Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Someone Beat My Dad Again & Gregory Fowler

Someone beat my Dad up again today. He looked, from outward appearances, okay at lunch and then this afternoon, something happened.

My Dad came back to the house around 3:30 p.m. and his face was completely different from how it was this morning.

I am positive it is the FBI and I was just looking up Mr. Gregory Fowler, newly assigned Special Agent in Charge for Portland, Oregon. I wanted to know who is in charge of the FBI in this state right now and when they got their position. It appears Mr. Fowler got his appointment in August of this month. August 1, 2011. Which is about the time things got bad over here and I noticed visible changes to my mom and dad. I would say sometime after I made my report to the UN on September 3, 2011 but possibly something before then. I know we were all being tortured with technology before then, but nothing was noticeable on the outside except for laser marks on me.

In the timespan from approximately 12 p.m. and 3:30 p.m., my Dad was tortured.

I noticed his face was different and that there was something red above his left eye, like on his eyelid, which I've never seen before. It wasn't red on the other one but the left one it was, like someone had lasered it, pinched it, or done something and then there were darker circles. Then, an hour later, the dark skin around the eyes showed up and there are even really dark marks on the sides of my Dad's nose, like something was pinching his nose for a long time, at the top.

It was like, in the last month or two, all of a sudden there was a turn in something, and I wondered who had come to town or what had happened. Some of these people were already here, but when my Mom and Dad started showing up with visible signs of torture on their bodies, I wondered why these people were getting their confidence to do this, and who they were getting their confidence from.

This kind of thing would be reported to police or FBI. And then the police here feel bold enough to beat my Dad and mock him over the phone, saying to my face, "Your parents are old and decrepit." What kind of an officer gets courage to say something like that to a daughter who is trying to report crime.

So I just looked up the FBI person in charge right now and it's a new assignment for him. He's from New York, and if I remember correctly, he's from the same department that Karin's father or husband worked for. I first looked him up when he was working out of Seattle FBI offices. I had transfered from Oregon to Washington at that time and he was in Washington. I commented about him when I looked up people in Washington then.

So he's military, because he was in Iraq. They deployed him while he was still with the FBI. Then it says he was working in Chicago in 2005 and it doesn't say when he was in New York but it was after Chicago and then he was assigned over here.

My parents have never said a word.

In fact, they assumed I went through some personal diaries because I just blogged about it today but I saw them a few days ago for one and then the other one is sitting out where anyone can see it. It wasn't like they were in hiding or anything and what I noticed, was that it's out of character and nothing my Dad would put together. So anyway, they tell me nothing.

It's my own curiosity because I have been wondering where Patty and Debra Burt and others are getting their courage to torture my mom and dad.

I won't lay blame on Mr. Fowler, yet, because I am not sure what kind of man he is, but I do note that Mr. Robert Mueller made him in charge in August 2011 and things have not been good for my family since.

I was just wondering what he did in Iraq in late 2004, going on 2005. And it doesn't say when he returned either, and if he returned to Seattle FBI offices or went to Chicago. I guess you don't have to be military either. You could be FBI going over there to conduct interrogations.

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