Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Religious Hate Crimes & False Documentation

I found the law that fits and I will be applying a lawsuit as soon as it is possible.

Trying to have peace, or compromise, or allowing it to get out of control and turn into something that looks political when it's religious, was the wrong thing.

It is, and has always been, a persecution on religious grounds.

People who were with specific religious backgrounds used their connections with people in government positions and every single person we have been tortured by, has been either of a reform jewish background or Catholic.

Every single person on my entire custody case with my son is of this category except one.

I did not know that they would literally go after my mother and father as well. It's been hate crime.

They have committed hate crimes repeatedly and at first were not so bold. Then they just went for it and my entire family has been assaulted repeatedly. They used their government connections, military and intelligence connections, medical connections, and mafia connections.

It's like a Section 1983 lawsuit, where crimes are committed under color of the law, but it's magnified because they are not ordinary crimes but hate crimes and made against us because of our religious affiliation and beliefs.

Not only that, I discovered people are forcing my parents to write things that are not things they would write. In just the few months that I've been here, someone has come in and forced my mom and dad to start writing in "journals" and notebooks and even car mileage records books, and they are writing in false trips and dates, and being forced to write things in journals and books that make them sound less than intelligent and even fanatical and crazy.

My parents would never write these kinds of things.

It sounds like someone from the FBI decided to have Theo Keyes, this totally whacked out person who gets paid by the Catholic church and military, to tell my parents what to write because they know only he could make them sound nutty enough.

Not only that, these journals were put together with clear direction from someone trying to make my Dad sound nuts and the only reason they'd do this, and have this many journals and false mileage books and notebooks, would be if they were worried someone was going to get evidence against the Catholic church and their friends in the U.S. government.

It's like someone is setting up the house to contain all these journals that are not my parents at all, and for what purpose unless they are trying to build a false history or record to make them appear mentally ill in case they testify against them for crimes?

I talk to my parents every day and know what they think and believe and how they articulate, and it's nothing like what I found in these books and journals. Things like, for example, "I strongly believe 4 1/2 men will take over the church and it will be the end of the world."

My parents, my Dad especially, would NEVER in his life, even think a thought like that. He doesn't express himself this way at all. And then they have him writing out "dreams" and they're not even dreams my Dad has had and only sound like unintelligent accounts of horrific dreams.

It's my Dad's handwriting, but it's not my Dad's thoughts, mind, words, heart, or beliefs.

So I see this kind of thing, along with an FBI passport issued recently with a fake date on it, and know someone is attempting to frame my mother and father, and having them write fake stuff and put it all over the house and then maybe threatens them by saying, "If you tell on us, we'll confiscate all of your "journals" and lock you up in a psych ward."

I had thought at first that maybe someone was trying to blackmail my parents with a threat of jail for some reason, but then I see this stuff and things they're forced to write in some emails, and I know, "No, they are deliberately forcing my parents to create false documents."

The FBI is definitely in on it because only the FBI would be able to clear and authorize getting a passport with a fake backdate on it. Instead of saying it's from 2011, it says 2007. And as for the receipt about getting a passport in 2005, what happened to that one?

If the FBI didn't steal their passports or keep them from leaving, out of religious hate motive, then where is the passport from June 28, 2005?

I've figured out a number of things that have been done, and all of it leads to religious hate crime. There is a cover of government privilege but it's all being done out of religious hate crimes. It's not political at all. It's persecution.

Theo Keyes told me he was protestant christian but he's not. He and his family have Catholic backgrounds and he gets paid by the Catholic church and military. He claimed to be Nazarene just like this counselor I was once going to who claimed she was born Catholic but became Nazarene.

Every single person citing me in law enforcement files was Catholic. Then I had Catholic medical and Judiary making false reports about me. Next, my son was taken and every single person, including the Judge, was Catholic or Jewish. Even though there was a conflict of interest because of a long history of religious persecution and hate crimes, I was assigned a Catholic lawyer for the custody case of my son, each time except for once when it was a Jew. I never once got assigned a lawyer of my own faith, when it was important and when these people were all covering up for their other church members.

I guess someone thought I wouldn't make this argument if I dated a Catholic man.


My entire family has been set up, assaulted repeatedly, and been victimized for religious reasons--simply because we were not Catholic or Jewish. And then then Protestants who were friends were lied to and started getting a totally wrong idea about us, because we were being blacklisted and smeared in records.

It wouldn't matter if my ex-fiance had been Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, or Protestant--I still know who has been behind the hate crimes against my family and who has tried to use government excuses to keep anyone from investigating.

If the United States government wants to cover something up, they can cover it up.

Out of 6 lawyers, ?, not one of them was Protestant christian when I already had serious problems and conflicts of interest with those of the other religious groups.

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Do you mean THIS Theo Keyes?!? http://kezi.com/page/174719