Monday, October 3, 2011

License Plate Numbers

. I have been making a list of plate numbers just for comparing and looking at later.

I can't do a lot with it, but if someone doesn't believe me that a lot of the problems are from specific groups, they can check and see for themselves.

I have written down the dates and then a list. Some of the people have been hanging around here for awhile.

By the way, I am at the library right now and at first this morning, no one was using military torture to harm me and after several people came in and out and then drove past the window to see where I was, then someone started something up, with laser.

It's been going on since I started trying to find the missing email I wrote to the UN on September 3, 2011.
License plates from today (Oregon plates unless otherwise indicated):

XTM 529 (Reese Electric van), blond man
744 OLE (blond man, seen him a lot, military)
VAP 158 (man and woman in SUV, seen a lot)
941 EYC (SUV, woman--seen several times by house and elsewhere, near parents)
E250298 (sheriff)
ZLF 342 (following sheriff)
561 DUA
WDK 837
YWY 829
771 UAR (arizona plate)
NZA 719
336 BUP

that's just a few, but I have a huge list several pages long. Some of the numbers are probably people who care, here and there, but I write them down to note who is part of this and I would guess if I listed all of them, most of them will belong to a particular group that has the same connection in some way.

Some people I've seen several times, like YTN 390 and 941 EYC. Everytime my Dad is being assaulted somewhere, she seems to be nearby and then likes to drive past my mother, smirking. Tan colored large SUV.

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