Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Assault by Neighbors & Phone Records

It's our neighbors.

There are specific spots where they are using this technology and it's being done by neighbors that live around our house.

And they just turned it up, whatever they are using, about a half hour ago so that it's impossible to sleep and the pain is more severe.

These people are trying to kill us.

Not only that, they are connected to Susan B. Hay in some way because it was never done to me at least, until I wrote about her and some others on that particular night. There is a house with Jewish neighbors in a diagonal across from our house and then there is a house hidden in the trees but close. All the way around our house, we are surrounded with neighbors and the other day, it got worse specifically as someone was driving past on an uproad.

This happened at Robert Lopez's offices to both me and my Mom.

It was a specific parameter and location and no possible way it was done "from the sky" because a group of offices were above us.

These people are criminals.

They had vehicles parked next to his offices, 4 of them.

Since it's not even 2 a.m. yet I believe someone got an order from the East Coast. No one over here would automatically be up and awake to turn this up to make it impossible to sleep, unless they got an order from someone who is mad over on the East Coast, who woke up a short while ago, and they're time, it would be about 5 a.m.

We have a house with Jewish neighbors that is diagonal from us and then all the way around our house, it's Catholic neighbors. Completely surrounding our house and property. I've already walked around the entire property to look at the houses and vehicles and see who is living around us and all of them are Catholic. All of them.

There is even one section of property that circles around on a road most people don't go on, and the other day, the dog was barking because someone was on our property on Sunday, in the woods.

My parents were at church or out and someone got onto our property that our dog did not like, and this first started happening then, on Sunday, because I remember exactly when it began and I was over at my parent's house on the porch and they were away. It started sometime between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. and that's when I had the bad feeling preceding it, I guess because God knew what was going on and I knew from the Holy Spirit giving me that impression that someone was doing evil. Actually, I think for me it was on Saturday, that's when I remember. But I know it started up again on Sunday at that time. It wasn't until this weekend, specifically.

They already had my appointment with Robert Lopez scheduled. They already knew I would be going to his offices a day after they started using this technology to torture us and they wanted to see how we reacted when they did the exact same thing there.

I believe that man has worked at black site operations for torturing others in his lifetime.

He has worked in the U.S. and then for some reason, worked in Guam and also in Puerto Rico, and visits every year. He also worked at a VA and has chosen to work at a lot of hospitals. He is not a sincere 7th Day Adventist. When he told me he'd been to Guam I asked how far this was from Cuba. Also, if that receipt for a passport is really from one of my parents, someone was trying to obtain a passport when HE, Robert Lopez, moved to town. Robert Lopez told me he moved to Coquille in 2006, and that's when one of my parents applied for a passport and then it was confiscated.

My parents are not free to leave here, not even for vacation.

It's CIA and DOD. The FBI has come over to protect others for what they're doing, but the 2 main groups responsible are CIA and DOD. When I met Robert Lopez I did not think he was FBI, I thought instantly that he was working for the CIA and the U.S. military. He is Catholic and was baptised Catholic to Catholic parents in Puerto Rico. The fact that he moved to the U.S. to live and go to school at a boarding school means nothing. It means someone in a church or organization sponsored him.

He claimed he came over here all on his own. That's not true. What he told me, was that no one sponsored him, it wasn't a lottery that he won, and when I asked if he had any family here at all, he said he had none. I said, "So you just came to the U.S. all on your own?" and he said yes.

That's impossible.

At the age of 15 years old, in order to apply to work and live in the U.S., separated from all guardianship of parents or family, you must be sponsored. Kids are not allowed to just pop up in the U.S. absent of parental guardianship and live on their own. He was not emancipated. He had to have been sponsored and most likely, his sponsorship was coming from the Roman Catholic church and possibly the CIA and military. Only the CIA would make exceptions to the rule to someone like that, and they would only do it if they felt they could use the person in some way for themselves.

It was U.S. territory, but you still have to have permission to do something like that.

One person involved is the same man who said police won't help us. He lives up on a hill above my parents house. Then there is a row of Catholic families that line both entrances to my parents house. There is also private property at the far end of the house and a house up on the hill that doesn't have direct access to it, and then across from me there are a bunch of houses that are at the top of hill and those families that live there are Catholic because I've seen the rosaries in their cars and they've had kids come out to mock my Dad while he's trying to work on our own property.

I also know it's not just happening to me but to my Mom and Dad because I went over to their house at 12 p.m. midnight and my Mom came to the door and when she leaned forward I could feel the energy that someone used to target her with. She had nothing with her at all, so it actually seems more like satellite technology of some kind, but she leaned torward me and the whole section around her head, where I guess she has fillings from dental work, was being targeted and you could feel palpable energy from it.

Susan B. Hay sent an email to my mother on October 11, 2011, which I happened to see, where she was talking about "excruciating dental work appointment" and copying Bruce Martin about it--this man who is buying a house from my mother right now. Her entire email was about "the company" as if she were personally representing the Middletons or "The Company" of the royals. She wrote this whole email about "...let me explain the Companies position..." as if normal people write about Wells Fargo referring to it as "the company", and, as if my mother were an imbecile and didn't know what group she was already communicating with. She ended with talk about VA loans and then going to an excruciating dental appointment. That was the 11th.

My mother was the one who had had a dental appointment, with Dr. James Gronemeyer in Myrtle Point, an adjoining town from where Susan B. Hay works.

According to my notes from my mom's phone the one day I grabbed it to look at times, Robert Lopez called up right after he knew how Judge Wasson ruled. He knew, because I had faxed the report about crime from his friend's offices, and I sent a fax from his friend's office to both police departments in town.

Robert Lopez claimed that later, after I'd gone to his friend's offices, my mother just happened to stop by and say hello and then this Chiropractor friend gave my Mom the information for Robert Lopez but that's a lie.

Robert Lopez wouldn't lie unless he needs to cover for his own agenda. My mother didn't go into the Chiropractor's offices later and get his number, Lopez called my mother direct himself, just minutes after Wasson made her ruling. He called my mother at ...she got a VM to call him, which she picked up, at 3:23 p.m. and she then called Robert Lopez at 3:50 p.m, on September 28, 2011.

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