Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jersey Juliet Huddy

Gotcha girl.

I have a splitting headache so I wasn't watching Fox but lying on the couch and thought, while hearing his voice, "He got a haircut" so I looked and I couldn't tell for sure but maybe.

Then later he had someone named "Juliet Huddy" on his show and I picked up just a couple of things about her. New Jersey, growing up in N.J. was one of them.

So I checked, but wikipedia said she grew up in Miami, FL. I still thought there was something about Jersey so I typed in a search and whaddya know. I mean, if the New Yorker is doing THEIR research, she's a Jersey girl.

I wouldn't have doubted wiki, after reading it and finding nothing about Jersey, if I hadn't had my own impression she has something to do with Jersey. And that's how I did more research and found some things that might support my idea. Oh oops, it's her mom, not her. Well anyway, I'm sure she spent time there and it's a significant connection. Closter, NJ. I wonder if the significance has anything to do with our Martin Dempsey who also grew up in NJ.

Obama's femur...I saw it. I didn't guess about it later. I saw it. God showed it to me when I prayed and asked for it and I want these assholes to quit torturing my family and give back my son.

The other thing I picked up about Huddy...not praying or asking for anything, but just having a couple ideas come to mind...I didn't guess anything about her romantic life and wasn't trying to either. But I got something about a tube down her throat. She looks healthy as a horse and I can't imagine when she'd have a thin tube down her throat, but it came to mind. Maybe it was an oxygen thing connected to her nose, but I thought some kind of thin tube down her throat, like inside her throat. I just looked up surgery and medical stuff for her but can't find anything aside from some queries about whether or not she had a nose job or plastic surgery. Anyway, it's the first time I've ever seen her or noticed her and those are a couple of impressions I had about her.

I also said, before I was going out the door tonight, to my Dad, "Wait, I don't want to walk past Patty." I looked out the door window and didn't see anyone coming down the driveway but said, "I feel Patty vibes, like she's around the corner." So I went to the back door and she wasn't there and then my Dad said, "She's standing in the front yard with Mom, go out the back door." So I did.

But I was right. I did sense Patty vibes and know she was around the corner. And she was literally around the corner, even though I didn't see her.

So I'm not psychic, but I have very good intuition.

I'm not crazy either--some people have been afraid of me and of my family and they've been torturing us to keep us down. It's jealousy and hate crime.

I just looked up another Jersey thing and it says in this link, that Juliet herself says she lives in Hoboken, NJ with her girlfriends. So apparently, she lives in NJ or has lived there but called it NYC.

I also saw her as a brunette without thinking about it but then I looked when the camera went back to her to find out why and looked at her eyebrows and tried to see if I could tell if she had roots. Because I saw her as a brunette, not a blond.

As I have said before, my family has been tortured in this country by jealous interests, and used for research without our consent and without pay. The U.S. allowed hate groups that literally tortured me and my son with military technology, to kidnap my son and they've tortured him.

The military and FBI colluded to deprive my family of privileges and fundamental rights in this country. We are being tortured and the FBI has been part of it, rather than stepping forward to help.

So, does anyone want to challenge or confirm my image of Martin Dempsey's daughter doing boob shots?

Since there is no documentation available online about a thin tube down Juliet Huddy's throat, Obama could always ask and see if it's true. I was not lying. I saw what I saw, about the President of the United States, because I know God honored my prayer and wants my son to be free and for my family to be free.

This part bears repeating: The military and FBI colluded to deprive my family of privileges and fundamental rights in this country. We are being tortured and the FBI has been part of it, rather than stepping forward to help.

This was what wiki said but it didn't have what I got as impressions for her so I did another search:
Oh, by the way, I just got a great harassing email ad now, next to my hotmail account. Which must mean someone is worried about me again (can't keep a good woman down 'n' all, not even with Haldol assholes)...So I got sent this Intel ad that shows a man's fingers and says with the heading, "When is the last time you heard something incredible?" For the ASUS N series for Intel laptop.

The man's fingers are like my Dad's and on a guitar fret and the thing is, those who have tortured my Dad and broken his knuckles and fingers, knew they were trying to steal his talent and enjoyment of playing music from him. Because of what they've done to my Dad, he isn't able to play piano or guitar in the same way. Guitar hurts his hands too much, his fingers. So getting an ad like that, is malicious, knowing what I know.

The FBI has not knocked on my door yet to investigate. I'd like to see more knocking and less fracturing actually.


How many women have been Martin Dempsey blow jobs? Want me to describe what they look like?

My family has been tortured in the U.S. and my son was kidnapped. We are all being tortured if we say anything but it's far worse for my parents--they are brutally beat up and tortured and people are more afraid of them than me, though I've been willing to talk about things. I have been experimented on and used by the military and hate crime groups within the military and hate crime groups in the FBI have tried to malign me while defaming me as "psychotic" or mentally ill at the same time. They have illegally drugged me on multiple occasions and had me injected with Haldol to punish me, get to my parents, and keep us down.

I am positive there is something to do with the british royalty too, and attempts in trying to discredit me or make me look unfit or like a criminal for a reason that's connected to some of them.
Next, I had to deal with another person who is being obstructive with college admission, and for some reason, I remember his name from the past. I read his email and had an impression of him playing the flute or a musical instrument near his lips, but I thought maybe just for show. So I typed in a query for him for Jeff Davis, Music (major) and then found out he majored in Theater. Which is really sort of the same thing as one can play an instrument or pretend to play one for acting purposes. I had no way of knowing he was a theater or music kind of major person, because I had no photo and all he sent was an email from financial aid or admissions customer service and I felt it was obstructive and not completely honest. Then, I looked him up and he's done all these plays for Oregon Shakespeare Theatre. I didn't get a good vibe from his photo. I got a bad vibe.

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