Friday, October 14, 2011

Hate Crime Today

Today the hate crime is use of military technology at both my house and my parents house. Right now, there is military use of technology that is the type that causes ink to burst out of pens and it's at my parent's house, because I walked over and noticed as soon as I was on their porch, and it's at my house. It is now 3:05 p.m.

Additionally, my mother's eyes have been ruined by Patty Otterbach, Debbie Sweetwater-Burt and Kathy Dawson (or Hathaway)...need to confirm last name.

There is now a wrinkled film of skin across my mother's eyes that was never there before and it's not her contacts. It's from what the military and local FBI have done to my parents.

They permanently ruined my mother and father's eyes and I find it odd that then I go to the British Monarchy site and the featured photos are of blind dogs.

It makes it look like the royal family controllers are part of the mobster team over here.

I guess they were all really in on Diana's death like some supposed.

They not only have photos of some woman kneeling on something after my Dad has been forced to kneel in toxins, they have photos of people with a bunch of seeing-eye dogs and over here, have mocked my family with jokes to this effect.

So, religion and politics are part of the hate crime, though one does not have to be political for hate crime to fall across the borders.

What is wrong with Harry and William that they would even stay there? unless some of the royals are tortured too, but I can't imagine it's true. They don't torture people who stay in line. They torture Dianas and then those who speak up and point to say, "And Kate is not anything like Diana." Nor are the Middletons. No one goes after those who are impotent of will and soul. But who knows. Maybe it's the Middleton connections and other Catholic connections, that advise putting up such photos to further antagonize innocent people and attempt to be divisive. That would be the goal wouldn't it?

I wonder how the Middletons would hold up after 5 years of their own people going after them. It's not hard to look good when no one is doing anything other than harassing from a car window. It's not like they're being poisoned, assaulted, have military technology used on them, faces slashed, and have been cut off of money and support by their own people and on top of this, laughed at and mocked to try to cause reactions. I mean, I believe some of this happened to Diana simply because she tried to stick up for herself at last.

What kind of small sacrifice has Anne made?

Did she hold out her little finger to have acid poured over it because she has enemies that use the mafia and government to assault her and keep her down?

It's strange to have such things happen to my family when we are not criminals or mafia and have only been a targeted family that was supposed to get out of the way.

I suspect someone who handles the photos and archives, which might be a favorite hobby of Kate Middletons, or include contacts who think they share common interests, is putting on photos purposefully to cause division. I suspect these same parties are contributing to the assault and torture that's being done to my family, because there is too much interconnected communication between what they're doing over there and then in what ways we are being mocked over here.

The goal would be to provoke people into believing those who might be allies and have sympathies are enemies. And only an enemy would attempt such a thing. An enemy would be one who feared my initial interest in Diana's case. At least from that side. And, if they ever thought my interest might be joined with my parent's psychic abilities, they might be concerned enough to want to torture and divide.

"She's right". Yes I am right.

I'm not even psychic; I'm just "intuitive".

I'm the type that gets insights which are based on reason, hunch, and projected strategy and seeing into the motives of others. So what if I saw what color the uniform was that William wore and that it was red. Do you know when I prayed about that and when God gave it to me? I was sitting on a toilet.

God doesn't deal with pride. He really has no interest in a woman wearing a hat to church on Sundays. He could care less how many ribbons are cut or how many smiles are faked, in the christian name or spirit of things. God may honor respect that's due, but God is a God of every time and season and why would God LOOK DOWN on someone who prays to Him, even from a toilet? Only a pharisee or false religious type would think it's disrespectful. Someone who feels comfortable with the Highest Supreme Being, is friends with God, not a subordinate. And if they also give God respect, they know too that God is not fooled by false humility and those who attempt to crush egos out of hate and revenge, citing "vanity". What God might honor is someone who isn't afraid to be themself and who knows God is not fooled by charades. So, if it comes to my mind to send a prayer to God while I am sitting on the toilet with my pants around my ankles, wow...what a royal impression I got. I got to see what a royal was wearing to a set-up and fraudulent wedding, just because I prayed to God and God saw me and heard my prayer while I sat on the toilet. It came to me in less than 5 minutes. It was instant. No one told me, no one called me, and no one possibly sent it to me that fast. It was immediate.

I don't even do this--ask God to "see" things, hardly ever. And why I saw this but I can't see the kind of technology used to torture my family, I don't know.

What I know is that God is no respector of persons and His opinions are not based on class status, race, or ability. And just because I saw this doesn't mean he has more favor with me than someone else.

What it means, is that my family has accrued a burden put onto us by others who are jealous of our gifts. God gave the gifts so I would back off. Trying to use these gifts for the gain of another is wrong, and trying to steal God-given gifts from someone else is wrong.

As for motive for hate crimes against my family--there is plenty.

My Dad showed up today looking like he'd been tortured as did my mother.

And still, I have even been writing this and someone continues to use technology. If someone is claiming "immunity" and telling others who follow orders, don't worry, you'll get immunity, you're wrong.

I would not trust or believe someone who is encouraging harm to my family and using the "immunity" excuse.

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