Sunday, October 16, 2011

Claim Against U.S. for DOD Torture & Kidnapping

I am getting even further proof that my entire family is being forced to be subjects of experimentation by the DOD and that part of it is out of hate crime.

They raped and molested me, hypnotised me and drugged me and then expect to get rewarded for what they've done.

Today I got a very bad feeling right before something, and I know that if I had this instinctive bad feeling, prior to something occuring, it's not something God approves of.

The DOD have allowed criminals, sexual molestors, and people with a personal grudge and vendetta for their church to use my entire family.

I've already seen evidence of hypnosis of my son Oliver and they were torturing him when he was only 1 year old.

These pastors that are here from the Air Force are not Protestant pastors. They are both Catholic men and have been used by their church and the military to do other things, with pastoral work as a cover.

What it looks like, is that the Catholic church decided they wanted revenge, and a few in Jewish groups had their own motives, so they went together to target my family and then try to cover for it by calling it military research.

They forced my mother to delete photos that showed she was forced to take pictures of herself while being tortured.

They are into my mother's laptop and electronics at all times, and do whatever they want with my parent's personal property.

They have used the FBI to prevent them from traveling or being free to do what they want and they torture and threaten them if they try to do anything different.

They have used chemicals and drugs to knock me out and then check to see if I remember a sexual assault or know who did it. They've been doing this since I was in Wenatchee in 2009. I was forced to stay with one DOD person after the other, who assaulted and used not just me but my son for research.

Every single person covering for it was Roman Catholic, Jewish, and usually they were additionally military and DOD supported. They allowed UK interests to be involved in the torture as long as they sided with the U.S. interests.

The photos of my mother being tortured were forcibly removed. My parents have had the military and police here force them to not allow me to take current photos of them either. It's been almost 10 years, or 7 years, since we had family photos and my parents would NEVER be opposed to something like that.

Not unless they are being tortured and told to be opposed. They have been refusing to let me get family photos and the only reason why they would ever do this, is because the FBI and DOD that are involved are threatening them and using physical and chemical force to prevent it.

Why would the U.S. not want my family to have photos of us altogether, if they are not hiding something?

A man by the name of Bruce Martin decided he wanted my mother to sell him a house right before Mike Mullen for the DOD stepped down and Martin Dempsey got his election, which some group already knew was going to be made.

My entire family has an actionable claim against the U.S. government for allowing hate crime against our family and trying to cover it with military research programs.

They don't allow my parents to pick the church they want to go to, and have surrounded this entire town with pastors that are career military and Catholic. They have forced my mother to work for Catholics that steal from them and torture them, and forced my father to give free rent to others at their property. They don't allow my parents to liquidate their assets and make it look like they have all these properties and things, but have made their liquid cash flow almost nothing. The DOD has controlled all of their assets and property and refused to let them sell or liquidate. Instead, they want them to have all these things to make it look like they have money and could leave or travel and work freely--they have tried to make it look like they have freedom when they don't.

The U.S. has been allowing hate crimes against my torture under the direction of the Roman Catholic church, and most especially the fanatical or zealous ones who feel rewarded if they harm others for their mission.

All of my mother's photos were deleted and then someone forced her to put up a photo of nuns, on her own computer. Roman Catholic nuns. My mother would never, ever, get an idea to save or keep a photograph of a bunch of Catholic nuns.

She would also never keep an article about Iran having "tentacles" and some anti-Iran message to save that individually. My mother doesn't pick out specific countries and keep articles about them. That's something someone in the military and U.S. would do or someone torturing them and trying to make it look like this was her idea. My parents don't single out specific countries like that, and suddenly put up all these articles about "Iran" for example, as if they ever cared specifically about Iran. They have never had any special interest in Iran, over any other country or middle eastern country. So they would NEVER put up all these articles as if they are saving them because it's some kind of special interest.

What happened, is I mention Iran once, when I have nothing to do with them and just sent out some queries at times, as well as to other countries...And someone forces them to do this.

The photo of Roman Catholic nuns is totally anti-Muslim and Anti-Islam and for one thing, while my parents don't care one way or the other about Islam, I know for a fact they would never think "Haha! Yeah! Let's put a photo of nuns insulting Muslims on our computer!"

My parents have never gone out of their way to insult any religion, or have ever had an interest in shaming someone for their religion. That's, instead, what Catholics and some Jews have done to us.

This photo of nuns has them all holding up rifles and it says: When the Muslims were promised virgins in paradise, they never expected us!" and has all these Roman Catholic nuns in full religious habit, with guns.

It is nothing that my mother or father would EVER save or think it was fun to keep.

Just like more than half of the things the Catholic church has forced them to agree about, with Jews, in saying things that sound nutty or invalidating their own daughter are nothing they would ever say or do.

They are being tortured and psychologically tortured to lie so these people get away with hate crime against us.

It's like, one day I sued the Catholic Church and a newspaper for defaming me, and reported fraud about Koch and others to the FBI, and they force my parents to move to Koch-land and be terrorised and punished while they tortured me and my son separately.

These people have even tried to control my parent's religion and form of worship and mocked them. I came over from TN and sat at this worship service my parents held, and half the people there treat it like their own personal joke and mock my parents when they are sincere. My Dad was coached to even address me at one of the meetings and the things he said to me, as he tried not to cry, were not things he would come up with on his own. He started going on, complimenting Rosemary and Sheila for things that sounded like someone else had told him to say, and then he started addressing me as the "prodigal son" returned when both he and my mother know I was never a "prodigal child", as if I walked away from my family and from God, to live it up with the rich.

Right. How about, my entire family knows the people who have tortured us are mainly Catholic and Jewish with DOD connections. They knew we were forcibly separated and tortured. They also knew my son was tortured by the DOD and Catholic military and FBI interests. There was nothing wrong with me or my family. But still, someone wanted my Dad to stand there and give a short speech as if I am a prodigal child, finally coming "home" when they know we were all prevented from being united. I was calling them all the time to go back home and they were forced to say no and then I find out later the whole time, they were being tortured and threatened to say no.

It wasn't like I didn't try to go back to my family. I was even illegally blocked from traveling by Oregon police and a Wenatchee Catholic Judge when I tried to visit them, by driving over there. The only time I was allowed to see them was ONE time in over 7 years, with my Catholic and DOD-FBI supported fiance.

I can make a list of at least 5-6 times U.S. government workers directly impeded and obstructed my freedom of travel.

1. 2004. Police and Judiciary unlawfully detained me and prevented me from visiting my parents in Coquille after I made a complaint to the FBI about their employees, for misconduct.

2. 2005-2007. . Numerous time, I called my parents and tried to go back home and they were forced to say no when they didn't want to. My son and I were being tortured and I tried to move back and I didn't realize my parents were being tortured at the same time. My parents had a trailer park with available space, and 2 houses, one which wasn't even used by them and they were forced to tell me no, I couldn't move there with my son. This was the complete opposite of what my parents had wanted, and said to me when I was in the middle of litigation. The people who tortured them told them to have me move out of the area when I was in lawsuits, because they knew this would end the lawsuits. So they told my parents to try to persuade me to move to Coquille when I was in college doing well and doing well with the lawsuits. As soon as the lawsuits were over, they reversed, and obstructed me from moving to my parents. My parents were forced to then say no, don't move here and don't visit. They were controlled by DOD and FBI that had people in religious groups with agendas. It's a perfect example of the misuse of military "privilege" for hate crime and allowing personal religious interests to force surrender of fundamental rights.

3. 2007-2008. I left for Canada to seek political asylum and the U.S. interfered and obstructed my choice to travel with my son. Corrupt Canadians worked with corrupt U.S. to block us from fundamental rights, freedom of travel and freedom from gross defamation. They pursued a false arrest scheme and then defamed me and sent us back to be tortured. The one private attorney I had backed out on me at the last minute and I didn't realize that his 20+ years in military service might be conflict of interest.

4. 2006-2007 and 2009-2010. Forced relocation schemes. Going back, in addition to being obstructed from freedom to travel and unite with family, I was being pushed and forced to relocate by Wenatchee police and State government workers, and also to give up rights to live in an area safely. In Wenatchee, I was repeatedly told to leave, and being coerced to leave the State, when they knew I was about to file a lawsuit. Again, as in point 2 above, as soon as they felt the threat of my filing a lawsuit was over, then they reversed and tried to force me to stay there and not get help outside of the area or reunite with my family. They tried to force me to leave until they defamed me to Canada and then they decided to keep us there and call me crazy and as long as they had guardianship of my son, the threat of people being sued had been removed. So then, instead of trying to force me to leave the State to force me to surrender a right to access the courts, they took my child illegally and that blocked my ability to sue and then they didn't want me to leave. They wanted to trap me there and they no longer cared if I stayed there and was tortured, because they had removed the threat of lawsuit and tried to cover this with military and intelligence privilege. It was the 2nd time members of the Catholic church and government employees abused their positions.

5. 2008. Obstruction of freedom to travel or relocate. I stayed in another part of Washington and tried to get the case changed for venue so my son was where I was working. This is what they were required to do but they refused to grant me the right to Change of Venue. This was done when they already knew safety and conflict of interests was an issue. Then, they refused to provide transportation to visit my son and withheld transportation while telling me to "move back to Wenatchee". By law, if the State takes ones child, they are obligated to pay for transportation costs. They refused and withheld transportation and pressured me to move back to Wenatchee. They did this again when I basically had to "escape" and flee to the other side of the U.S. The only reason anyone would even feel they have to flee or "escape" and try to keep it a secret, is when one has already been repeatedly obstructed from travel, forced to surrender rights, and defamed. I fled to D.C. and once there, Washington state and the federal government obstructed my travel and right to relocate again by refusing then to provide the legal services they were required to provide, and by punishing me by cutting off my son's telephone visits with me and telling me the only way I could talk to him was if I moved back to Wenatchee, where they had conflicts of interest, allowed torture of me and my son, refused to take reports of malicious mischief and vandalisms, and had tried to bribe and coerce me to abandon a lawsuit by pressuring me to leave the entire State. The U.S. government blocked me from services at the CPS headquarters in D.C. even though the State judge allowed and permitted me to obtain my proofs and services there. I was forced to surrender fundamental rights as I was blocked from freedom of travel and relocation when the safety of my family was at risk.

6. 2002-2011. My parents obstructed from freedom of travel. While I was being obstructed from traveling freely, and relocating, I did not know this was happening to my parents at the exact same time. What others who were enemies encouraged me to think, was "Why aren't your parents helping you? why isn't your family helping you? Maybe it's your family." They knew it wasn't my family. My parents were being tortured and obstructed from freedom of travel and they were also being forced to surrender fundamental rights. In June of 2006 one of my parents applied for a passport. They were not allowed to use it and it was confiscated. Then my parents were forced to have passports made where at least one of them (my Dad's) was backdated to reflect a date of 2007. They never had these passports stamped which would prove they left the country. But they were forced to say they were taking a trip to AZ and to Mexico (I don't know if Mexico stamps or not) and other places to make it appear as though they were free to travel when the trips they took were under orders, direction, and threat by the FBI and DOD. One of the trips my parents were forced to make was to Phoenix, AZ where the CIA was then holding an Iranian man hostage to work for them and making it look normal. Maybe someone thought it would be a good joke to force my parents to go there. Every single time I called my parents, during this time, to go back home, they were being forced to say no and they were also forced to not travel to visit me or my son or to even communicate with me the entire 9 months of my pregnancy. The entire time they were being told to pressure me to give my son up for adoption and when I didn't, and didn't abort my child, they were told not to speak with me to see if it would force me to relinquish my rights. I had thought there was something wrong with them and then I found out, no, there was something wrong with this government. They were allowed to see my son once after he was born, for 3 days, and then for 1 day on his 1st birthday. My parents were never allowed to use passports to travel or go on vacation anywhere. My mother was forced to go to Mexico with Debbie and Patty, the same women who still torture her and cover it up. It wasn't a fun vacation. My Dad was never allowed to go anywhere. We've been tortured right here in the U.S. and people act offended if I question why anyone makes a big deal about American hostages in other countries. You have hostages being tortured under your nose and then act like there is something wrong with ME. While the U.S. obstructed our freedom to reunite or relocate or travel freely, they ordered my parents to take trips to make it look like they had vacation and trips to other states to help other people as they obstructed my parents from helping their own family when they wanted to. My Dad was forced to pose for a passport just a few weeks ago, because I kept asking where the passports were if they could freely travel and it took a couple of weeks and then the FBI made one up with a fake date. It smelled brand new, and after I blogged that it smelled brand new, I found it again and my mother or someone had been forced to put a woman's perfume on it (as if that makes it not brand new). My parents are not allowed to travel freely, freely associate with family, freely worship and practice their beliefs, and they are not allowed to freely liquidate any of their assets or use their own property as they would like to use it. My mother is told what to buy and given things to make it look like they are able to make freely chosen purchases when they're not. My mother has huge drawers full of expensive make-up that's not even hers and not in her colors but is almost brand new and was clearly given to her to make it look like she's just spending money all over the place, and I've seen her shopping with Patty--she is told what to buy. My mother would never buy 4 packages of 4 sets of green dildo looking corncob holders. Ever. I thought she had bought one pkg and knew it wasn't anything my mom would buy, and not when she already had holders. But then I found out, in the drawer, there were 4 packages. This is nothing my mother would EVER stock up on. My mother was humiliated to even bring them out and that was after she showed up glassy eyed, black eyed, in shock, after being with Patty. My mother might try out expensive brands for some things, but she's frugal, and "Scottish", and she's not going to buy the amount of things I see, nor is she going to be the one with the idea to put a bunch of dog pins and matchbooks where her geneaology papers used to be.

8. 2008-2009. Obstructed from travel while in D.C. When I was refused any and all services that the State and federal government were required to provide, I asked CPS about a plane ticket because it was impossible for me to travel by bus. It was impossible due to my medical condition. Wenatchee government workers refused to pay the same amount of money that it cost for a bus across the nation, for a plane ticket, when I proved to them the plane ticket was cheaper. I wanted to stay in D.C. and get work but they were also forcing me back, then telling me they were filing an "abandonment claim" against me. They misused the law after refusing Change of Venue. They attempted to control where I lived and if they thought I was going to find legal help in an area, they attempted to obstruct this by using illegal methods to try to force me back. They didn't want me to be in D.C., but after they got a man they all knew involved, then they didn't care. During this time they refused to give me legal discovery by mail in the timeline allowed to give me the right to file notice of appeal and they had already refused to provide legal counsel that did not have conflicts of interest. I asked for Change of Venue because of those conflicts and prejudice and when they refused and tried to block this, the exact thing came to pass--they involved all the persons who had conflicts, in my case and then tried to claim I was picky. During this time, when I was attempting to protect my right to not be slammed with a false restraining order, the U.S. used government workers to take me away from that objective and to attempt to entrap me for crimes instead.

9. 2009. While in Wenatchee I was tortured, forced out of all housing, and told the only way to see my son at all was to live there, where it was unsafe for me and my son both. They forced me to surrender fundamental rights and allowed DOD experimentation as a cover for hate crime and malicious intent. They blocked me from freely traveling by telling me if I did try to move away again, they were instantly filing to terminate my parental rights. So they kept me there for over a year and tortured us, and used U.S. government offices for use for research and disseminated all personal information about my visits to the public while keeping me from obtaining records. I was forced out of all housing when it was illegal, to be followed around by Wenatchee police who were first involved in torturing me and my son before my son was even born, in 2005. They kicked me out of housing I applied for and qualified for, after repeatedly telling me they would rent a place and then backing out. I had federal funds for housing and the City of Wenatchee refused to follow through and made excuses. When I finally did get a place, it ended up being because he'd told me he had a place at a restaurant and was waiting there for me. He tortured me and the U.S. federal government had no problem paying the rent. When I attempted to get my own place after being tortured there, then the federal government used someone from The City of Seattle to call up City of Wenatchee Fair Housing and tell them to kick me out of the program so that I had nothing. At the same time, I was being refused money I was owed by the federal government for my work at The Post Pub. State employees deliberately obstructed me from getting this unemployment money and I applied for work at every single place that was called a business in Wenatchee. I even tried to volunteer, and I was blacklisted so badly, they wouldn't even allow me to volunteer anywhere. Which is why I had asked for Change of Venue in the very beginning. I put in applications to volunteer for free at churches, art schools, preschools, and a music school. The DOD decided that after they had paid rent to the man they approved to torture me, that instead of allowing me the chance to get an apartment or use the money that was there for independent housing, they wanted to force me completely out of all housing and all money, unemployment money and work, and even volunteer options, and dangle my only son Oliver in front of me, and have him show up at State offices with clear and convincing evidence of torture. They blocked evidence from being made by me with a court order. They even had police putting me under false arrest for purposes of stealing evidence from me and destroying it. And then while they used my son to keep me in Wenatchee, and tortured me with black site operatives, who even mocked me and sent info all the way to the UK for sport, the federal government Catholics paid the bill for the housing to torture me with, and then refused to dispense monies allocated for the purpose of independent living. The director of Fair Housing and Board members were primarily Catholic and military. Linda Price was the only I knew that was Protestant and she screwed me out of housing for personal interests, because of her Catholic supervisor, and her own military connections. They decided that if I was forced out of housing funds, and was obviously staying in town to try to get my son, some groups never had to worry about my ability of defending myself or my family and others were able to get away with illegal and criminal military operations. I was at the mercy of the town and the town had no mercy. I was forced out of the only freedom that was left, and tortured by women in gangs at the few shelters, where I was degraded and humiliated to even be forced to be there when I was able to work, go to college, and support myself but was being obstructed. I attempted to get into college, but that's on another point. So my freedom to travel was blocked by the government holding my son hostage and then trying to hold me hostage too. They paid for torture and then they had me thrown out with nothing, knowing it would leave me 100% vulnerable to military sexual predators and experimentation. I had to have a roof over my head, so the people they brought in to get up close to me and offer me a place, were, in every single case, without one exception, DOD. There was a house with a bunch of military brats and a rat named Benjamin who worked with police and stole all my memory cards from my bags; there was a Marine who had stalked me and my son before I had left for D.C.; there was his neighbor Floyd who was former military (Army) and newly from Canada, who drugged me and sexually molested me (after it was first done at Steve Mays house) and had cameras and computer surveillance hooked up, and used knives to scare me on a day my son showed up with cuts on his fingers; there was this woman from Safeway who wanted to befriend me when I was pregnant in Wenatchee with my son and never bothered to tell me she was with the military psychics and all her boyfriends were military; and then there was Theo Keyes, who was military and whose Dad was career Army military (still active) and who tortured me in his house with technology and then pretended to be using healing "karma" or energy to counter what he was doing--he tried to drive me crazy and he was specifically being hired by the DOD to psychologically torture. The other one who was military (Army) lived on the same row as the woman, and he was Jewish or Catholic and stole money from me and tried to seriously read my mind and thought it was funny for me to be injured or humiliated, surrounded by his 20-30 stray cats and his upstairs neighbors who hit me on the head and assaulted me while they got paid by locals to do crazy Wiccan work down the road from the military-turned-Wiccan woman whose own son was being used by military for research as a baby. Because the federal government forced me out of housing I was entitled to and qualified for, after they paid for the first round of torture, they decided not to pay at all. They paid nothing, as they had DOD use me and mock me at SIX different military houses in Wenatchee, Washington. I was tortured and used at 6 different houses with military employees and DOD connections, and Steve Mays would be #7. Some of this was done before the DOD and CIA got more information on me by using FBI and CPS workers to obtain head scans of me, I.Q. and personality tests, and other information. They used none of it for my actual case with my son. It was used for the DOD, and for the protection of the FBI or Department of State, AG--whoever defamed me to Canada when they knew beforehand that all my mental health records had been cleared and were good, as well as recent.

10. 2009. Obstruction of travel to Seattle, Bainbridge for tests required. CPS told me to get my son back I had to have the I.Q. and MMPI done. I did the I.Q. in Wenatchee when I was being medicated and drugged and tortured already. It wasn't exactly great conditions. But finally they said they'd do this. The State spent 1 entire year stalling on providing the MMPI. It was supposed to be done in D.C. and the Judge allowed this and their funding covered it but they refused because they wanted people they knew who had the conflicts of interest against me. So they kept hiring people who said they were doing it and 1-2 days before appointment date, they'd bail. It happened over 5 times and these psychologists were making their appt. dates with me 1-2 months in advance and already knew about my blog. They deliberately strung me along to drop me and stall time while people used my son for research and tortured all of us. All of the psychologists who did this to me were Catholic or Jewish. Every single one of them. I was finally told to go see Lucretia Krebs in Vancouver, WA and CPS was required to pay for the travel and transportation. So they made a date, ordered me to go or have my rights to visit revoked, and then they refused to pay for it. They already knew I could not get work and was being blocked from unemployment money I was owed by the Feds. I had no one to give me a ride there except this man who stole my laptop and gave it to the military or FBI, so I had to partly hitchhike in dangerous conditions, just to try to get to an appointment because the AG and Gregoire's offices thought it would be funny to tell me to be evaluated and then block my ability to go. During that trip, I was assaulted on multiple occasions, on multiple levels and mocked by the Seattle FBI who had corrupt workers attempting to block me from even making a report. And this, by the way, is after I got delayed bus tickets to travel to see my son and someone was really trying to obstruct travel by placing a boulder in the middle of the road approaching military-haven Leavenworth. By the time I got to her offices, I was polite and put together and when I talked to her I could tell she was shocked that I was even there. I knew she knew, I sounded like a perfectly normal person and there was nothing schitzo or paranoid about me. I knew she knew. She even looked hesitant. But then, I was told to take a parenting assessment test and she left the room and they literally zapped me, hard, with some form of military technology. Repeatedly, in a psychology office. I could not believe it. They kept doing it and I thought maybe it was done to distract me and I filled it out anyway. Then they did this when I was taking the MMPI. The entire time, a burning sensation and then every now and then, a zap. I could not believe it. So I left and saw all these people driving past who had been interested in stalking me even there. Laughing and thinking what had just happened was great. I didn't think it was DOD or govt. at that time. I thought it was like mafia or mobsters. But now I know, maybe there are mafia and religious interests, yes. I'm sure that's what was used to appeal to certain CIA, DOD, FBI interests. But the technology and what's been done, has been uniformly military and covered up by the DOD and the FBI actually knows what's going on and gives my entire family this: "Sorry, we can't help you." I'm not kidding. They literally know we're tortured and say, "Sorry".

By the way, there is a man across the lawn, up from my parents house who I think is former military and people around our entire property are, so maybe someone else can investigate. My entire family has evidence of torture and since the FBI says "Sorry, we're not investigating anything and we don't care to document because we're being paid not to," maybe someone besides the Red Cross can find out why. If you think I'm making it up, I'm not. There is literally evidence on my Dad's face right now, today.

All that to say, I was not given required funds for transportation to a U.S. government required evaluation and I was told I had to surrender a right if I didn't go and that this was the last one they would ever schedule, even though it wasn't my fault the other Catholic and Jewish psychologists bailed at the last minute. So they tried to obstruct my travel and then made it more dangerous for me to get there and back. When I got back to Wenatchee, they had me tortured and sent to military houses.

11. 2010. Obstruction of travel to Walla, Walla and out of Walla, Walla. I blogged about this already. I literally had the only bus to and from Walla Walla blocking me from leaving the town. There were a LOT of Jewish people there for some reason, tracking me, and then I was trying to get out of the town, and there is just one bus that goes out. It then connects to a Greyhound, but there are no taxi's and you have to take this connecter bus. The woman who sold tickets knew who I was apparently and told me she was not selling me a ticket out. First she lied to me about which bus to take and times, and then when I realized and was trying to make it out on time, she blocked me from traveling at all so I was literally TRAPPED in the town over the entire weekend. It wasn't like she didn't have tickets or there wasn't room. There was room. I even asked her why and said I was paying for it and she said, "No. Sorry." I said I would pay for a ticket and she just said, "I'm not selling you one." I went to the police station about illegal obstruction of travel and they said it was an administrative matter with the bus. The Jewish groups were all over me around this time. There was a specific timeframe when it was a lot of Jews doing their psychic work and following me around and leading me down the blind alley or hoping that's where I'd go. Mainly, it was Catholic stuff, but now and then a group of Jewish would turn out en masse (so it seemed). So I was blocked from leaving and experimented on and made to stay so they could say their little predictions were coming true. They never would have come true if they hadn't used illegal and criminal methods to block me and fight God. I was then in Spokane and tried to do a few things but it was heavy surveillance and games and I was drugged or medicated in Walla Walla or Spokane. It happened more than once on that short trip.

(Twice I had the next section I was posting deleted, at 6:15 p.m.)

12. 2010-2011. Obstruction of travel to leave Nashville, TN. I tried to leave Nashville, TN after the Nashville DEA and FBI defamed me to have me unlawfully thrown into a psych ward where I was tortured, injected with Haldol when they knew it would ruin my mind and that I had psychic abilities, and forced to be part of experimentation with other Catholic military psychics there who were not being drugged. I applied for a passport immediately after this was done to me by the DOD and FBI and the U.S. federal government deliberately obstructed my freedom of travel by lying and claiming they didn't know who I was. They prevented me from leaving in order to force me to work for the U.S. Catholic military at Logan's restaurant where I was used in experimentation with other psychics trying to read me, harassing me and using military technology against me, doors down from a Nashville FBI office. I made it very clear that my intentions in applying for a passport were to leave the U.S. and the U.S. obstructed my freedom of movement and travel in order to force me to work for them and enable hate crimes against me. I was not allowed to leave. They created a fraudulent excuse, mocking me by claiming they needed "further proof of identification" when they already had records. Then, when I sent them the additional pieces of ID, they obstructed processing of my passport again, delaying my ability to travel until after my entire family had been assaulted up to April 29, 2010. The U.S. federal government obstructed my ability to escape hostile and unsafe conditions where I was being tortured and assaulted with the consent and approval of the federal government, as a victim of hate crime. They trapped me in order to further victimize me. After I answered their request for 5 pieces of photo and newspaper ID that proved my identity, which I sent in complete and exact, the U.S. mocked me by returning my application and telling me to submit another 5 pieces of indentification from my past, when they knew their friends had stolen everything from my past. This kind of obstruction in preventing me from leaving a corrupt country, and corrupt government officias, resulted in irreparable damages. There is nothing I could ever do to get some of these things back. They continued to drug and medicate me, making it impossible for me to answer legal matters re. my son's case, when if I had left this country, I might not have been tortured, used in experiments, and been clearer thinking for purposes of responding and firing corrupt counsel before it was too late. The religious hate interests within the U.S. government bought at least 5 months of time in preventing me from leaving the country and having freedom of travel.

13. After I was forced to work at Logan's and assaulted on a daily basis by Catholic military, I was then obstructed from leaving Nashville, TN to go to Knoxville, TN while the U.S. government obstructed processing of my passport. I attempted to get on a bus to travel to Knoxville, TN and I was blocked from travel by bus operators and Nashville police who were then on duty. They told me I could not leave on that bus even though seats were empty. I tried to pay for a ticket and they told me I was not allowed to buy one. I went to other police in Nashville and made calls about obstruction and they laughed at me. After several days of this, I was finally allowed to get on a bus and by that time, people were lined up to board who carried LTL military weapons with them, and they assaulted me during the trip. Once I was in Knoxville, TN, I was tortured and stalked and then I was put under false arrest when the U.S. federal government knew I was being assaulted and that they were responsible. They threw me in jail with more U.S. government psychics, fractured my hands, injected me with a substance or drug or something biochemical while breaking my hands when I was naked, and then I was dragged across the floor in a narrow towel naked, to be thrown in a solitary cell while I watched the injection site on my arm swell. The U.S. did this to me knowing all along that they were the ones consenting to torture of me with military technology. They injected me while I was in a U.S. detention center, on U.S. property, and by a woman acting as a detention center cop and guard, not a doctor. There was another woman with her, and since my back was turned when they did it, maybe the other one injected me. One of the 2 women injected me with a substance in Knoxville.

After they did this to me, they handprinted me as if they had some crazy idea that they could make London look like a good idea, knowing England requires persons traveling or living there to be handprinted. Maybe they were just doing favors for England, period. Because no one in the U.S. needed hand and wrist prints and more fingerprints of my fingers, for the 12th time.

After this injection, the site of injection was almost a hard lump that did not go down for over 1 full month. People like "Susan B. Hay", the British woman who tortures my mother and is a link to UK corruption, make fun of what happened by sending my mother emails copied to "snakebite" and makes comments about how she is going to an "excruciating dental appointment" when she knows one of my parents has an appointment themselves and they are tortured. Maybe the U.S. has enough corrupt people, they violate all laws in order to work with corrupt English and UK people. I haven't been told yet, whether this English born woman is related to "Alan Hay" with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese in Washington State, or "Jessica Hay", Kate's college roommate, or both. I'm sure that any normal person in London might think it would be foolish and crazy for me to meet the other "Susan B. Hay's" just waiting to follow Middleton cues. After the U.S. federal government assaulted me in a federal detention center, without cause, and degraded me, they put me into a solid glass cage--a room that had full length windows all the way around. They did this after they first injected me while I was naked, in front of a 2-way mirror with people watching. There was a mirror there and they later tried to say there wasn't. They put me into a solid glass room to watch how another U.S. psychic interacted with me and if she made correct predictions about things I did, where I sat, if I took a lunch in, and how it was disposed of.

The U.S. obstructed my freedom of travel to leave the country not just ONCE, but twice. And they proved to everyone that they have had motive and used us for government research against our will and allowed hate crimes. Not only have I been obstructed from local and state-to-state travel, the federal government has obstructed my right to travel outside of this country.

14. 2010-2011. Attempted obstruction of travel out of Knoxville, TN. The U.S. attempted to obstruct my travel out of Tennessee by giving me an order to return for court in person or have a warrant put out for me. This wouldn't fall under obstruction of travel unless the grounds were unlawful to begin with. They had continually falsely imprisoned me to be a victim of hate crime and for research interests. False imprisonment is not allowing them to leave, by restraint or by threats, and is the same thing as kidnapping. I chose to leave anyway and risk having a warrant put out.

The U.S. has allowed obstruction of freedom of travel, with regard to my name and person, since 2004.

I was not under investigation for any reason that would lawfully permit obstruction of travel and later, I was refused the right to travel while the U.S. allowed military and federal employees to experiment on me and my family. They kidnapped us and have had us kidnapped for some time. My parents cannot move freely, I was prevented from moving freely, and they even kidnapped my son.

15. 2011. Obstruction of travel (indirect action taken to prevent freedom of travel). When I arrived in Coquille, Oregon and realized my parents had been tortured and forced to work without leave to travel, I still did not have my passport because after they delayed another time by forcing me to submit additional materials a second time, they had been drugging me, using me for experimental research, and this made it impossible to think clearly. I got to Coquille having no money because my money had been used while I was prevented from traveling and forced to stay in locations to be tortured. When I applied again, for the 3rd time for my passport, they knew I had no money. Even if I got a passport, how would I go anywhere? They used threats to keep my parents from helping me with a little money for my son's case. They lied and obstructed my freedom of movement when it was most important to leave and protect my rights and my son's rights. After they ruined an Appeal and pushed more of their corruption through, then they imagined it would be fun if I could be convinced to imagine "London" was a good idea. When they realized I was not going to leave my son and that there is no such thing as a "Broken Bond", the U.S. got the Dept. of Ed. to block the processing of my loan for college, to prevent me from having any money to use for college, living costs, travel costs, and the costs for fighting for the child they kidnapped from me. At the same time, they threatened the UN not to help. That's after the U.S. federal government tried to get me to work for them again, at the Devil's Kitchen. They allowed me to go back home after separating my family for over 7 years. And when I got home, I found out the U.S. had this great idea to keep me working for them, as a guinea pig for their people, at minimum wage, torture included for free. I quit after 2 days. In retaliation, they went after my family, cut off my rights to my son, and blocked me from having money to protect my rights while threatening my parents. They also know I have legal documents still in Tennessee, which they've already illegally purused, which I need to fly back for, which I can't do without money to travel. The entire time I was obstructed from travel and tortured and drugged, it was done with the foreknowledge that this would prevent me from defending myself in legal cases made against me which are defamatory.

I have at least 10 solid and specific incidents I can cite for obstruction of travel. Then I have a few indirect instances. I can also link a motive to some, for attempting to create false arrests and misdemeanors to prevent me from even being allowed into some other countries.

I can make another list of how they obstructed me from going to college.

I can make a list of obstuction through use of medications and drugs in my ability to work, get into college, or try to defend my son.

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