dad's skin around his fingernails is turning color now too. It's sort of purple, so something was done to his nails too, or affected the skin below his nails.

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