Monday, October 10, 2011

Vacation and Other

Today I almost wore a dark green turtleneck and it was the first thing I picked out of my closet and I held it up and looked at it and decided at the last minute not to wear it, but my Dad was wearing a shirt that color, I later found out. I even looked at the label and everything. It said "Bob Brookings" or something and my Dad's shirt was the same color and said, "Listen to Bob." My Mom was wearing what I had ended up wearing, which I also realized later because I didn't see either of them before they left for work today.

Here's how I know they're gifted: My Mom sets out 3 pieces of bread, just broken off little pieces, of varying size, and I am in the other room and say I want another piece of bread and since there are crumbs there already, don't clean up the breadboard yet. I didn't see the pieces but just guessed crumbs. Then I put in a slice of bread and it randomly broke in 3 pieces, matching what my Mom had put on the breadboard ahead of time. I divided it into 2 pieces, but then one popped up and I used a knife to lift it up and then it broke in 2 and made 3 pieces, matching what my Mom had done.

My Dad can do the exact same thing. He predicted I'd cut my finger an hour before I cut my finger. That was a day or two ago. And I cut it the same way he told me his finger had been cut. I cut it on a wrapper of a sealed can of coffee when I was tearing it off. And this is probably why he told me, when I was 9 years old, not to swing from the tree limb, because I didn't listen, and I broke my arm. I went back onto the tree and was swinging again and I slipped, and broke my arm. I went to the Dr. crying and saying it was my fault because I had disobeyed. How could I have known he maybe foresaw what would or was going to happen if I kept swinging on the tree.

They will cough or scratch or say something right before I do it, without my knowing I was going to do what they predicted I would do. And it's not like a psychological cough, but all of a sudden, I will have the natural need to cough, and it matches the way my Mom or Dad coughted before me.

So yeah, they are way above and beyond what I can do, but maybe someone got worried that I was like them, and that's why they went after all of us. It's not small stuff.

There is no way I can predict things ahead of time, like some people. I see things from my Mom's collections when she was a teenager and it matches the future, over 20 years later. She has a photo clipped out of a young woman wearing a swimsuit with other women behind her, from the early 80s, and I recently saw it and almost freaked out. It was the exact same swimsuit I bought 20 years later, picked it out on my own, and wore it even through my pregnancy with my son. It was a black and white 2 piece, black with white trim all the way around. The exact same suit my Mom had cut out from a magazine when I was about 4 or so.

I think it freaked me out so much I didn't want to see the rest. So actually, I haven't looked yet. Because I'm still freaked out. The other stuff I noticed was magazine articles from the 80s about orchids and I had gone for Halloween as "the orchard thief" decades later.

If someone picked up on these abilities back in the 70s, it explains why some large group might want to spend a lot of money and resources if they were worried or jealous.

As for me, I pick up on things but don't always know what it means. I have my own kind of gift, but it's nothing like theirs. Mine gets me into trouble because I don't always know what it's about but it might sound like I do know. Which is maybe why someone wanted to push in the heads and skulls of our newborns ever since. Afraid of something...even afraid of what I was saying my son could do at such a young age, so he ends up being tortured.

I am positive this is why my family has been, and is being, tortured.

This would be what worries a group enough to motivate them to commit hate crimes, if they are afraid of this ability or these gifts and we are not members of their group or church.

Things I can do...for example, I sometimes get insights into people but it's just here or there and not really something I feel confident about. Seeing red when I asked the color of William's apparel, I doubted myself and I had prayed to see it, it wasn't random. I asked God to show me and I guess he did. The Obama femur thing--that was by praying too, though I spent a lot more time praying to see something about the President because I wanted something that would help me get my son back and prove God was on my side. Other times, I'm not praying, but just get a small flash of something and it's random. Recently, I met some people I'd never met before and we were praying and, for example, with one man I had a flash of a helicopter but he had on army stuff so I figured that was why, it was imagination maybe. Then, this other guy was being prayed for and I suddenly saw him lying on his bed, on his back, awake and unable to sleep. I thought he maybe cries at night sometimes. Then, we were praying for his girlfriend or wife and his daughter and I saw 2 knives crossing over eachother, and when I opened my eyes, his hand was on a knife at his belt which I had not noticed until then. But what I saw, was 2 knives, with the handles out to the side, one to the left and one to the right and then the blades sort of intersecting into a small v or x at the tip of the blades. So I was seeing knives and it wasn't violent, it was a placing of them, one sort of overlapping the other, and then my eyes opened and his hand was on a pocket knife at his belt. This other woman was sort of overweight and they talked about weight but I thought maybe she got headaches but I didn't ask and don't know.

So I sometimes "see" things, but I don't know always know what it means. My parents, are extremely gifted, at the very top of the top, and they know what they're getting, who it's for usually, and timing I think. They not only remote view, they see into the future and it's a gift from God, genetic, and natural, and they don't do anything weird.

It's weirdos that want to do something unnatural with this, or haters who want to keep us down and punish us or use us, or torture us.

No one in my family is into the occult. I have, never in my life, seen my parents with any kind of interest in anything occult. They're spiritual and believe in God and probably respect those with a variety of beliefs, but that's not why they can do what they can do. It's a gift. And it's something that's been passed through the family by genetics and we're being tortured over it.

My son was tortured and then stolen from me and the U.S. thinks they can keep him. If my parents are free to travel and not forced to be here to work for people who torture them, then we'll see. We'll maybe get vacation tickets when I have a chance, for RT from a country to here, in a week and just have fun for once. Isn't that what passports are for? travel? So if the FBI isn't a part of allowing and perpetuating torture and hate crime against us--if we are "free" then we shall see.

So I was looking up different ideas of where to visit or explore and some places in the world are not technically safe, though I personally don't care. I said middle east? and they said no, and it's too volatile I guess. And then most of south america is sometimes prone to kidnappings here and there, though remote, so I thought of eastern europe, germany, and scotland. There are other places I'd like to see but my parents have already seen some of these places. I looked at this one hotel that stood out to me because of the name, Tigerlily, and it was in Scotland but then all the rooms were booked up. I clicked on it further and found it was next to a castle so that might be why. I had selected it because it looked nice and reminded me of one of my favorite flowers as a girl, which I would always pick whenever we went camping. Tigerlilies! I think they are why I liked leopard print later, sometimes, in taste, was from liking the spots and markings of the tigerlily. The wild ones, small and delicate, in the forests...I liked tigerlilies when I was young, and always picked them for our table bouquet at our picnic table when we camped. Later, I loved other lilies because of the fragrance and how even one bloom can fill the air. So that's why I clicked on the Tigerlily hotel in Scotland.

But I looked at several places, and really have no idea. Almost anywhere and everywhere sounds interesting to me, but I am keeping other things in mind, for ideas. Not for now, but if possible, near future.

Tonight I was watching news and while watching, I started to picture the journalist doing something else...since people want to read my mind, I thought I'd give them something fun to read. I started picturing Laura Ingraham in a devil's costume with horns on her head and a whip, whipping Bill O'Reilly. And I started laughing and laughing while watching her talk and then I pictured her spanking Bill, with him over her knee. Later, I got a 2 whips, or rodeo ropes, one in each hand idea and saw her whirling them above her head and ringing in some was sort of amusing, because I was laughing and entertained and then the next guy that came up to chat with her was someone named William La Jeunese and he sort of flicked his pen up like I imagined her doing with a whip and it cracked me up. Then at the end, everyone was doing little whirls with their fingers in the air, which was really hilarious, since I had Laura in mind with her whip and devil costume on. I even imagined the way she would snarl with one upper lip curled. My Dad said, while I was laughing and had said nothing to anyone, he said to me, "I'll have whatever you're having." and then I laughed more and said what I was picturing and said, "Hey, they want to read my mind, I'll give them something to read." Then there was some Rasmussen guy and I was still laughing, thinking about this.

When Anne Coulter was on, side by side with Laura I said, "They look just like eachother; it's like they're separated twins." I saw her first, and that's how I got the idea of Ingraham in a costume, because she had just been talking to Coulter about her book with a devil or demon title. Then we were on another station and it was some weather guy and he was blond and I saw him putting a basketball into a hoop and pictured this and at the same time he then said something about a slam. I had pictured a slam dunk. I think my dad had changed the channel, it was some other guy. I thought though that this one was maybe psychic for some reason, it crossed my mind. No one else, of the journalists, did I pick up anything with or think of in an amusing way, just for fun. I saw one guy dancing in his underwear actually. One of the black male journalists, and flexing (to himself, just something he does on his own I guess, but either it was a flash of something real or just imagination).

Basically, my family has been treated very badly and in violation of a ton of laws and what they did with keeping my son from me...wrong. That was not just bad manners. That was hate crime.

I asked my Mom if she was writing my aunt tonight and she was typing away fast and said yes, and then I asked what about and she told me and I said, "Oh, yeah. 004 DPR, Oregon license plate." My Mom only told me about my son, nothing else and it brought to mind this license plate I saw today, which I've seen around town before and I added, "I didn't write it down. I remembered it because I knew why she was driving around and what she was doing." Just harassment and I picked up on it and her motive.

I knew my Dad was tortured today because the dog was tortured and had signs of it. I got into the car and the dog's heart was racing and he hadn't been running around--he'd been in the car, and he was just quiet and laid on my lap and he only does this if he doesn't feel well. So I knew that even if I can't see how my Dad's heart is or how he's feeling, if I felt this from the dog, I knew my Dad had spent the morning being tortured with clean torture, the kind people get away with because it doesn't leave evidence but is severely harmful.

I suspected my Dad had spent the morning somewhere, in some way, being degraded and tortured. And I had a bad feeling this early morning and he left before I could even see him, around 6 or 7 or something.

When I realize what gifts my parents have, I realize, it's not a big secret for me to share because our enemies already know and have tortured us and tried to degrade us over it. Not only that, the've wanted it to be a secret from others who might understand or figure out what the motive could be.

That's all for now.

My Dad said "now" right before I wrote "now" on my blog. He was saying, time to hit the road, move on out! and then said something like move on out NOW!

I was stalling leaving and said okay, I'm going, but I'd forgotten something else I wanted to write.

I am back (now that I'm at my place) because I forgot to add, my Mom was tortured again too, and I could tell by her eyes when she came out of working in the office with Debra Sweetwater-Burt. She didn't know I was waiting in the car and when she came out she looked unhappy, or disappointed and she got into the car and I saw that her eyes were newly imprinted. Darkened and defined where it happened. It was 11:30 a.m. and the only other place she'd been that morning was Fidelity Title. The rest of the time she was at work and she'd left the house at 9 a.m. How do her coworkers not notice? It's like when I noticed the scar on my Mom's cheek from a cut and thought, how in the world do her coworkers not notice things like this? Right after I blogged about how could they not notice, the evidence was being removed from my Mom's face and her eyes darkened with other technology or harm. My Mom was at Fidelity Title at 10 a.m. because I walked by her car. From 9-11:30 a.m. she was only at work or at the Title place. And I sat outside the office from before 11-on and waited and she got into the car and I saw her eyes were showing fresh evidence of her being tortured.

I don't know why I should keep my parent's gift a secret when their enemies already know about it and have tortured all of us because of it. It's not like this is just happening for no reason at all or that hate crimes are not involved and it explains why this much money and resources would be used against us. It also explains all the government stuff around me and shows they had to know, and do know,and have been allowing members of a group to assault us and then try to keep the information or crime privileged. In the meantime, those who might try or want to help, don't know what's going on or have had a hard time believing me or understanding what's going on.

It's very serious.

What's interesting is that while I was in the dark about it, I was just being mocked, harassed and degraded and tortured and then my son too, and the entire time, I didn't even know or realize how truly gifted my family was ...I thought my gift was my voice, and it was. But I didn't realize about my parents' and the whole time all these people were trying to keep us as degraded and defiled or bad-looking as possible. And there can be no other motive than fear and jealousy and hate. This is how they used an excuse to cover for what they were doing, calling it top secret or privileged and not allowing anyone, not even my parents to talk about it. These people fully knew what my parents could do, bound my parents with confidentiality, and then have been using them but oppressing them while they make money off of them. They've gotten away with stealing my son from me and using hate crime to torture and intimidate all of us.

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