Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Carole Middleton: Mossad

I think Carol Middleton is Mossad.

I've wondered, and tonight I asked God for something about her, because my family is really suffering, sometimes, on account of what appears to be Middleton Imperialism or Mossadism. And what I got was:

Carol Middleton is Mossad.

Which actually makes some sense.

I was wondering why the name Carol is attached to all things Saudi and wondered if she had something to do with the Iranian situation, since she seems to want Saudi's in her pocket.

But the interesting thing, is that she probably Mossad.

Which could be why my parents get brutally beaten and attacked when I say things, or why Kate Middleton shows up wearing my mother's skirts, and why my family is oppressed. It might also explain the connection between many Jews who have, a segment of them, raped and tortured us to keep us down and out of the way. Carol Middleton knew some of the young men, or families, of those who dated me to assault me or make me look bad. I also believe she has a connection to Patty Otterbach though I'm not sure how.

It would explain why there was even a jewish interest in my family at all and why they haven't been good to me and just wanted me to look bad. It would also explain why they want most of the Catholics to take blame for everything, even when not all of it is just stemming from my litigation in 2002. My son has been tortured with technology and punished and beat while we were over here going through the same thing. He's only been okay, possibly, the last 2 days, after I kept talking about how what is going on is hate crime disguised as "research".

It's more like, Kate Middleton was brought to the fore in 2002 and my family was attacked ever since.

I think it's bizarre that the U.S. is buying into this really bizarre Middletonism. It's like we aren't even the United States.

My parents got beat up when I wrote about getting an impression of a guy shooting someone down, connected to Middleton. They also got beat up when I said something about kids being born in the U.S. after a certain 9 months.

I said tonight, "Wouldn't it be a good idea, if you're royal, to have kids in another country first, so you have your own personal spies?"

Here's the thing. Was Diana bumped off to get the Middleton's closer to The Purple Couch. I think the answer is yes and I think this is part of why my entire family is being and has been tortured.

Is Kate Middleton an activist?

No, and No. But if her mother is Mossad, they've got a line in.

Diana was. She started putting her own money where her mouth was, and was taping incidents and collecting information and records about a lot of things. All of a sudden, her family gets blamed and she gets bumped off.

Not only that, I don't think Frances ever left her kids of her own accord. It's straight textbook Illuminati. Frances would not just take off, speeding out of a gravel driveway, leaving a daughter behind crying unless someone told her to, and said the payoff for the future looked good if she just did what she was told to do for the formation of her kids. It was done to cause trauma in the children. It's like the entire Spencer family kids are MK-ultra Delites, Ultra UK-Specials.

According to all research and documentation, MK-Ultra programs were done with cooperation between the UK, Canada, and the U.S. They were doing this kind of thing back in the 1950s. It's not like it was new.

Frances was looked down on later by others and Diana said she sometimes felt bad, and they weren't from a bad family either. I've seen photos of her and she looks like she is doing what she's told to do.

I think it was a deal, when they were still kids. Do what we say and the eventual future for your children will be brighter. Then Di was gone and Frances was likely instructed to tear out pages of her journal.

I've seen what people have forced my own parents to do with me, so it's not out of the question.

How old was her brother? He was 3. Perfect for splitting.

Diana was 6 or so. Her sister a little older. It was going to work to traumatize all of them, but most especially Diana and her brother. Her brother was going to be the one they really used. And they did this to him at the textbook age for causing traumatic splitting, then Diana had part of her trauma acting as helper and consoling her brother, which formed the personality for caring for others and having empathy. Which is what they wanted.

I'm not sure what Charles was supposed to do, or be, but even though I haven't even gotten around to reading things yet, I think they were going to target him and then as it turned out, Diana credited him with being a kind of magician of sorts. Which is typical for MK-Ultras.

Then what happened to her boys? They were being broken at an early age, against her wishes, and she had lost control. She attempted to gain control. Putting her in a position of using mental illness against her, was a prime way to keep her out of the way. Charles, her husband, how did she win his affection initially? being playful and funny I guess, and what? oh, seeing that he was sad, just as she had reached out to her brother when he was sad. She thought, what a sad man, past the surface, why? because she had become intuitive with her own siblings and brother.

Supposedly, William was sometimes an angry and terror of a child. Why would he be unless he was being traumatized to be that way? teased and made fun of and then go out to kill some animals. Come on Will! Are you angry? Lets go kill some deer and shoot some cats. Of all things, he still says he wants to pursue theater. Heads waggle side to side in dismay. NOT another performing artist. They need an actor yes, but not another Diana. They wanted to desensitize him to all that "soup kitchen crap".

I mean, yeah, act like you care about all the soup kitchen people, but PLEASE, don't start making dossiers like Diana. We want him to be a killing machine deep down. We'll push him so far and then reign him in, push him out again, and then let disappoint strike, and pull him back in, rewarding him for rejoining the "community". The Establishment.

He is officially a part of The Establishment now that Middletons were grafted in (with countless murders, years of torture, and oppression of others and the truth and record).

Does he need to turn 36 before he wakes up and realizes what he has been a part of and how he's been used? I guess, you get thrown into a slammer or psych ward when you're an MK-Ultra victim that wakes up to realize what's been going on. Or you die, like Di. It seems like a lot of these kids who become adults, don't start figuring it out or exploring things until they hit 30.

As for Harry, he was the one looking after his older brother. And I don't think he's entirely innocent either. I actually think people were more worried about William. I don't think the blow to his head on the field was an "accident" either, anymore than Barry Mannakes motorcycle accident.

What they want, is royals they can control. "Prove you love me."

Are you in line Prince Charles? If not, oh oops. 6 dead hounds. What a tragic mistake. Oops. How did the dogs get in the way of the train? sorry Charlie.

They got rid of Diana because they knew she was the one who knew about Carol Middleton. I would bet money the Middletons were connected to the very same dossier Diana was compiling. She wasn't friends with all of the "friends" and she looks miserable in most of the photos where she is with her supposed "best friends." She didn't even tell them the truth about her menstrual cycles.

WAKE the fuck up.

She fired her entire household help, more than once. A woman who know all her personal information is getting leaked and who knows she's bugged and who was also probably literally tortured, does not dismiss the Scottish Yard guards and protection and fire everyone in her entire household and then hold tightly to trusting her "best friends".

Do you think Diana was a total idiot? She's firing longtime help and longtime security but she really has absolutely no doubts about her "friends"?

Who was she sharing things with? Some of what she shared was with them. And she already knew about possible connections to intelligence and other agencies. If she took liberties to divorce, and fire everybody, to completely clear her slate and figure out where the problem was, she's not going to be bon ami cherie with Brazilia, Goldsmith, Simmons, or anyone else, not even Fergie. She was distancing from them all to discover who the rats were.

I think Diana was beginning to trust people from other countries and that's part of the reason they wanted to get rid of her.

How can we bring in Middletons with Diana still alive? Impossible. I think she already knew. I think they all figured Charles was never letting Camilla go. So Camilla was inevitable and would always be there, but Diana would be watching and advising her sons and they didn't like her ideas.

I am positive Carol is Mossad. She was stationed in Jordan to be part of the Israeli-UK interests and gain favor from some part of the Middle East. You don't send your daughter to proscribed events without Mossad support because there was nothing remarkable about Kate. The entire family would have been nothing on their own, without sponsorship. What they wanted, was that family, and with their loyalty to Mossad and other interests, in close proximity to the royals, and they wanted Diana out of the way because she knew more about the Middletons and Goldsmiths and some other U.S. ties to them. Diana was buried in a dress by Catherine Walker and they still didn't figure it out.

Like she didn't think about the symbolism herself. And then, of all things, Carol attempts to revive the Walkers. They are the "Walkers" but the Mossad version. And let's throw in a little cocaine industry with the savory relatives who work with mafias.

I guess if that's what the royals wanted: Mossad and Mafia protection, that's why they went for it.

Catherine is not an artist. Catherine is not a literary intellectual though she may be intuitive in some ways. But someone was working very hard to rearrange things and put her into that dress.
I watched part of the movie "Beauty and the Beast" last night and thought this is so bizarre. They literally put her into a "Belle" dress. After first having her prance around in a skirt that matched my mother's skirt from the 70s, which she wore to Europe. Why would this many things be done to my family, including outright plotted rape, unless they were worried.

It seems like, given the abilities and gifts of my family, and the fact that my parents are able to predict the future, and the fact that they knew Diana, and she knew them, potentially,...this was something to worry about.

It was like someone said, "Hey, let's counter this with the Middletons."

And yes, this all has something to do with predictions of the future, psychic warfare between countries, and people wanting to control and oppress a family for themselves.

Hey Willy, have you ever wondered how Carol got to be so psychic? You think she was maybe never working for or with anyone at all. Plots get so far, and they need help from rapists. They need help from Mossad and corrupt Catholics and intelligence. Charles knows. Even Harry suspected something wasn't right about the family or hesitated.

Did James Middleton have his face slashed with a knife? No, he just hired some guys to do it to my son, who was 3. It's not like Uncle Gary didn't know anyone in the mafia. Did the Middletons get tortured with technology for over 7 years and have their entire family torn apart by false accusations of crime and cutting off money and employment and blackmail? Did Kate get raped by Mossad? Was she told to clean houses for Jewish rabbis and discouraged from going to college? No, she was being sponsored by Mossad and later, some Catholic interests. And then Jordan and Saudi Arabia are friends. So it helped to make friends with some Jordanians.

Which is maybe why they want nothing to do with Pakistan and Iran.

Pakistan and Iran were strong Diana supporters. Pakistanis shut down government for her practically--they turned out in droves and generally thought she was a good person. Iran has some (maybe) ties to Pakistan.

Jordan and Saudi Arabia are allies with eachother and then, supposedly, sometimes compete with Iran and Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Look at how much the Middletons have done to support Pakistan or try to work out peace or diplomacy with Iran.

No, they don't want to work with the poorer Muslim nations, they picked the oil barons who had more money and better political odds with the royal family.

Why am I writing all this tonight? I guess, because I did start to have an interest in Diana awhile ago, but more importantly for me, my entire family is and has been brutally tortured and I am figuring out why and looking at what is going on.

I am losing my own son because of all of this garbage. It's not possible to have your son kidnapped from you and forced out of normal lawyers and justice, unless there is a serious motive and corruption from groups that are paying to keep your entire family underground. It's not possible unless there is strong motive and hate crime backing it and some kind of fear or jealousy.

My parents were tortured again today and came home and I was fine all day, pretty much, except for not being able to live a normal life because I am worried about what is happening. My son is being tortured with all of this and it's disgusting. I have been blocked from filing bankruptcy when I needed to, from traveling freely, from keeping a clean record when I've committed no crimes--I have had every horrible thing imaginable done to me HERE. And my SON. A child, and they blocked my entire family from even being able to defend against what they're doing by torturing us and cutting me off from even getting college money. Why didn't I get it sooner? I was being DRUGGED and tortured every single day. It was no small thing. I've seen photos someone made my Mom take of herself, and she looks terrified. I knew it wasn't my Dad telling her to take them or taking them for her. That was in April 2010, according to photo dates. They tortured my entire family up to the wedding. My son is being photographed looking compliant behind other children and with bruised eyes and something wrong around his mouth. My Dad gets email (I accidentally clicked on the account one day) from the UK mocking him, from London; mail about life insurance and injury insurance and betting and "go to school to be a plumber" stuff. Constantly told by all to say his only daughter is nuts. Like that makes a father feel good, after he knows what his daughter is about and has had and how we've all been victims of hate crime, made to feel degraded when there is nothing we've done to feel degraded about. I told him today, "They are trying to break you psychologically." I already know they've tried to kill him. But the main thing lately has been psychological torture, combined with assault of all us. How does that make a man feel? and this is how they want him to feel too. My mother has been used by the worst women who force her to go with them and pretend to be friends or be tortured. Some of the email from the UK is about "if you need a cover, pay $______" and stuff about covers. All of it is mocking. I accidentally clicked on something while trying to print a form out quickly, and it was from London (something about media), and it had a woman with maple leaves in either hand, pointing in opposite directions but close together, kind of like the knife image I wrote about yesterday, and it said something about pay $5 for a cover." stuff about paddy's too, or from "Paddys".

So yeah, I have a right to know why Middletonism is taking over the U.S. if it's just a UK thing and doesn't have anything to do with my family at all. It's bizarre. I have a right to know why the FBI is protecting those that committed hate crimes against my family this long.

A few days ago I called a lawyer, about my son, and he just said, "It's over. This is it" is basically what he said, like, you are done and everything is over. I couldn't believe it. My Dad got some receipt from someone who wrote "You're Done Here" or something like that. And it's what I got in Wenatchee too. Just attempts to alienate us and keep us from support and instead, the exact opposite. My Dad said something about "It's over" tonight and I said "What do you mean 'it's over'? You think my chance of getting my son is over or what?" and he said, "It's just over" and I said, "I still have a right to file something, even though they've blocked me from all money...they tortured me the whole time and then think they've won?" My Dad said he didn't want to talk about it and why don't I just trust God. I said God uses people to do His work. He said trust God and I said, "What? I fight for my son and what our rights are, or what? What is the alternative?" I said, "Is this what I'm supposed to do?" and I fell to the floor in an instant, cross-legged and pulled one leg over the other knee into a yoga position, folded my hands into a prayer posture and said with an Eastern Indian accent, "I will sit here and fast for 3 months, like Mathama Ghandi and..." and I closed my eyes with my parents staring at me, and said with my eyes closed and prayer posture, "...and in this hand, God will give me my son" (I unfolded my right hand to palm up)..."...and this hand God will give my family freedom" (I unfolded my left hand to the other side with palm up and eyes closed with both hands up and palms level.)

Then I opened my eyes. "Is that what I'm supposed to think? That's going to happen?" I stood up and said, "I think we have to fight--what am I supposed to imagine, pennies from heaven?" I said, "What is this anyway? Middleton imperialism? Middletonism? Mossadism?" and I was ushered out the door and told have a good night, but I think they were shocked by my instantaneous impression. I was even shocked by my accent because it was right. Except at the end I then put my hands back together and nodded and said, "Nah-meee-stay" instead of "Nah-mih-steh".

I guess it was the lotus position I collapsed into to make my point.

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