Saturday, October 15, 2011

Air Force Military Pastor Tortures & Rapist

I believe the new pastor in town, along with his fellow military pastor in town, is torturing my Dad.

My Dad was newly tortured today and my mother and father said they were going to the beach and they never went.

They said yes we did and I said, "No you didn't."

They said they did and I said, "No, you didn't." They said "How would you know?" (my mother said this) and I said, "I just know."

Then the dog came over to me and was barking and I said, "Did you go to the beach?" and I said out loud, "He didn't go to the beach." And then I picked him up and smelled his feet and fur and said, "You didn't go to the beach."

I said, "If you'd gone to the beach, he would smell like the beach and he doesn't."

Instead, this new pastor Kevin Bolls appears to be masking criminal torture with the false claim that he's here to preach a good sermon.

My parents went to a christian garage sale, I think at their church and came back and then went
"to the beach" and never went to the beach and showed up looking tortured. My Dad was specifically tortured.

If they went to a church sale first, and then came back and claimed to go to the beach, the first trip was to make it sound like they were at church and the duration of the torture would then not be related to any church-affiliated person.

But they didn't go to the beach and some religious hypocrites who work in enhanced interrogation and outright torture have been hired by the U.S. military to intimidate and torture my family.

Kevin Bolls is not a christian. He is working as the new pastor and he did some 2 month training course, while he was still in the military, on the base, to be a chaplain. Then he came over here. His entire lifework is military. I don't believe he's Protestant christian either. He claims this, but I don't believe it.

Someone needs to get into this town NOW and investigate what is going on. If you want a story to shock the nation, we have one.

Kevin Bolls has over 20 years experience in the Air Force and took a quick little job to make it look like he was coming over here to be a chaplain. He's sadist. Since he has been in town, my parents have been tortured. The FBI new recruit came in about the same time, but it was with Kevin Bolls that the torture started up again.

And I am finding out, it's been going on for some time, over at the Avila's house too.

Kevin Bolls is not a protestant christian and neither is the other pastor who is currently the head of the Assemblies of God. That man also has over 20 years in the military, and said he was Air Force.

Why do we have 20+ military men getting training to be "chaplains" while they're still in the military and then wanting to be pastors in this town? These are not good people.

The military guy who is a pastor now for The Assemblies of God church is not protestant christian. He sat there and had a whole story lined up, about how he was baptised protestant and everything and he's not. He's a liar. When he told me he was raised in Ohio and I said, "Oh, I didn't know there were very many Presbyterians in Ohio, because that's a very Catholic area..." he flinched like he'd just been caught. I knew right then and there, he's Catholic and he's covered up for the fact he is Catholic because he doesn't want others to know why he's here and who sent him.

Even if he was Protestant, it doesn't matter, because I already know both he and Kevin Bolls are sadists and that they are torturing people.

The other man who is a pervert and not a christian is a youth pastor for The Assemblies of God church in Wenatchee, Washington. He may be a Protestant, and have some Canadian girlfriend, but he told me he's been accused of child molestation before and now he's working with a "royal rangers" group and I think he IS a child molester. He told me, out of the blue, that he has already faced and dealt with allegations of child molestation. He said he was just a youth pastor and friendly with the kids. I believed him, until he personally drugged me and raped me. That was at his apartment in Wenatchee, Washington and he is military and the guy next door, was Ryan, the Marine that's also military. I had no reason to not believe him and I accepted what he was telling me, even though I didn't know why he even wanted to tell me or brought it up at all. I had never suggested or wondered such a thing and he came out with it, and I was like, "Yeah, okay." Then, after this, he drugged me and raped me. I woke up with clear evidence on my body that he had sexually assaulted or molested me in some way.

If he would do it to me, he'd do it to kids.

That man needs to be fired from the Wenatchee Assemblies of God immediately, and someone needs to investigate what other claims there have been of sexual molestation by him, against children. He also needs to stay away from the Avila's and my son.

After he drugged and molested me, he put all these pocket knives out on the counter in the kitchen with the blades extended and then when I saw my son at my visit for CPS, I saw my son's fingers had been cut in 3 places, on his index finger, middle finger, and ring finger, at the base. His fingers were sliced and this "Assemblies of God" Canada-U.S. military man laid out extended knives and blades to intimidate and silence me, knowing I would then see my son in this condition.

Wenatchee PD is corrupt. Wenatchee PD and military and mafia are all interrelated there and have assaulted my son, with knowledge of people high up in the DOD and CIA. The FBI knows and thinks it's funny and provides the cover. The CIA knows exactly what's going on as does the DOD.

At the Wenatchee Assemblies of God, when I went there, I had the weirdest experience because first of all, they were hosting a Jewish rabbi there and then secondly, when I went again, I discovered all the people surrounding me were military. I thought it was odd, that just these military men from the church were all around me.

Military people don't get close unless they are on assignment to get close, or have a personal or professional interest in what's being done to a family.

Panetta knows exactly who is in the CIA and knows who is in the military.

My entire family is being brutally and repeatedly tortured here. I was just showing my Mom something, with her photos, and asked her to click on something and it ended up randomly being a photo of my Dad. I could tell, by looking at the photo, he was afraid and being tortured. It was around May of 2010 and it was in Wenatchee, Washington. It was the same expression of terror that I have seen in photos of my Mom.

It also, for some reason, looks like a photo that was taken a few days ago. It's not impossible to change dates and I would have to see it again, but the people around here have done so many weird things between here and Wenatchee, I would not put it past someone. I have already seen what kind of emails and texts and journals they force my family to create, as if it's really them.

In 2005 the DOD got a license to torture. I believe they allowing people to assault others before that, or that something was in the works in 2004, but they acquired a license to assault and torture my family with impunity.

See my post which follows, about Hate Crime where I comment about DOD Catholicism and recent attempts to have "covers" for this.

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