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Corruption in WA & Howard Tried To Leave

These Judges are all corrupt...preliminary thought without any research involved. I want to think maybe a few are not but it's not looking good.

I was finally mailed something, after all this time where the court refused to respond to my requests to have information mailed to me.

I called the courthouse several times even from TN and asked where the legal response was.

I just found out these people got away with crime.

Not only were were being tortured, assaulted, during this time, there were 2 court matters pending which were deliberately obstructed by this hate crime and violence. One matter was regarding perjury by Michelle Erickson for claiming I harassed her when I didn't and I was not able to challenge and reverse this court decision by Judge Alicia Nakata.

I just got a note from her friend Judge Lonny Suko.

At the same Nakata and Erickson's crew had people torturing us and FBI friends throwing me into psych wards, to keep me from challenging their collusion to smear me in court, her friends over at Eastern Washington federal courts were making sure they closed a case that I had filed to have open a year earlier, asking the FBI and other parties to respond to the illegality of kidnapping my son.

Judge Alicia Nakata knew I could ask to have the case with CPS's Erickson overturned because she didn't give me a continuance to obtain evidence as required by law. She is required to give at least one reasonable continuance and she didn't do this, on purpose, because she deliberately wanted this smear on my record to go through.

Guess who she favored?

The Colombian man. She liked me "with" him and wanted to screw me over without him.

I'm starting to think it is Nakata that is the coke-snorter. I had death threats from a group about a Judge who does drugs, and I was almost killed over it but I didn't know who it was. I thought it was NOT Nakata because people kept trying to implicate her so I thought, "Maybe they want me to think it's her because it's actually one of the male judges around here."

But now, it's looking funny.

It's looking more like Judge Harmon has the corrupt cop husband and Nakata plays a violin for both the mafia and the FBI at the same time.

I thought, when she agreed I could ask to have the case overturned in federal court, I thought, "Well, she is admitting I can have this reversed in federal court, so that's honest."

However, what happened to the "honesty" with following normal civil procedure in the first place? If Judge Nakata was a good judge to begin with, a good judge doesn't refuse to give a defendant even ONE small continuance of one month to obtain necessary and crucial evidence. The very fact that she blocked me from getting this evidence and instead wanted to smear my record internationally, shows she is more akin to collusion and corruption.

She was the Judge who got all this free pass stuff from the Wenatchee FBI man Wes. I went to him, reporting Judge Gerald Warren for obstruction of justice and corruption and then I had added, "And one of the Judges is supposedly dealing drugs or involved but I don't know which one." And then Wes just went off saying, "None of OUR Judges. I have great faith in Alicia Nakata." I didn't say her name and I never said which one, because honestly, I didn't know. I didn't know if it was District court, Superior, or Douglas county. I just brought it up.

After this is when we were tortured too.

You know, FBI is really great.

So here is Judge Nakata, telling me not to say anything about how guards treated me in jail. I thought that was shocking enough. I was harassed by guards in jail and she was telling me not to write about anything that happened there or in the courtroom and said, "You can write about me but no one else."

Like she has a right to block free speech.

So Nakata knew she was smearing my record. She knew. She knew that even if I got it overturned, the very fact that she granted the order in the first place was going to smear my record and be a misdemeanor crime.

Oh! and by the way, now someone has started up technology so let's not imagine it has anything to do with the Catholic church hate crimes when she is Catholic (I think but would have to confirm--it's what I've been told). And Harmon and her husband are also Catholic (I know for a fact).

So Judge Nakata knew I had a year to take the case to federal court. They all knew the statutes. During this time, I was tortured and drugged and my family was beaten and assaulted by FBI.

This Eastern District court Judge Lonny Suko, filed a motion to dismiss my request for injunction on June 9, 2011 and never copied me. I just got it now.

They sent it to me with someone having used a yellow highlighter pen all over the papers. Why Lonny Suko or his clerk would want to take out a yellow highlighter and mark up each one of the documents is beyond me. Someone put squiggly marks in yellow all over all 3 of the copies of the documents they sent to me.

After he did this, and Judge Nakata got what she wanted, after I was thrown into a psych ward by the FBI and then into a detention center for research by the FBI again, they let me go back to Oregon to be with my parents for the first time in over 7 years of obstruction of freedom to travel by the FBI.

I personally "feel" that Nakata is probably not the cokehead Judge. I don't know for sure, but I don't think so. I felt someone was trying too hard to make it look like her, even if she was doing other corrupt things.

Do you know who they referenced when they threw me into TN psych ward, by instruction and help of the FBI and Florida's DEA? They were military there and imitated Chris Rozollo and then they had some Asian guy--Japanese with his doctor father mocking me.

I wonder if the Japanese doctor who took time out of his day to find me and mock me, after his kid was used to research against me,...I wonder if he knows either Judge Alicia Nakata or Judge Suko.

WWII anyone?

It's still WWII and some people have never gotten over it, have they.

I can photo ID the Japanese man from the Middle TN psych ward in a flash. He face and stature is firmly imprinted in my memory and I remember what he was saying and what he did and when he showed up to mock me.

Some of these things can be more tightly knit when you throw in communal culture, but a lot of it still reflects on religious hate crime.

We had the Asian and "Chris Rozollo--(said his nickname was "yellow")-number 9-florida fans" with Italian mafia on the way to the psych ward in January and then a few months later when I tried to report it to other FBI, it was the Irish Catholics.

Shea found out I guess, and Suko knew, and decided to file a case dismissed in June 2011.

Who knifed my mother by the way.

Who killed my Uncle Howard?

Does the FBI carry tasers and LTL weapons into Bonner's Ferry hospital these days?

I guess he showed up at Bonner's hospital and then tried to leave. He showed up at the hospital complaining of heart pains and feeling sick, and then he tried to leave. No one leaves unless they realize something is wrong or someone bad is there, or that something bad is about to happen.

Before he could leave, he collapsed while trying to get out.

Which probably means he saw someone there that he knew wasn't good. After he collapsed, they put him into a drug-induced coma, and life-flighted him to Coer-d'alene. If he collapsed, he went unconscious and it wasn't because he was on a ventilator. He wasn't hooked up to one then. They did this later. There was no cause for fully sedating him with meds either.

I think they didn't want him to be able to talk.

I have to ask Judge Lonny Suko to recuse based on hate crime conflict of interest. Yeah, Suko's been handling a lot of Archdiocese-Catholic lawsuit stuff. Conflict.

I already know the FBI was involved in my litigation and if they're having Suko take some of the Catholic lawsuits about sex crimes against children, while the FBI twiddles their thumbs and tithes to the Vatican, I already know Suko is a set-up.

It's been very beneficial to the Catholic church to have FBI and former FBI on their boards for "reform" and involved in taking and handling the cases in court.

You wonder why the FBI does nothing.

Because the FBI is getting paid.

It's the FBI's job to investigate organized crimes against children. What have they done? Nothing. They have a bunch of agents covering up for people who pay them better with bigger incentives, raises, and promises than children ever will.

If you don't think these cases and who they are assigned to is not tightly controlled, you're living on Jupiter.

I think the FBI felt challenged by me. They didn't like my idea about joining their organization. The people who were already in the FBI and smearing my family didn't like the idea either. I had every ability to join and get hired. I think first of all, some group was jealous of any idea that I could be successful in any way, independently, and be a lawyer. I think secondly, they were afraid of power I might acquire by gaining access to information and cases corrupt officials wanted to keep covered by their own special buddies. Then I was saying I was going to apply specifically to the legal program and work as an attorney in the corporate criminal division and that I specifically wanted to work on things like organized crime against children and whether churches should have any "right to privilege" in concealing crimes against kids.

My adversaries, and the FBI apparently, did not like my idea at all.

I had a goal and a target and I was diligent and they didn't want me in there screwing up things for their special interests.

The FBI likes to keep things reeally, reaaally dirty apparently, with a peroxide-bleach kind of clean on the side for hastily covering up their own messes The FBI likes to defame people and assault them and then get others to cut their hair to remove evidence of defamation.

I was going to work for the public and against the churches where they were committing crimes against kids.

They didn't like this.

So the FBI worked at making sure it was impossible.

My enemies knew someone decent would let me in and they worked out a plan to keep me out, and I ended up going from working for them, and helping a lot of people, to now, having to sue them.

The FBI doesn't care about kids.

They care about their own kids, but they don't care about your kids. They care about 1 Elizabeth Smart but will let 60 other kids that aren't as cute or who have single mothers, disappear without a trace.

The FBI tortures children.

They watch kids get sexually molested and see evidence they cover up and destroy for the benefits of their church and then allow religious hate crimes against those who try to speak up.

The FBI is responsible for hate crimes against my family. And the FBI is still working on their angle, because my mother was just assaulted again and her eyes are black and they're not doing anything to keep people from using technology to torture them.

So there are good Mormons but I'm wondering why certain ones got picked out to cover for hate crimes. I don't think they're really Mormons.

I'd like to know when Wes got assigned to the Wenatchee area and who is there with him now. I'd like to know how long he's been "Mormon" too. I would like to know more about the "Mormon" Wenathcee officers who covered up marks of torture on my son's body when I reported it and who tried to block me from putting up photos.

The "Irish" Mormon pastor I met in Seattle did not strike me as Mormon at all and FBI immediately came to mind when I met him.

I've met many good Mormons, which is good, because then when I spot one that's bad, I'm able to say, "Yeah--that's not a real Mormon."

I know for an intuitive fact that the Mormon church is already highly infiltrated with Catholics.

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