Friday, October 28, 2011

Tonight: Mighty Fortress Is Our God & FBI

I like this song because there is one fort always with us, God.

So it doesn't matter *as much* where I may go, but that this is remembered.

I don't know why I thought of putting it on except that I just got out of this prayer meeting and I said afterwards "It would be a lot nicer to get to know people if they weren't using technology on me."

That's the truth.

Well, I found this version of Mighty Fortress and I really like it. It's mainly piano and I love it. Then I watched the next one and it's by a guy named Lance and I said to God, "Thank you God for reminding me of the name of that FBI SSA".

Here is the link to the song I like.

I was going to put on Britney Spear's Piece of Me but decided to put this on first.

I thought, when reading the sign for the church, having seen this just now, thank goodness my socks are not wet then. The sign said if your socks are wet you're in over your head. Then it has a lot of flowers, and specifically, a lot of tulips and daffodils. It's by someone who posted with "Magie" and then I thought about the Magi for the birth of the one who was persecuted by Herod and the entire country almost.

Anyway, I like the arrangement. It's what I wanted, but I didn't know it existed. I don't think...maybe I've come across it before and don't recall.

Anyway, I was at the door grabbing advil for my headache and picked up this box and then set it down and it fell over the edge and I said, "I just knocked the Lilly Miller over the edge." My mom said, "Well pick it up." So I did.

Then I don't know why I felt like smiling and I thought, "I knocked over the Lily Miller. I wonder what that would symbolize." Nothing. I already know.

But then I put on this song and like it and then I found the second version of a guy in Army pants named Lance. I thought, "THAT's! the FBI SSA's name."

There were 2 SSAs and I have an excellent memory but this one name always escaped me, like someone never wanted me to remember it again.

It was Don and Lance, the 2 SSAs.

Don was from Palo Alto, CA, where Robin Bechtold's sister works as a lawyer. I've never looked her up until last night and she works in intellectual property rights. Don works in the same field.

I don't know who knows who anymore...they're all connected. Janet Bechtold's entire family is in the area and from what I always heard, they were 1/2 Italian Catholic with a lot of money and very zealous for the church, or 1/2 Irish Catholic.

Then Lance, I think it was Lance. He was the D.C. guy and he said he was Mormon but I don't really know for sure. I do know I looked him up at the time and he was extremely involved in U.S. military, to the point of being on helicopters for transportation of people to torture, and "extraordinary rendition". I remember thinking then, why did they put a torture specialist from D.C. on my case in Oregon? but didn't think too much about it until now, you know...we've been tortured.

So I'm wondering what Lance has been up to.

I got the Italian mafia "Don" who lived next door to a boyfriend's sister that I had reported for selling drugs, and who went to the same Catholic college as Br. Ansgar Santogrossi, and who I was still in litigation with at the time of the interview.

And then I got the new tall white guy from D.C. who was pleasant enough but then later neither of them would get back to me and refused FOIA and then we were all tortured. So it's enough to make ya wonder. So I looked him up and he did some kind of top secret duty for torture and terrorism stuff. He sounded more like CIA than FBI. I have a very good friend who is Mormon. But I hope I never got someone who was Mormon and connected to the Bechtold's after I reported, because the Bechtold's did business with some of the Mormons. It's hard to know where all the conflicts might be, but I'm just tired of being tortured.

My parents are still being tortured and we have family dying because of this.

I have nothing to contribute or add to the prayer meeting held tonight than to have discovered some of the people there were from Mt. Angel. I couldn't believe it. I had this feeling they weren't who or what they said they were about and then I sensed harm had come to my family because of some of them. I was looking to the side too and then caught one with a look of hate at me and it was an unguarded moment and as soon as I saw him he changed his expression very quickly. Someone used technology on us in that meeting too.

And then, after this, I recognized a couple of them from the town of Mt. Angel. I already had "Catholic" coming to mind very strongly but didn't know why. And then I remembered I recognized them from the town of Mt. Angel. And here I was, years later, getting tortured at their house with my mom in a pretense of a "prayer meeting". And then I realized some of them knew the Schneiders or are connected.

I went to the restroom and remembered more things and then I came back and looked at his cowboy boots and asked if they knew the Schneiders.

First they had tried to deny being connected to the town of Mt. Angel, Oregon. They kept saying no and I said, "No, I remember. And I have a very good memory." They said I must be wrong and I said, "NO. I have an excellent memory. That's where I know you from." (I guess it's excellent in some ways and in other things I forget and then it comes back to me). Finally they said that oh yes, they went to weddings at the Catholic church there in the town. And then she said she worked at a homeless shelter there in the town.

But I saw his boots and I see cowboy boots all the time. It never registers with "Schneider" or "Christa Schneider" but it did tonight.

"Shit kickers." That's what she called them. She got a pair of cowboy boots for herself and called them "Shit kickers" while she was still spying on me for Abbey and other DOJ people and kicking over my candles on my porch and other things. She was the one around when I broke a pane of glass and at this place they had all these similiar pieces of glass stacked up.

It's intuitive, but I looked at his boots and saw "mean" and "cruelty" and possibly kicking people. I flashed to Christa when she bought herself cowboy boots for the first time in her life, and called them shit kickers. It was in 2003 or 2004.

I don't know how exactly, but these Mt. Angel Abbey people are connected to the DOJ Schneiders.

Our torture literally can be traced back to certain events and the FBI has hindered us from protecting ourselves and family, by withholding FOIA records and then using people in their offices to literally harm us.

I'm still listening to the playlist for Mighty Fortress Is Our God. There is a good acapella version from YoungCalvinist08 with the full set of lyrics. Oh, it's also referred to as the "Battle Hymn of the Reformation". I didn't know that.

I think possibly that the new pastor for the church knows these people too.

They're all Catholics pretending to be Protestants.

I already know, there are very bad "Protestants" who can or have done horrendous things too, but that's not my family at all, and we are the ones who have been targeted to be tortured by others, not the reverse. And definitely never on any hate crime grounds of any kind at all.

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