Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Dog Is Afraid Of British Accent

I don't know that I'm "the dog whisperer" exactly.

But, I did come up with a psychological assessment for the dog recently.

The dog just got back from the vet and he was NOT okay yesterday.

I think the dog got fried with technology and lasers because he reacted the same way we have, after being fried for awhile and then cooling down to be shivering. It must be worse for a smaller animal.

However, I also thought, it's so weird, and I am not sure it's digestive trouble but maybe psychological trauma.

The dog was fine one minute and then the next minute, he was shaking uncontrollably and scared. I thought it might be physical but it's possible it's psychological because this dog has witnessed horrible things happening to my family I am sure.

It was at 8 p.m. last night when the movie "Duplicity" came on television. The main man has a distinct British accent. When the dog woke up to this, having been in a nap, he began shaking uncontrollably and wanted to hide and cuddle. Then he was even throwing up a little, but it could be nerves as much as anything else.

What was odd was that it began when the British accent began.

So it's not the first thing that came to mind at all. But I was sitting there watching and the dog started freaking out. He sat in my lap and I patted him and stroked his back and then I put one of my fingers near the inside of his ears. My mom said, "What are you doing?" because then I had a finger in each of his ears.

I said, "I'm feeling how hot he is". I wanted to see if he was hotter in one ear or the other, and if the temperature seemed high. So when I did this, with the movie playing, the dog calmed down.

My Mom said, "Don't do that." I said, "Mom, he stopped shaking when I have my fingers in his ears."

I looked up at the movie, with my fingers in the dog's ears and said, stunned:

"The dog is AFRAID of a BRITISH accent."

(Which means the dog will not be going to London anytime soon)

My Mom said, "Oh RIGHT. Give me a break..." and I said, "No, seriously, he started shaking at 8 p.m. which is when this movie came on and the only thing different about it is that this guy has a British accent."

So I took my fingers out of his ears and he was shaking and shivering again.

I put his head against my chest so one ear was smothered by my chest, and then I sort of plugged his other ear with my finger and he calmed down again.

"He stops shaking when he's not hearing that accent."

I started wondering who has been around our dog, at my parent's house, that I've not been told about. I was thinking it's a man with a British accent.

Possibly, some very significant harm came to my mother or father or the dog, by a man with a British accent.

He was literally fine. One minute he was sleeping and the next, he was waking up to this man speaking with a distinct British accent and he freaked out.

It is a possibility.

Yes, he ate a ham bone. Yes, it's possible he was lasered. However, I noticed the connection with something else and animals are much smarter than we give them credit for.

The dog is a potential witness to British crime.

I was shocked to find out there is a woman in the area who my mother works with and who is British and has the same last name as Kate Middleton's best friend and roommate. I don't know who else may have been around. A man, specifically. A man with a British accent that terrified our dog.

My parents thought I was "out there" but it's true...animals can be traumatized by events and if something was bad enough, they would remember. Especially if the person came back more than once.

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