Saturday, October 22, 2011

Check On My Son--Extremely Bad Vibe--& Get OUT

I have had an extremely bad vibe almost all morning.

I don't know what is going on, but it's very, very bad.

Someone needs to check on my son right away, and someone should also check on my brother.

My parents are here with me right now and nothing specifically is happening to us at the moment, but I have an extremely sad vibe and I think someone is being tortured.

Either that, or someone is plotting something very bad.

I have had this feeling since this morning, when I went over to the house, and then it quit for a brief moment and then started up again, and got worse.

I tried calling my brother and he didn't answer the phone and I am wondering if someone is beating my son with a belt or what is going on because something is wrong.

It is also possible that someone I know is being tortured. Severely and brutally tortured.

It has nothing to do with my birthday and today my eye was not droopy like it was last night.

I also think my cousin Ivory needs to break up with the man she's engaged to. There is something about his family that I don't think is right, but I've never met them or him and I don't know what's going on. I feel she somehow got trapped into something and needs to break it off before it gets worse.

I feel people are after my family's money.

Some of these people are trying to extort money while it's coming in, and others are setting their sights on the property and ideas of inheritance if my Granny and Grandpa die.

It's really sad, but there are different "styles" to trying to become rich. One way, is one we hear of in news, about people buying insurance policies on members of a family and then killing them. Another way, is to marry into a family that has a lot of money and wait for expected persons to die or have them die by "natural causes" that are not natural.

Someone can look at lands and assets and think, if there is a way to become a part of it, if they marry in, they might take some of this. Looking at property value or someone has a person that will enrich themselves financially or politically, through acquisition of power or position, might be coming into play...I don't know.

I just feel something is wrong. And in my cousin's engagment photo, they have what looks like chicken wire or chain link behind them and I know how my son has suffered. Then in the wedding announcement one, one of my cousin's eyes is droopy. This is not an inherited thing or trait. There is something going on.

I saw this family photo of the Avilas and the only people who looked honestly happy were this groom and his incoming family. I don't mean happy either, more like triumphant.

And the thing is, whoever marries into the Avila family is also marrying into one of the sisters of my grandparents who own a lot of land. If they die, the money and inheritance is to be split up and there is no better way for someone to take that money and hope it looks like a family gift, than to marry into the family. If these people in Wenatchee have tortured my son and coerced the Avilas not to tell, as they have with my parents over here, and forced them to say bad things about me or told them to promise not to "sue" over my son's damages, they are also people who will attempt to control and take any inheritance money that comes in through selling off the land.

These people are already thinking ahead. I'm not saying Ivory's in-laws specifically, but there are people who have been thinking ahead about money and what they control and get by first threatening a family and then trying to marry into it.

"Love" for some people, is not hard to feel if there is a lot more to go with it. Who falls in love with someone who is poor and has nothing? There are never a lot of "suitors" near the poor. For some reason, even those who are not very interesting or attractive become hotly pursued if family riches and inheritance is involved. And then, if someone is interesting and attractive and doesn't want to "sell out" it seems they are punished and made poor for not enabling others to become rich or to allow them to set up the framework for accessing an eventual landslide of money.

How hard is it for a man or woman to pretend to love someone, and to be embraced by a family, if there is a lot of easy and fast inheritance money to be made?

He's a cop, this fiance of my cousin's. He trained to be a cop and yet he's not the one showing up with a droopy eye in the marriage announcement photo. I think he's also Ukranian, which is fine, no big deal, but there are bad ones and good ones, or German (based off of his features in the photo) and so far, it's not like the suitor is speaking up for my son's rights or freeing my family from being tortured. Who else is standing up for them and making reports on their behalf?

The entire City of Wenatchee has been trying to force my grandparents out of owning their property in East Wenatchee. They want it for, supposedly, a "bike path". Which doesn't exactly explain why there were men out on the property with metal detectors, looking around in the snow, when I lived there with my son. It's a beautiful part of riverfront property with orchards and you can see the Dam from the water. There is not a lot of good riverfront property in the area anymore and it's expensive--they've been fighting Chelan-Douglas county for almost 10 years, to defend the owners of riverfront property from county seizure. I was living on property that Chelan-Douglas has been trying to get their hands on for almost a decade, with a lawsuit that's cost tons of money over in Seattle, Washington. Then, the same "county" tries to defame me? Um...slight conflict of interest. There are powerful groups that have tried to chase my family from this property for a long time and they were still in the middle of litigation. Which is another reason I had asked for Change of Venue.

Their other property is mountains of orchards with a gorgeous view of the Cashmere mountains and valley. It's beautiful and is a rare and valuable property.

It was (and is) both City of Wenatchee, City of East Wenatchee (Chelan-Douglas county) and Seattle interests.

There is a row of riverfront properties and they forced out several, including some deaths that occured. Then, they have been in litigation to fight for this coveted property for almost 10 years.

The lawyers are all in Seattle. This is where the hearings have been, in Seattle, and a small group of owners have been fighting the entire area for the property. Again, it's right next to the Dam, and next to an electrical facility, some kind of energy. It's the Rock Island Dam, off of Route 2.

I looked it up on wiki and they changed the name of the Hwy to 28, but it's referred to as Route 2. Not 28.

Anyway, this is the property my son and I lived on, and the physical property address is for Route 2. The Rock Island Dam is just a couple of miles up the road from where we lived.

In more than one way, we were being forced off of the property and tortured and the City of Wenatchee, Seattle, and East Wenatchee all had an interest in the property. It's also a federal lawsuit I believe, not a State one. I believe it's filed in federal court in Seattle.

I told my Dad and asked if he knew this and said he didn't and then said "Well if they want it that much, he should up the price to 10x the worth." Basically, he was saying, if these guys are willing to spend 10 years fighting for this land, and trying to run people into the financial hole while their lawyers make money, ...if they're willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and are willing to torture people on the property to get to it, BOY, they must want the property REAALLY bad.

So why doesn't my Grandpa sell it for 10x the actual value. The thing is, he doesn't WANT to sell it. It's his land and he uses it for his livihood. None of his neighbors want to sell either.

Did you know some of the owners died on their own property and then the county got it? That saved them a lot of money in legal costs and fees.

But the truth is, if they want it that much, why not up the price?

Is it that these guys don't want to pay and really don't want the property as badly as they want people to suffer and to try to find other ways to force them out?

Like torturing people is a good idea, and then having the same county that's in ligitation to steal this property, defame me to others and try to say I'm crazy.

Last night I was trying to ask a lot of questions and they kept telling me to get out and I started thinking, "Out to my trailer or where exactly? because the U.S. has allowed hate crimes against my family."

They also knew they should have given me Change of Venue, given the politics, and they did not. And then they tried to even cover up the fact that I kept asking for this.

I asked my Dad today, "When did you and Mom move to Coquille, Oregon?"

I was thinking it was the year 2000 and that's what he said too. It was 2000 or 2001.

They were forced to move to Coquille and then they were tortured. I did not even realize this and knew things were happening around me but I didn't know what it was about, other than my eventual lawsuits. Then, they moved from torturing a few of us to alll of us, including kids.

And by the way, I started writing this post about The Rock Island Dam and started getting lasered to be burned, which they haven't done in awhile.

UPDATED: I looked at the photos again and it sort of looks like his eye on the same side is weird too. I can't tell for sure bc I can't tell from the b&w. But something looks maybe wrong. And if so, that doesn't make him good, but it's weird.

TORTURE: Also, my Dad got "poison oak" on one eye yesterday and it doesn't look like poison oak at all. It happened when I went shopping with my Mom and had a bad vibe about something. If it was poison oak, he wouldn't have a cut there. No one cuts their own eye with an oak leaf.
There's easy money to be made--just marry someone with an inheritance or who has family member that could die off "naturally" and then be married in and take their money.

Strange, isn't it, how I am one who is accused of many things but I have never jumped at any chance to be married to anyone, or date them for their money, EVER.

That is not what others have done to my family in return--they've tortured us for money and for the freedom of use.

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