Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Expose of Govt.Torture

I was told to take down the names of people who work for the govt. and have tortured and used my family. Since I asked for an inquiry from the UN and started posting information about people, my family has been severely tortured. I guess this means I was doing a pretty good job.

MY family is the family that's been tortured without cause. You people are the original criminals. You were lasering me and torturing all of us before I started putting up your names to expose the things you're doing. Some of you force my parents to pretend you're their "friends" when you've tortured them.

I acted on my own by exposing things, my parents didn't encourage me or give me ideas. And I have a lot more to add too, if I want to.

What are YOU willing to do in return for my kindness and incredibly gracious allowance of taking down your names from my blog? Not torture us? You tortured us before I said a thing and then you act as if there should be no natural consequences to what you've done by committing criminal acts against my entire family: my son, my entire family. You've used us, abused us, tortured us and ridiculed and you think YOU deserve the right to privacy and confidentiality of your actions.

YOU people are the ones who need to CHANGE.

I have taken down names from my blogpost not because they are not true, but only because my parents asked me to. I can very easily put them back up. In return for my not exposing more of what you're up to, I want you to abandon the illegal programs against my family and you need to return my son.

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