Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vibe and Ghadaffi

Well, my Dad got home and said he was taking a nap, awhile ago, which made me think of my son, at that time in the afternoon.

I am trying to do what I can to stay here...

I had a really bad vibe this morning. I thought it was my mother and then maybe my dad but then I said to my mom, maybe it was my son or someone else in the world even.

It was a little after 9 a.m.-9:30 a.m. and I felt this horrible, horrible feeling.

The only thing I noticed tonight, in world news, is thugs beat up and killed Ghadaffi. I don't see how this is victorious. They viciously beat him.

I have been following some of the Middle Eastern news and all of a sudden it's like someone wants learned people who "might know something" out. Something seems to be amiss...instead of being some kind of "revolution" it's looking more like some groups feel extremely paranoid and worried about what some of these leaders knew and have known and they want to get rid of them.

It's not that they're "dictators" when these countries have pretty much always had the same political's that new blood in the U.S., israel and other places, wants some of these guys to disappear and lose power.

Most of the leaders they are targeting have been experienced and have a lot of intelligence, usually over 50 years of age, between 50-80 years old, and I think some groups want them out more for getting rid of someone who "might talk".

They are no more "dictators" than any of these Presidents have been. The people killing them are just as bad or worse. The people killing off these guys have more violence in their own families than the ones they're going after.

What they're doing to these people is wrong. I don't think it's a "middle eastern" "spring" either...I think the hatred is being stirred up by other groups and then they're giving it to the people in their own country to make it look like it's originating from the native people when it's not.

I also thought it was very odd to see Bill O'Reilly get on the news tonight and have him first say, out of his mouth, "Those who live by the sword die by the sword." which is what this woman Suzanne Bozo said to me one day, very mean and pointed and she was around nuns and some Catholic women all the time. She said this to me because I had filed lawsuits against the Catholic church. I had already filed my lawsuits against the Catholic church and The Willamette Week and she said this to me as if I was committing some violent act. Umm, self defense to horrific violations against me when I was innocent is not "using a sword". What I had said to her, with regard to my lawsuits was, "The pen is mightier than the sword" and she tried to say using a pen was then like a sword and die by it or whatever. It was the strangest thing she ever said to me and when she said it even, was odd. And that was in, probably 2002-2003.

I get bad vibes from what violent people do to their leaders...when every leader in the world practically, has something that could be used against them to enrage the public.

Do you think the same thing could not be done with Obama or Biden? It would be worse. If anyone brought out evidence of what this administration and last administration allowed, the crimes against humanity that are cited, would be even more severe and serious than what some groups are trying to drag out of the closet in the Middle East.

They don't want "revolution".

They want secrets to go to the grave.

What is clear, is that a major group is attempting to totally restructure and reshape the world and who the leaders are. Anyone who knows something, is being tortured or killed.

We might ask this question:

Anyone who knows something about what?

I never hear my parents talk about politics and they're very much siding with the average American repub. interests. But from my own perspective and from what I see, even if it's brief, is horrendous and degrading treatment of formerly revered leaders.

Who are not as bad as some country or persons are making them out to be. I don't think it's a Middle Eastern revolution. It's someone else getting in to stir up hatred and incite the people. And I'm not excusing torture of any kind, nor am I saying I agree with dictatorships, but the truth is, bringing out a photo or two of someone mistreated is going to shock and stir people up, but is the next generation actually better? or are they worse than who they are attempting to replace.

Strange how the U.S. persons in charge are funding such "revolutions" but they can't even do a thing to protect their own citizens on their own soil. Revolution for who? My family is being tortured and told not to talk about it. Where's the great revolution? If a group in the U.S. is torturing my family and has the same kind of power for funding "revolution" I'm wondering whether this is really being sponsored by the U.S. national interests or the Vatican and Mossad. Probably, more than anything, it's Vatican and Catholic church sponsored.

Revolution for the Arabs but uh, we are the Garretts, living in Oregon and we've been tortured? Where's the revolution? The revolution is only for those who go to Catholic sunday school and Jewish synogogue in America and then all the Middle East is being coached by the same groups to...have a revolution?

Is this like, "Hey! let's feature the political prisoners in Yodak, North Korea!"

Instead of the attention being directed to incredible crimes occuring against a family (and I'm talking about it!) in the U.S., we have our attention directed to North Korea. And that's when I started to wonder if it was not for the idea of freeing Koreans so they can be a democracy and become christians who then tithe money to the Catholic church like South Korea does (which is predominantly Catholic).

So how about starting a "revolution" in the Middle East, to begin a process of introducing these people to Catholicism. It's the Vatican that hates communism because "communism" typically doesn't like the idea of religion oppressing the poor (or the people). The Vatican gets the majority share of religious offering and tithes too.

The path to the Catholic church is paved with "democracy". Not typical democracy, but American-style democracy. As long as the Middle East has dictators or kingdoms or religious leaders that are Muslim, there are obstacles to the Catholic church getting converts and the ability of the converts to tithe.

Who supported the idea of training the Taliban and the Afghanis to combat "communism"? The Catholic church, and members of this church in the CIA as well. That is, until after they got into the territory they decided to put all the former recruits on their hit list.

So Egypt. Ready to get hit in 10 years by the CIA and Vatican after you have your glorious "revolution"? because first you will be coaxed into feeling euphoric about "revolution" after some of your people were tortured. You were led to believe it was your leader that did it, when probably it wasn't your leader at all and someone else was involved and wanted to set the stage.

How do you know Ghaddaffi wasn't even tortured and threatened to do something to someone and then did it, was caught on tape or someone gave testimony, and then this is shown to you later when some other religious group wants to "help you" with your "freedom".

Think about it. If these "helpers" are so great, why don't they help their own people in the United States? If these are the great supporters of your "revolution", what is so wrong with their souls and character that they are more interested in stirring you up, and degrading certain leaders, than in assisting the people they know who are within arms reach or just across the country.

So think about the motives of those backing your revolution.

Every single country that has become a "democracy" has had the Catholic church move in with all their incentives for you to join. You will get better jobs, better marriages maybe or opportunities and promises for such, more MORE money, better protection, you name it. The sky is the limit if you will only join the Catholic church.

Right now, they just help you with your "revolution" because it's pointless for them to "care" about anyone in the U.S. We already have democracy and if we didn't choose to be Catholic or Jewish, or a bribe taking Protestant, we're pretty low on the totem pole and tortured. We are tortured because we're not Catholic or Jewish. They torture us. Why would they help us? Instead, since they have all the members of the Catholic church taking over intelligence, government, and politics in the U.S., now they want a piece of your pie too.

You're all Arabians, Egyptians, and mainly, you're Muslims. First, if you agree to work with the IRA and Catholic church, you get your dreams fulfilled with the idea that you're all freeing yourselves and beating up the bad guys. They gave you a bunch of misinformation to create hatred and dissention against people the Catholic church wants dead. Oh yeah, yawn, and Mossad.

So after you feel this rush of goodwill and gratification and feel like oppressed people are being freed, democracy is introduced and yes of course it's not "American"...the speakers talk all about how this is muslim led and independent. So they want it to sound like it's really YOU. After they inspire you to hate people, and keep evidence of the horrible things THEY'VE done out of the record, they want you to agree to democracy and then this opens doors to ___.

Some of you will convert, just because of the attractive benefits package. Others might really "have a dream" and convert. You'll start giving money out of tithe reasons instead of payments for arms (where are you getting your military support and arms people? Um...Panetta maybe?)

After you have rejoiced in your Arab Springs Revolution 2011! and the ones that were before, some of you might realize, "Wow. This is just like the Taliban fighters being trained and equipped by the CIA back in the 80s."

What happened to those "fighters"?

After they "won", the tables were turned on them. Anyone who didn't go along with American politics or churches, who wanted to be true to islam or their own culture, and the very fighters that the CIA called "friends" were forced into hiding, tortured, even their children, and are being picked off one-by-one.

The "friends" got put on the hit list.

It's kinda like, "Thanks. We got what we wanted so you can go now." Some U.S. employees do not agree with treating others this way, and they are not like Panetta and Martin Dempsey. They are more loyal when they give their word or interact in friendship.

Do you know how excited the Taliban and Afghanistan people were? to have the CIA supporting them in their fight against oppression and being tortured? It was a revolution. For them, it was a true revolution.

Look at how it's turning out for those revolutionary fighters now.

I hope you've figured out which sewer YOU want to go hide in, because unless you pay dues and allegiance to the Catholic church and Mossad interests later, you're going to end up like Ghaddafi, who you just took the pleasure of beating to death.
You might not even know who the enemy really was, because in order to cause you to hate that much, they had to do something to give you cause. One group can be covering for another group and making it look like the problem is coming from one direction when it's differnt from what you think. I'm not saying I know, but just in general.

I think I'm right about the above, because looking at things from my standpoint...I am an American citizen tortured in the U.S. along with my baby son and family. Who came to the top of the CIA in 2004? Panetta. Italian Catholic. Who went to the top of the Pentagon recently? Panetta. He went after all of the former "fighters"...put all of them on a hit list as a favor to The Vatican and his church (and it's not like Mossad has ever liked any of them, probably). Then Martin Dempsey takes the top DOD spot. Irish Catholic. These are men that will wage war and torture others in the name of Catholicism. They will enable others to use their govt. positions to do so.

And it goes to show you who is now supporting the so-called "revolutions" and what they're going to ask of you later. From some of you, they will not ask. They will just take.

I seriously felt like, before Osama bin Ladin was murdered when he tried to surrender, I think he knew who was responsible for Princess Diana's death. How would he know? I have no idea, but I think he knew and while that's not the main reason he was killed, I'm sure, I think a lot of these guys are being killed not because they are the ones oppressing others, but because someone thinks "they know too much."

I just chose to look up Yulia from Ukraine out of curiosity bc I heard she was jailed recently. I don't know why and don't know anything about her. She is arguably one of the most beautiful, genuinely beautiful politicians of our entire era. Her idea of the braids too--she knew what suited her. There is so much fake and contrived beauty and then there are people like her, with brains too (I guess, since she did this kind of work).

Has anyone besides me noticed who the U.S. has been killing and arresting lately? If the U.S. goes after a gang in Mexico, they're going after non-Catholic ones first. If they go after people in mobs or corporations here, it's Protestants first. Wall Street, Insurance, Real Estate...

Even Steve Jobs, the main competitor to our Catholic guy Bill Gates, died recently and I don't think his cancer was of natural causes. Someone can create cancer or give someone known carcinogens and then call it an accident.

Right and left, the people who are being arrested, falsely imprisoned, tortured, killed, and investigated by the FBI, CIA, or DOD or any intelligence or law enforcement group are Protestants. Which makes it strange the 700 club goes along with this, unless they're in on it too with CIA connections in VA.

My parents strongly disagree with me, but when almost everyone is Jewish or Catholic in intelligence and law enforcement, and they are picking and choosing who to go after, they are sure going after an odd percentage.

I said, "It's like medieval England and the Catholic church wants to take over the world."

The thing is, this isn't far from the truth, except it's Jewish too.

They're all nominating eachother and members of their own church to the top spots. Then they're recruiting from within their own church, and they're not going for the best person but the church member. After they did this, they block any investigation against members of their own church and defame and pursue people who do not go their church, or who bring up the idea that it's really strange how many people of one or two particular religions are being selected. Then, the programs they are sponsoring, are Vatican approved. The torture they are committing is as well, and it's NOT being done to members of their own church. Then they want to put people on hit lists who they feel offended their church and have been trying to put the focus on "revolutions" for the sake of their church, even though the middle eastern general public doesn't know it.

It is literally like the Catholic church and Jews went together to try to create a new world order with Catholics running everything and some Jews giving out loans.

It's not like our country is even focused on the best thing for our country, regardless of religion. The people running things are operating out of religious interests alone.

It's not an exaggeration at all, given the numbers, to say they want to own and rule the world. It's not like I'm paranoid--all anyone has to do is look at who is in charge and who is giving orders. I'm not saying this, like, I know how it sounds to say something like this, as if we're in Germany and I'm trying to say "jews will take your jobs so lets get rid of them!" Not at all.

It's just a clear fact. You don't have to think too hard about it.

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