Saturday, October 22, 2011

Drugged To Obstruct College Ed.

I am going through some older email correspondence.

I had filed for my FAFSA in January of last year. Some group got worried I'd go to college.

They threw me into the psych ward, by defaming me, after I sent several emails to persons about my intentions of going to school.

My email communications were made in January and February of 2011, with Portland State University and a few other places. I had communications with a Christopher Hart at that time and phone calls and I was told to call "Jennifer" in collections, about getting my transcript.

I was being drugged and tortured around this time.

Oh. How strange. Our t.v. just quit working and says "Attention 005. Your smart card does not have authorization to view this program." We were just watching it, so there isn't anything wrong with the card. But this came up right after this guy comes over to work on our bathroom and leaves a huge imprint of an O on our bathroom mat. It happened at about 1 p.m.. or a little earlier and stayed this way until my Dad came over about 10 minutes ago and changed it.

In April of 2010 I had a flurry of communications, all documented with the date of April 2010, as I was trying to get back into college.

And then in January I filed my FAFSA and wrote brief and articulate emails re. college to former schools.

I had people who ganged up to commit hate crimes, interfere and obstruct my every attempt.


Anonymous said...

You do realize if you have defaulted on a school loan, you are not elgible for finanacial aid.

Anonymous said...

With the posts regarding college education it would seem that most colleges would think that you are either very eccentric or mentally deranged. I just don't see how colleges would be involved in the various conspiracies that you think are working against you.

Mama said...

I was defamed as "paranoid schitzophrenic" in 2000-2001 to law enforcement and FBI, by Mt. Angel Abbey and other zealous catholics and I guess some in the jewish community.

While they denigrated my character, and ruined my reputation and lied about me, I shoved their analysis back in their faces by enrolling in college FT and taking out 2 major lawsuits on my own.

This proved I was not "Paranoid Schitzophrenic". I was grossly defamed by people who hated me and who were jealous of me, and they took it to secretive levels by smearing me in police files and not telling me.

After I proved them wrong, they dropped their lie about my being "paranoid schitzophrenic". I proved them wrong for several years.

They got the edge when they asked their buddies to use military technology on me and used the FBI against me. After I was forced to drop out of college because of illegal obstruction by FBI and Judges who were connected through the Catholic church, these same people got worried that I could come back and sue them for the gross defamation.

So they picked up their slander against me and kept me out of college to make it impossible for me to prove I was a functioning, social, articulate, and well-organized person--defying every definition and symptom of what they tried to slander me with.

It has been 7 years that the FBI has colluded to keep me out of college and blocked my reports about hate crime. During this time, they allowed military to use me for research.

As long as they keep me out of college, they know they can keep lying and that I have no way of proving them wrong.

It has nothing to do with college personnel but the groups that are liable for hate crimes and their associates in the FBI and CIA and military who have used privilege and classification improperly as a cover for crime.

I'm paranoid schitzo? Okay then, why the obstruction in allowing me to leave the country or travel freely? If I'm so mentally ill, why does the FBI and Department of State get involved in delaying my processing of my passport, obstruct my receipt of mail and going to college, and continue to come up with their own convenient excuses?

If you've already committed hate crimes and used the FBI to help you, wouldn't you be concerned about going to jail? What would you do to cover up for what you've done? You might ask your friends in an adjoining office or agency to start up torture with military or FBI and then use this to try to project a person is "crazy" or mentally ill.

You might go after their parents too, and have something on them that only the federal government knows about, and try to use this to your own advantage to protect the criminals in your own family.

If it's not true, then why has the FBI gone out of their way to lie about me and defame me and then deliberately blocked me from leaving this country, traveling freely, or going to college.

I am not, and have never been "paranoid schitzophrenic". I've never been paranoid, or delusional either.

No one spends this much time and money to assault an entire family unless they are pretty scared their families will "lose out" when a huge number of them get charged with conspiracy to commit hate crime and conceal it later.